Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro tablets revealed via new images

Samsung's new Galaxy Tab Pro tablets are no longer a secret.

A photo of an incomplete Samsung billboard at the 2014 CES mentions the Tab Pro along with the Galaxy Note Pro, seemingly Samsung's first official hint of the new devices.

Actual purported photos of two of the new tablets come courtesy of leaker @evleaks. One photo reveals the 10.1-inch version, while another offers a peek at the 8.4-inch model. A 12.2-inch edition also will be part of the lineup reportedly.

According to the leak, all three tablets will include Android 4.4 KitKat, a … Read more

Alcatel Pop 7 and Pop 8 bring LTE to cheap tablets

LAS VEGAS -- Alcatel is back with two new tablets coming to North America, but with no actual US release date. The One Touch Pop 7 and Pop 8 are both extremely modestly-spec'ed tablets that appear to focus on their LTE capability over performance. Neither price nor release date have yet been unveiled.

The One Touch Pop 7 is a 7-inch tablet with a 1,024x600 resolution TFT screen. It's not an IPS screen, and its viewing angles are painfully narrow as a result. The tablet houses a 1.3GHz dual-core CPU, a 2-megapixel rear camera, and a … Read more

Intel CEO CES 2014 keynote: Join us Monday, 6:30 p.m. PT (live blog)

LAS VEGAS -- Intel has long been the trendsetter in the chipmaking business, but now, the tech giant appears poised to make noise at the Consumer Electronics Show by pushing its way into making devices too.

Join CNET at 6:30 p.m. PT Monday for our live coverage of Intel CEO Brian Krzanich's CES keynote address.

According to Re/Code, Intel's CEO is likely to focus his talk on the company's efforts to develop working versions of products such as wearables, tablets, and next-generation PCs.

Krzanich could also spend some of his time talking about the … Read more

The Acer Iconia A1-830 tablet hits in first quarter with $149 price, underwhelming specs

If Acer's new 7.9-inch Android tablet is any indication CES 2014 will be chock full of products with only marginal upgrades from their predecessors. Thankfully, the chances of that happening are pretty slim. Hopefully.

The Iconia A1-830 is Acer's newest 7.9-inch Android tablet, following the release of the Iconia A1-810 in mid-2013. However, aside from a new aluminum backside and a new processor there aren't much in the way of upgrades for the new tablet.

Available in the first quarter of 2014 for $149, the new tablet will feature an identical design to the 810, … Read more

iPhone does well in post-holiday Web traffic; iPad not so much

Apple's iPhone saw the highest gains in post-holiday online traffic among the major smartphones, online ad network Chitika said on Thursday.

Measuring the online ad impressions generated on the major smartphones and tablets across North America, Chitika found that iPhone use grew by 1.8 percent from Christmas Day through December 29. In contrast, Google-branded smartphones eked out a gain of just 0.7 percent, while the rest of the pack -- Motorola, HTC, LG, and Samsung -- saw their respective shares of online traffic drop.

The iPhone also remains the top smartphone, according to Chitika's stats, with … Read more

Intel's 2014 Android ambitions embrace 64-bit, more tablets

Intel has big Android ambitions for 2014. The chipmaker's points of focus for the year ahead include 64-bit processing power and more tablets.

While still overwhelmingly a purveyor of processors for Windows PCs, Intel knows Android is its ticket to a bigger share of the mobile market.

One way to make a mark is to go to 64-bit, a feature its processors already support on Windows.

"We're going to scale Android to 64-bit. We're going to allow it to scale from Atom [processors] all the way to the high-end of the Core processor family," said … Read more

Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 clues pop up on FCC site

Samsung's purported Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 tablet may have just gotten its first bit of public exposure.

A series of FCC documents published on Thursday point to a new device from Samsung with the model number SM-T320. A diagram shows a Wi-Fi-enabled device with a rear camera. One of the documents reveals other details, including a diagonal size for the device of 240 milimeters (9.4 inches), while another document dubs it a "portable tablet."

The exact screen size isn't spilled in the FCC material. But import information from the Indian agency Zauba spotted by … Read more

At Christmas, a gadget is all some people have

We eat. We drink. We are merry.

We are enveloped in those we love, even if they don't always love us.

We pull out our phones to record the events. This is a special time. We are all together.

But at Christmas, not everyone experiences togetherness. Not everyone can turn to someone next to them and tell them a story, a feeling or a memory. Not everyone can wave their iPhone around the room, in an attempt to preserve the moment.

There are people who will spend Christmas alone.

While we, especially in these pages, debate the merits of … Read more

Wall-mount your tablet for $10 or less

So you want to stick your tablet on the wall. There are lots of ways to approach this project -- including under-cabinet mounts and magnetic refrigerator enclosures -- but most of these solutions ask you spend a minimum of $20 to $50.

Not necessary.

Whether it's your kitchen companion or entertainment hub, there's an inexpensive way to wall-mount your tablet so that it's easily accessible and on display.

Easy way out: Dockem ($10)

Dockem is a universal wall mount that fits just about any device (even smartphones). It's easy: clean the surface, place the provided Command … Read more

New Nokia ad: Don't buy the iPad, you can't use it outdoors

To get you to break your nasty habit, they just have to find the right trigger.

You're addicted, you see, to that Apple Appleness thing and you know you want to stop.

Microsoft has tried several routes, even telling you that you'll fail in college if you use an iPad.

Redmond's new puppy Nokia has already suggested that owning an iPad will put women off.

But now the Finns would like you to know that if you buy an iPad, your life will be permanently scarred, because you'll live the rest of it in the shade. … Read more