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NXPowerLite Desktop Macintosh review

NXPowerLite Desktop Macintosh allows you to easily lower the size of your larger JPEG and PDF files as well as Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. Optimized files will keep the same format while their size will be significantly reduced, making them easier to manage and send via e-mail.


Easy to use: NXPowerLite Desktop Macintosh lets you quickly add multiple files you want to shrink by using the "Add files" button or by dragging and dropping them into the main app window. The app also allows you to send optimized files via e-mail with just the click of a button, … Read more

6 security tips for using public Wi-Fi

Don't expose yourself in public. We all do it: switch on a phone, laptop, or tablet and hop on to a Wi-Fi hotspot in airports, coffee shops, trains, hotels, and other public places. The problem is, those networks are open -- even if they require a login and password, you may be sharing your files or leaving doors open to data thieves. You can't secure the network, but you can raise siege walls between your private information and the barbarians. Follow these six tips to network more safely.

1. Lock down your security settings.

Go to the security … Read more

Get Ashampoo WinOptimizer 11 free for 40 days -- at 30 percent off

Clean out your PC just in time for spring with the new Ashampoo WinOptimizer 11. Try it out for free with full support for 40 days (details below) or just purchase it now for $27.99, at 30 percent off the regular price.

Consistently one of our users' favorites in the optimization category, WinOptimizer 11 is the Pro version of the free WinOptimizer 2013 with some great additional features:

A comprehensive User Right Manager module, giving you more control of Windows operations. Game Booster to free up resources for those intensive applications. Detailed System Information to give you the scoop … Read more

Perfect Launcher review

Perfect Launcher gives you the ability to open many of your favorite Web pages and other programs with just a few clicks. From the app's dashboard, you can launch a browser and specify the page it opens all at once, making it easier than ever to find what you're looking for.


Intuitive interface: This app sports an attractive and streamlined interface that lets you access tons of popular sites quickly. Tabs take you from one category of pages and programs to another, and you can also search quickly for sites not listed through the Search box above … Read more

Spartan Portable Lite Multi Clipboard review

Spartan Portable Lite Multi Clipboard can store anything you want to copy, including images, text, and links, and let you access them anytime. Just copy to the clipboard as usual, and everything you select will be accessible when you need it from this app's intuitive interface.


Two categories: When you copy items to Spartan Portable, they'll appear in a list on the left-hand side of the interface. This list is temporary, and eventually older clips will drop off the bottom as new clips are added. If there are items you don't want to lose, however, you … Read more

Staxofax Lite Portable review

Staxofax Lite Portable adds functionality for your standard Windows Clipboard by making it larger and able to hold many clips at once. Store items you use again and again, or do a large volume of copying and pasting without having to go back and forth between two documents or pages.


Automatic recording: To save a clip to StaxoFax, all you have to do is copy it just like you would anything you want to paste later. The app automatically stores anything you copy using the standard Windows Copy feature and keeps these clips in a list in the left-hand … Read more

TextPad review

TextPad is a program that lets you create, open, and edit text files, so you can make any necessary changes and organize them thoroughly.


Streamlined navigation: This app boasts a clean and intuitive interface that lets you navigate through the different sections using the tabs across the top of the window. Whether you're creating a new text file or making some quick edits to an existing one, the tools you need are right where you want them.

Quick customization: There are some nice features in this app that let you make certain changes or additions quickly. For instance, … Read more

TypeText review

TypeText gives you the ability to enter in lines of text that you type often and then have the program auto-type them with just a few taps. This is a great help if you find yourself typing out certain items over and over again.


Good functionality: With this program, you can enter in a list of terms, phrases, e-mail addresses, or anything else that you type out frequently, and then call that list up by pressing "CTRL+B" whenever you want to type any of them. Select the item you want from the list that pops up, … Read more

UnityPDF review

UnityPDF gives you the tools to combine multiple PDFs into one file, or to split a single PDF into multiple files, with just a few clicks. With multiple options for customization, this app can carry out just about any type of merging or division you need.


Splitting options: When you're dividing up a PDF with UnityPDF, you have the option of using a Quick Split, which turns each page of the original document into its own file, or specifying page numbers for each new file. This lets you control exactly where you want each part of an existing … Read more

Wise Disk Cleaner review

Wise Disk Cleaner scans, repairs, and defragments your computer to keep it running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. No matter how many problem files you have hiding on your hard drive, this handy utility will find and remove or repair them and get you back on track.


Fast: Both scanning and fixing took less than a minute during testing, making this one of the more efficient disk cleaners out there. That way you won't have to wait long to begin enjoying a speedier PC experience.

Scheduling and customization: There are multiple options for scheduling regular scans and … Read more