Hands on: A look at Drive Genius 3

Hard drive/storage malfunction is one of the more common computer problems. When it happens, it can be one of the most frustrating experiences, not only because of data loss, but because the whole system can stop working if the boot drive is compromised.

Drives can suffer from a variety of issues such as mechanical breakdowns when firmware and controller boards stop working, as well as filesystem structure corruption if input/ouput problems cause an improper write event to the drive. The system is constantly writing and reading from the drive by moving files around, editing them, and tracking changes … Read more

CNET TV Apple Byte: Will there ever be an iPad killer?

CNET TV's Brian Tong takes a look at the latest in the world of Apple. This week, Apple begins shipping the new Apple TV, BlackBerry announces what they hope is the first real iPad challenger, and Hungry Shark swims its way to the App of the Week. Also be sure to check out the new Apple TV walk-through.

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Sometimes it's the mouse

If your computer is lagging and behaving slowly, there is a possibility the problem could be your mouse or keyboard. When input devices do not work properly, sometimes button clicks may take a while to register, or there may be intermittent disconnects that can cause cursors to move in a jerky manner. At times, the behaviors may be similar to those when systems experience slowdowns, which may cause people to assume their systems are running slowly when in fact their mice are malfunctioning.

If you have a wireless mouse and keyboard, be sure to regularly check the battery level because … Read more

Apple's iLife '11 rumors include new iWeb and no iDVD

Back in January 2009, Apple released iLife '09 and we haven't gotten a full version update since. Now, new rumors peg a November 2010 release for the iLife '11 suite that includes 64-bit support, a brand new iWeb, iOS compatibility, and the demise of iDVD.… Read more

Apple KB updates: MacBook hardware, Mail, MobileMe, OS X Sleep

Apple continually releases knowledgebase articles that cover information about program features, new products, software updates, as well as troubleshooting for specific problems with various products including Macs and iOS devices.

Recently Apple released a few troubleshooting-related articles that may be of use to MacBook, MobileMe Gallery, and OS X Mail users.

Mac OS X: Why your Mac might not sleep or stay in sleep mode

This is really the highlight of the recent troubleshooting articles from Apple. The article covers numerous aspects of the OS X "Sleep" feature, including various ways to put the computer to sleep and … Read more

3G MacBook could use iPhone 4 antenna

Apple is working on a 3G MacBook, according to patents revealed this week. The plans indicate that Apple is developing laptops that incorporate 3G antenna technology similar to that found in the iPhone 4--and we all know how well that turned out.

The diligent chaps at Patently Apple spotted the 3G details in a list of 17 patents officially published by the US Patent and Trademark Office a few days ago.

Read more at "3G MacBook could use iPhone 4 antenna, what could possibly go wrong?" at Crave UK.

Apple TV 2 sharing not working? Check firewalls and iTunes version.

The second-generation Apple TV is now shipping, and a few owners who have received their units are having difficulties with sharing and streaming from their Macs. Even though iTunes is set up to share home folders or libraries, the Apple TV is not seeing them on the network even though the previous AppleTV was able to do so on the same network.

Apple does have a few knowledgebase articles available that discuss how to set up and troubleshoot various features of the second-generation Apple TV, so if you are having problems you may wish to read through those. These articles … Read more

MacBook Pro owners to benefit from Nvidia settlement

A number of owners of the 2007 and 2008 MacBook Pro systems found that there were some graphics problems that showed either scrambled video output or sometimes black screens. Many people suspected this was because of faulty graphics processors, and had to get their systems serviced to fix the problem.

Recently a settlement was achieved in a class-action lawsuit against Nvidia over faults in the GeForce 8600M graphics processors included in a variety of notebook models primarily from Dell and HP, but also in Apple's 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pro systems.

People who have MacBook Pro systems manufactured between … Read more

Apple addresses Mac Pro distorted video

Apple has released a knowledgebase article outlining a problem with the ATI X1900XT video cards that were included as CTO options in some Mac Pro systems between August 2006 and January 2008. People using these cards have experienced distorted video output and other visual artifacts, and it appears the problem was in the manufacturing of the video cards instead of an issue that could be addressed by a software or firmware update. Apple is offering those affected by the problem a replacement graphics card, but only if the card matches a specific serial number range by having "V6Z" … Read more

CNET TV Apple Byte: A Verizon iPhone by early 2011?

This week, Brian talks Verizon iPhone rumors, new Apple TVs being ready to ship, using your iPhone as a wallet, and how to quickly and easily add album artwork to all the songs in your iTunes Library. Also covered this week, Apple updates iWork for iPad, Steve Jobs is rich, and a cool keyboard case for iPad.

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