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New security fixes for Chrome stable

Google pushed out an update for the stable branch of its Chrome browser Wednesday. The update, for Windows, Mac, and Linux, addresses multiple security bugs including nine tagged as high-level problems.

The high-level security bugs included cross-origin bypass in DOM methods that netted a security researcher $2,000 in Google's ongoing bug-hunting contest, a memory error in table layouts that earned another researcher $500, holes in the wall of the sandbox on Linux computers, HTML5-based geolocation events firing even after the relevant document had been deleted, and multiple memory errors.

This is the first security-fixing release for the stable … Read more

Chrome gets Google's new video tech

The developer's build of Google's Chrome browser now includes WebM, the open-source and royalty-free video technology that allows browsers to use cutting-edge streaming-video features without publishers paying a dime.

In the new Chrome dev released Thursday for Windows, Mac, and Linux, Google has baked in support for the VP8- and Ogg Vorbis-powered, next-generation WebM codec.

The developer's build of Chrome is now the third major browser to support WebM, along with versions of Firefox and Opera that are still in development. Chromium, the open-source fountainhead of Chrome, added rudimentary support in mid-May. Google has yet to indicate … Read more

Buzz Out Loud 1241: Facebook needs an adult...and a towel (podcast)

Poor Mark Zuckerberg has an almost-literal meltdown on-stage at All Things D and it makes us wonder: is it time for a grownup to take over there? Or just time for Zuck to throw his privacy boss under the bus? Also, HP doesn't want to make smartphones with its new WebOS toy, the Dell Streak continues to baffle, and hey! Globular rovers!

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Walt and Kara sweat Zuck at D8

Ballmer and Ozzie

HP CEO: “We didn’t buy Palm to be in the smartphone business”

Dell Streak looks like HTC Evo more

Reports: Google's Chrome OS coming 'late fall'

Google attached a slightly finer launch window to its Chrome OS software this week, according to reports out of Computex.

Google's Sundar Pichai, vice president of product management and leader of the Chrome OS project, told reporters gathered at the annual hardware industry blowout in Taiwan that the Netbooks or other devices running the operating system would launch in "late fall" of this year. Previously Google had said it planned to launch Chrome OS in the second half of 2010 in time for the holiday season, so late fall isn't that surprising a time frame.

That … Read more

Buzz Out Loud 1240: Barnacle on the butt of the internet (podcast)

Now that the Facebook "Like" button is all over the darned Internet, it's turning out to be both a privacy nightmare (shocker) and a security risk, to boot. Look for tortured nautical analogies about halfway through the show. In bigger news, though, Steve Jobs takes the stage at All Things D (we dissect) and AT&T makes big changes to its data plan offerings (we debate).

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Can Google lead CIOs to the Linux desktop?

Editors' note: Google is using a distribution of Ubuntu Linux that it calls Goobuntu.

Two million businesses have "gone Google," according to the search giant's latest marketing. To date that has meant embracing Google Apps. Will it come to mean embracing Linux, as well?

Google, after all, is reportedly moving away from Microsoft's Windows operating system and is now requiring employees to choose Mac OS X or Linux. It's not a stretch to believe that Google's sales force will talk up Mac and Linux while talking CIOs out of their dependence on Microsoft Office … Read more

Chrome continues usage gains over rivals

Google's Chrome browser continued to carve away share of worldwide browser usage from rivals in May, new statistics show.

Chrome rose 0.3 percentage points to 7.1 percent of share, said Net Applications, which monitors browser usage on a network of Web sites.

The statistics reflect activity, not the number of people using a browser, as people load up about 160 million pages each month on sites Net Applications monitors. Because Web usage is increasing, the absolute number of people using a browser can increase even as its fractional share of usage drops.

The share losses came from … Read more

Report: Google moving away from Windows

Google has seen enough of Microsoft's Windows operating system, suspending internal use of the OS amid security concerns related to the attack on its network late last year, according to a report.

The Financial Times reported late Monday that Google has begun telling new employees that they are no longer able to request Windows PCs, giving them the choice of Mac or Linux systems. Google has long offered its employees their choice of work operating system but will no longer do so, The Financial Times said, after an attack on Windows and Internet Explorer 6 resulted in the theft of Google intellectual property, … Read more

Opera pokes fun at Chrome speed-test video

Opera, ever scrappy in its effort to promote its browser over larger rivals, is poking fun at Google's recent video boasting about the speed of its Chrome browser.

"The Opera browser is much faster than a potato," concludes Opera's low-budget video, which features herring-obsessed caricatured Scandinavians rolling the tubers into a pot of water at the same time Opera loads a Web page.

The video is a not-so-subtle dig at Google, which promoted Chrome's speed using elaborately staged stunts recorded with high-speed videography. The first example: involved shooting a potato through a grid to make … Read more

New Chrome ready to shine

It took a year, but the long-awaited stable version of Chrome for Mac and Linux is here. Google has upgraded the stable branch of the browser to version 5, which includes several HTML5-based features and broad support for syncing, and which also maintains the blazing page-render speeds that the browser is known for. Take a tour in this First Look video, and download Chrome 5 stable for Windows, Mac, and Linux.