The 404 300: Where Dr. Michael Breus puts us to sleep with 300 green beers

Dr. Michael Breus, the Sleep Doctor, joins us today for what is quite possibly the most informative show we've ever done. No iPhone OS 3.0 news here today. We've got something so much better. It's our 300th episode, and we're still not canceled! *Fingers crossed.*

That's right, we're still amazed. 300!

If you've ever listened to the show, you know we push the limit of acceptable behavior--even on the Interwebs. Justin has his poop jokes. Wilson has his stuffed peppers. And Jeff has his general hatred of humanity and happiness. Thank you, our listeners, for keeping us alive and giving us a reason to come into work every day. Go out and celebrate St. Patrick's Day with your friends, call The 404, and let us know why you listen to the show. 1-866-404-CNET (2638).

We couldn't think of any better way to celebrate than to have Dr. Michael Breus on the show. Why would an Internet culture show have a sleep doctor on? Because boy do we love sleep, and we promise you won't be disappointed. He talks about how long you should sleep. What you should eat before you go to bed. Whether clear liquor or dark liquors will give you a hang over. We cover it all. Thank you so much for your questions. He's got a great blog too.

Celebrating episode 301 tomorrow, we've got debbiefromtoronoto coming on the show. She's going to bring a big bag of goodies. We can't wait to get a hold of those ketchup potato chips. And for 302, we've got Jonathan Coulton, musician and generally cool dude. Be prepared for more awesomeness.

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Show off your wine while storing

Drinking and collecting wine continues to gain in popularity. It doesn't cost anything to get started (beyond the actual wine, that is), and good-quality wines can be found in the $10 price range. As your wine knowledge grows along with your collection, sooner or later you will be tasked with finding a place to store it all. As most of us do not have the option of creating a wine cellar, a simple refrigerated device is usually the best option.

The VinoView Silent 35 Bottle Wine Display Refrigerator is a solution that incorporates storage and use. It has a … Read more

Ice bucket wine cooler keeps wine dry and cool

Having a chilled bottle of wine by your side on a nice, warm day is one of life's little pleasures. The problem is, sometimes there is no cooling device nearby. Certainly, it isn't easy to lug a refrigerator to whatever pleasant hillside or beach shore you may be picnicking on. (Never mind the extension cord!) Ice buckets are nice and all, but soon you have a large puddle of water making everything soggy. For a nice, dry alternative to the standard ice bucket, check out the Twin Chiller Iceless Wine Cooler by Prodyne.

Using a double-wall design, the … Read more

Science keeps your wine VineyardFresh

In my current delicate condition, expected to continue until July, I am not able to drink nearly as much wine as I would like. I find myself limited to inhaling deeply near the wine glass and trying to get some satisfaction from that (it doesn't work). This leaves the total number of legal drinkers in our house at exactly one, and one who doesn't drink a lot to begin with. So a bottle of wine can last a good long time in our house.

If, that is, a bottle of wine could last a good long time. Which … Read more

Rabbit makes quick work of corks

As a cook, I love any gadgets that make more tedious kitchen tasks easier. As a lover of science, I like kitchen innovations that combine new technologies with traditional ones (see the Pacojet). But as a former mechanical engineer, I reserve the biggest place in the kitchen gadget section of my heart for those that have the coolest moving part.

Maybe that's why I giggled like a first grader when I first used the Rabbit corkscrew, a contraption that clamps on the top of a wine bottle and removes the cork. Instead of wrestling with one of those pocketknife-style … Read more

Cork Pets: For saving wine corks in knick-knack form

Sometimes a very special occasion that has been paired with a very special wine calls for a particular form of memento: the saving of the cork. Even if you do not participate in the occasional saving of the cork, you should at least be indirectly aware of the custom. I know I've seen trivets made from wine corks, bulletin boards and a handful of other odd, unexpected uses for that little plug of cork. I even used to live near a storefront that created a two-inch thick moat around their display window, filling it with hundreds (thousands?) of corks.… Read more

U.S. Cellular drinks up LG Wine

U.S. Cellular has just announced the LG Wine, a simple mid-tier handset with features like a 1.3-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, a one-touch speakerphone, and voice command. Appropriately, it's available in red and white versions.

You can get it for $179.95 without a contract or $29.95 after a two-year agreement and a mail-in rebate of $50.

Store your wine where you have space

Keeping wine chilled has been a little bit of a problem for me. If I try to put more than a bottle or two in the refrigerator, I don't seem to have room for everything else that should go in there. But my kitchen barely has room for me--it certainly doesn't have the space for a standalone wine cooler. I'm not about to give up any of my counter space for anything like that, either. Solutions seems to have found the one spot in my kitchen that I can fit a wine cooler in, though: the Under-Cabinet Wine CoolerRead more

Google adds booze ads--with limits

As part of an effort to wring more money out of its online activities, Google has begun permitting text advertisements for some hard liquor in the United States.

"This fall, we changed our policy around beer, for the first time allowing advertisements of its sale in the U.S. via AdWords. And starting today, in response to advertiser feedback we've received over the years, we'll permit the advertisement of hard alcohol and liqueurs that target the U.S.," said Amanda Kelly of Google's AdWords team in a blog post Monday.

Google started permitting ads for beer, wine, and champagneRead more

Showcase your wine

Every year, I spend hours searching through wine paraphernalia for something I can give my uncle. He's a true wine aficionado and has just about every wine gadget you can think of, but I've found something new for this year: the Wine Arc. This graceful wine holder turns a good bottle of wine into an elegant centerpiece. It balances bottles midair, seemingly defying gravity. It is easy to suspend the bottle; simply slip the neck of the wine bottle into the Wine Arc and gently release it. The bottle will balance itself.

The Wine Arc is minimalist, but … Read more