Set Twitter's Connect tab to only show mentions on Android, iOS

When using Twitter on your Android or iOS device, the Connect tab is where you can find all of your interactions (by default as of an update in February) such as mentions, retweets, and new followers. While this may be the desired view for some, for others it can lead to a cluttered experience.

Luckily there's a simple solution to remove retweets and new followers from the Connect tab.

Using either the iOS or Android version of the app, you'll first need to navigate to your "Me" or profile tab. From there tap on the Settings … Read more

Juggle and search tabs with Chrome extension TabJuggler

My mid-afternoon most work days, my laptop begins to drag as I am stare at dozens of open tabs, many of which I may need to save or return to before shutting down to preserve the day's twisting and winding research and Internet meanderings. With Chrome extension TabJuggler, I am able to slice and dice and search all of my open tabs, which is a huge help in cataloging my day's worth of work before closing up shop for the day.

After TabJuggler installs, it places a button to the right of the URL bar. Click on this … Read more

Tablet Monday: Get a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 for $126.99

Lover of alliteration that I am, I generally try to wait till Tuesday to trot out the tablets. But today's deal couldn't wait.

For a limited time, and while supplies last, Best Buy has the refurbished Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 tablet for $126.99 shipped, plus sales tax where applicable. Barely a year ago, this same model sold new for $249, and still runs about $179 elsewhere.

Update: Drat! I knew this was too good to last: Looks like it's sold out already. But do check back throughout the day in case Best Buy releases … Read more

Twitter releases its handcrafted Windows 8 app

The Twitter for Windows 8 app has finally hit Microsoft's Windows Store. The social network announced today that it was launching the new app, which was uniquely tailored for Windows 8 devices.

Besides the usual Home, Connect, Discover, and Me tabs, the Windows 8 app has a host of other features. There's Snap view, which lets users adjust the size of the Twitter app and use other apps alongside it. Photos can also be expanded or shown in a photo gallery. There are two new charms -- Share and Search -- which let users tweet or search from … Read more

Convert Chrome tabs to a list to save memory and your sanity

By the end of the workday, my Internet research and wanderings leave me with dozens upon dozens of open tabs. This trail of tabs is confusing to navigate and leaves my laptop feeling sluggish. If you use tabs as temporary bookmarks as I do and use Chrome, I suggest you give OneTab a whirl. This Chrome extension lets you convert all of your open tabs into a list, which lets you reopen each tab individually, restore all at once, or share all as a Web page. Managing a multitude of tabs via OneTab's lists is easier than juggling the … Read more

Quickly access browsing history in any tab on Chrome for iOS

Google updated Chrome for iOS earlier this week. One of the new features in the update is the option to long-press on the back arrow to quickly access your browsing history for that particular tab.

As you can see in the video, the feature is very easy to use, but one that might not be all that obvious if you make a habit of skipping change logs. The displayed history is specific to the current tab you're viewing, and not an overview of your entire Chrome browsing history.

Make sure you're using the latest version of Chrome for iOSRead more

Samsung's Windows RT tablet won't go to Germany, either

Windows RT is in a bit of trouble.

Samsung today told German news site Heise that it's changed its mind on releasing the Ativ Tab in Germany. Samsung had previously hoped to offer the tablet to German customers, but revealed to Heise that demand for Windows RT is low in the country, prompting it to rethink its strategy.

The news isn't all that surprising. The company told CNET in January that it wouldn't launch its Windows RT-based tablet in the U.S. because of low demand. Here's what Samsung senior vice president Mike Abary told CNET … Read more

Spotify branches out into its own social network

With its feed, user profiles, and people tab, Spotify is already well on its way to becoming its own social network. And now, the music-streaming service is about to beef up its social aspect even more.

Spotify is in the middle of rolling out a "Follow" tab to replace its "People" tab for desktop users, according to The Next Web. The idea of the "Follow" tab is for people to be able to connect with friends, music artists, and top influential users. The way it works is similar to "liking" an artist … Read more

Japan's high-end Fujitsu Arrows X F-02E phone hits the target

BARCELONA, Spain--One of the great things about a trade show like Mobile World Congress is seeing the cool phones and tablets we won't get. Hang on, did I say great? I meant depressing -- I'd love to get my hands on a 4G Android smartphone as powerful as the Fujitsu Arrows X F-02E, or a water-resistant 4G Windows 8 tablet like the Fujitsu Arrows Tab.

Both devices are only available in Japan, and unlikely to go on sale elsewhere. Which is a shame: the Arrows X F-02E, Fujitsu's flagship phone, has specs to die for -- and … Read more

Options for managing browser tabs in OS X

Tabbed browsing is one of the more useful features to make it to Web browsers. However, as with using single windows you might inadvertently close one and need to restore it. While you can create a new tab and then peruse the browser history to find a link to the content it contained, an easier option is to use the built-in tab restoration options in your browser.

To do this, there are two hotkeys to keep in mind. The first is the classic Command-Z for undoing an action, which in Safari will undo a recently closed tab in a specific … Read more