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Create the perfect parallax wallpaper in iOS 7

iOS 7 adds a new interactive layer throughout the operating system. It can best be seen when looking at a wallpaper on your home or lock screens.

When you change the viewing angle of your device by tilting it in any direction, any graphics present on the screen will appear to move. This adds a realistic layer of depth to iOS 7. So realistic, in fact, it reportedly has been making some users sick. Should you be in the motion sick camp, or simply hate the new feature, you can always reduce the motion effects throughout iOS 7.

The perfect … Read more

iPad Mini 2 to come in gold and space gray, claim latest leaks

Buyers of the next iPad Mini may be able to choose gold or space gray and tap into a Touch ID fingerprint sensor. At least, that's the scoop based on the latest alleged images leaked online.

A photo claiming to be that of a gold iPad Mini with the Touch ID has surfaced on Chinese tech site DoNews. The photo shows the back of an iPad tinged gold.

Another photo from known leaker Sonny Dickson purports to reveal an iPad Mini in the space gray color. Dickson's photo follows an image posted last week by French tech site … Read more

How to hide a folder within a folder on iOS 7

Hiding preloaded apps on an iOS device has always consisted of creating a "junk" folder, placing all unused apps in it, and hiding it on the last home screen. Up until iOS 7, placing apps such as Newsstand in a folder wasn't even possible.

For the time being, there's a bug in iOS 7 that allows you to place a folder inside another folder, as originally pointed out by TUAW.

The trick to creating nested folders is all in the timing. That may sound familiar, as it's a similar workaround to a previous bug that … Read more

Hacker video shows how to thwart Apple's Touch ID

One of the hackers who recently tricked Apple's fingerprint sensor now has a video out showing just how he does it.

Earlier this week, a group of hackers in Germany, known as the Chaos Computer Club, took credit for bypassing the biometric security on the Touch ID fingerprint scanner. That hack was accomplished by scanning someone's fingerprint and ultimately using that to gain access to that person's iPhone 5S.

Posted on Vimeo by one of the hackers known as Starbug, the video takes us through the entire process from the initial scan to the actual fingerprint trickery. … Read more

What the latest iPhones tell us about the next iPads

The iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S are here. They've been reviewed. We all know their salient details, their color schemes, their prices.

So, here's the question: what do these mean about the next iPads?

We know there will be new iPads. We expect they'll be released very soon -- October, most likely. And just like the new iPhones, expect two models: a new iPad Mini and a new 9.7-inch iPad. This is nothing new; the iPad line split last October. But, the fourth-gen Retina iPad felt like an afterthought compared with the iPad Mini. This year, … Read more

In a market full of photo-framing apps, this one will catch your eye

PicPlayPost isn't new to the App Store; however, its sudden success is. It's been around since 2012, but only recently made it to the top paid-app spot in the App Store.

Photo framing apps are nothing new and there are a slew of them in the App Store. Each one allows you to place photos in combinations of frames, aspect ratios, frame colors, and sizes to make a kind of collage. But what's interesting about an app like PicPlayPost is that it goes beyond the standard frames and filters, and lets you incorporate videos into your creations. … Read more

You can block people from contacting you on iOS 7

One of the biggest complaints echoed by many iOS users since the introduction of iMessage and FaceTime with iOS 5 has been the inability to block people.

All it would take was one person getting your iMessage or FaceTime phone number or e-mail address, and you were an open target to constant messages and calls.

With iOS 6 Apple added the ability to silence messages originating from addresses not stored in your Contacts, but there was still no way to block a user.

With iOS 7, Apple has added the ability for people to block phone numbers and e-mail addresses … Read more

How to view Messages time stamps on iOS 7

One of the most annoying things about messaging on iOS is the lack of true time stamps for messages. It felt as if iOS would randomly place a time stamp throughout a conversation, but there was no obvious pattern. Because the time stamp was so random, it was very difficult to go back and view when a message was sent or received mid-conversation.

Someone at Apple finally was able to convince the powers that be to time-stamp every message in the Messages app. Can I get a "Huzzah!"?

To view a time stamp for a message, open the … Read more

You can now make an audio-only call using FaceTime

Once you have iOS 7 installed, you might be surprised to see a standalone FaceTime icon on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Beyond making it clear that the device can make video calls, it also makes it easier to use FaceTime for audio.

With iOS 7, you'll be able to place audio-only calls through FaceTime, eliminating the need to watch minutes (but you'll need to monitor data usage if you're not on Wi-Fi).

The process for making an audio call via FaceTime is nearly identical to making a video call, with the lone exception being a phone … Read more

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 versus the competition

The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 improves on the original Surface Pro by adding new internal hardware for better performance and battery life. The price remains the same as the original Surface Pro, starting at $899 for a configuration with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of SSD storage.

And while $899 for a slick Windows 8 device with a fourth-gen Intel Core i5 CPU sounds very reasonable, you might end up paying more if you decide to get a Surface Pro 2. For a full Windows 8.1 PC, a 64GB hard drive sounds small (despite the SkyDrive subscription included for … Read more