Developer claims it's working with official Apple iPhone SDK

Claiming that it is "working with Apple and with their SDK (software development kit) for the next firmware release and SDK applications," a company called "Tiny Code" has pulled its repository of unofficial third-party iPhone software "for legality reasons" and says "you should see us soon on iTunes."

Tiny Code maintains a collection of software for the iPhone, comprising fixes for other unofficial applications, including fixes that "reduce the chance that an old app won't work with firmware 1.1.3 ."

The company also has a strange message on … Read more

Rival gaming networks compete for developer attention

The Social Gaming Network, which operates gaming applications like Warbook and Super Snake for social-networking developer platforms, announced on Thursday that it has opened a platform of its own. Developers can now access an application program interface (API) so that they can contribute; the company is set to let developers in on Thursday night and put out more information next week at the Game Developers' Conference.

The Social Gaming Network is owned by, the Web 1.0 veteran formerly known as Freewebs, and currently works with Facebook and Bebo's platforms.

It's the second gaming start-up to … Read more

Facebook bans 'forced invites' in apps

Ever come across one of those Facebook Platform applications that required you to spam a dozen of your friends with invites before you could access the results of your "Vampire Jedi Zombie Personality Quiz"?

They're annoying. And now Facebook has done something about it. Developer applications must "offer some navigation option to leave the friend invite process," according to a change in the social-networking site's platform policy. If an application's friend-invite page doesn't contain one of Facebook's in-house "Skip This Step," "Cancel," or "Skip" buttons, … Read more

Mac OS X 10.5.2: Lots of internal fixes but little connection to the "real" world

Apple recently released an update to Leopard, version 10.5.2. If you read the list of goodies included, it's a pretty compelling update. I've particularly enjoyed better WiFi connectivity with the update.

It doesn't, however, solve my biggest problems with my Macs right now: an inability to sync between Microsoft's Entourage and iCal (which may be Microsoft's problem or it may be Apple's problem - both support teams point fingers at the other company when I've called on the issue) and it doesn't remedy my inability to sync between my Blackberry and Entourage (which is a RIM/Microsoft problem, but both companies like to point fingers at each other on this issue, too).

In sum, my biggest problems on the Mac today have little to do with the Mac and everything to do with the Mac's intersection with third-party software. This may be Microsoft's big moment to yell out, "I told you so!"… Read more

AOL announces new open-source mobile platform. Who cares?

AOL is jumping into open source and offering a new mobile platform. The real news here, however, is that AOL still exists. Its mobile platform will help developers to integrate with such applications as AIM, AOL Mail, AOL Video, MapQuest, Userplane, Truveo, Winamp, and others.

I use AIM (on Adium) and vaguely remember MapQuest (and once used Winamp), but is AOL's mobile-platform play meant to be a funeral dirge or a real effort to be relevant again? I just can't see too many people getting excited about this move. While its new open-source mobile platform will contain an … Read more

Where we're not crying, it's just raining on our faces


Today we joke with Natali Del Conte about Valentine's Day, why Facebook is helping people know what's going on with Tennessee tornadoes, the Arrested Development movie in early talks, and unlimited phone plans.

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Microsoft says 'D' language better than 'C' variants

Microsoft is working on a new development language, called 'D,' which will make it easier to model applications, Mary Jo Foley at ZDNet reports.

Her post describes D as a "declarative language aimed at non-developers."

Modeling and end-user programming are big themes in Microsoft's development tools work.

By creating models of applications, developers can speed up their development time and make it easier to deploy and operate those applications once they are live.

End-user programming, a long-held idea, is getting more realistic in the days of mashups where people combine data from different Web feeds onto a … Read more

MySpace to developers: Come play in our sandbox!

As expected, MySpace has announced that it will launch its developer platform on Tuesday morning.

MySpace, which is owned by News Corp.'s Fox Interactive Media, is one of the most high-profile social media companies to be working with Google's new OpenSocial standard. All applications for the MySpace Developer Platform will be OpenSocial-compatible with MySpace-specific extensions.

Developers will have access to all public profile data (interests, region, friends' list) and will be able to use JavaScript and HTML as well as ActionScript, which powers Flash applications. Most of the HTML widgets that have become so popular on MySpace profiles … Read more

"Kinder capitalism"? It's called open source, Mr. Gates. You should try it

Bill Gates welcomed the world to a new breed of "kinder capitalism" at Davos this week. Conveniently forgetting his past, Mr. Gates declared:

We have to find a way to make the aspects of capitalism that serve wealthier people serve poorer people as well.

We have. It's called open source. Open source is "kinder" by design, no matter how capitalistically/self-interestedly it is used. Here's why:… Read more

iPhone application development book debuts

Although Apple has yet to release an official SDK (software development kit) for the iPhone, developers have already become proficient at creating native applications for the device using an unofficial toolchain. Presumably many these applications, some of which hold significant value, will be easily transferrable or natively compatible with Apple's official distribution/development scheme. In fact, Apple hired the creator of the first unofficial SDK.

As such, one of the most noted iPhone developers, Jonathan Zdziarski, has written and released a new book dubbed "iPhone Open Application Development" that will be published by O'Reilly. His description: … Read more