Review: Photo Shots adds third-party integration to a basic photo filtering app

Photo Shots offers a fairly standard array of filters but a large number of options for sharing to third-party services like Facebook, Twitter, and even Dropbox. This third-party integration is extensive for a free photo app and it can be useful for those that want to share a single photo across your entire social spectrum with a few quick taps. For that reason, it can be a useful app, though the editing and filtering options are limited.

When you open Photo Shots you can start editing images immediately. A stock photo will be onscreen, but you can replace it by … Read more

Review: Photo Wonder is a very effective photo editor, filter, and collage creator

Photo Wonder is a very feature-rich, finely crafted photo editing and filtering app for the iPhone that could easily replace the current set of apps you use for filtering and editing. Including a huge range of tools and numerous options for collage creation, special effects, and filtering, Photo Wonder manages to combine the best of many worlds into a single, streamlined interface.

When you load Photo Wonder it looks like any other app. The home menu even looks a bit stripped down. But after tapping on any of the five options included on the home page, you'll be greeted … Read more

Review: #Square Make Square Photo is a stylish, fast photo editor for Instagram

#Square Make Square Photo offers plenty of good looks and quick performance if you need to quickly make your photos square sized. While it does a good job of cropping and resizing, it doesn't have any advanced filters or recoloring features. However, if you don't need those, this app is still one of the nicer photo editors in terms of ease of use. You'll find it especially useful if you frequently post photos on Instagram.

#Square Make Square Photo can edit any picture already on your phone or tablet, but lets you take pictures from inside of … Read more

Get CopyTrans Photo (Win) for 99 cents

Many iPhone users store hundreds, even thousands, of snapshots on their mobile devices, only to realize too late that they have no backup. If the phone gets lost, stolen, or broken, those photos could be gone for good.

In fact, it's a common misconception that iCloud is automatically keeping a full backup of your pictures, but unless that feature is enabled and you've paid for extra storage (the 5GB of free space can fill up pretty quickly), you might not have a backup at all.

Another common problem: when you've snapped so many photos and videos that … Read more

Review: Kawaii Photo Booth offers cute stickers and a supporting editing suite

Kawaii Photo Booth is a great example of an app effectively using the ubiquitous Aviary editing tools to augment an original feature -- in this case a number of high-quality stickers. The stickers included in Kawaii Photo Booth are expertly drawn and very cute, a perfect fit for anyone that wants to customize their images to some degree. To supplement those stickers, the app uses Aviary's editing suite, which offers plenty of options for cropping, trimming, filtering, and customizing your photos when done with the stickers.

After installation, you can take a photo or load one from your device … Read more

Review: Frame your photos for desktop display with Photo Frame

Photo Frame allows you to select a frame and one or more images that will appear on your desktop in a small window. The frames look great and the program couldn't be easier to use, which makes it a good way to dress up your desktop with your favorite photos.

As soon as you install Photo Frame it opens a small frame on your desktop with a text prompt to add a photo. Double click to access a brief menu that lets you hide the program or access the settings. The settings window is a little cramped at the … Read more

Review: Tweak your images with easy-to-use PhotoPad Image Editor

PhotoPad Image Editor doesn't have the depth of features found in pro image editors, but it does have all the basic editing tools and lets you apply some neat effects without any specialized knowledge. If you don't want to get past a steep learning curve in order to edit your images, this is a very solid download.

The program installs very quickly, but in the last step you will be prompted to download Google Chrome and set it as your default browser, so uncheck the box if you don't want this extra. PhotoPad Image Editor's plain … Read more

Review: Create very basic collages with Viscom Photo

Viscom Photo lets you perform minor edits on your digital images and create collages. Everything works as promised, but there aren't many features or editing tools and the end results look OK, but not great. The biggest downside is that once you've created a collage, the only way to view it is through the program, which limits the program's overall usefulness.

Installation is quick and the program opens to a plain window with two tabs under a File menu. The first tab is where you'll create your collages and the second is for editing images. Both … Read more

Instagram gets intimate with private photos

CNET Update has no filter:

In this episode of CNET Update:

- Send photos privately on Instagram with a new direct messaging feature. Twitter also added the ability to send photos in a direct message. Sending messages with apps instead of SMS is a hot trend right now with a younger crowd, especially with apps like Kik, Line and Snapchat.

- See all images in Gmail by default on the desktop. The feature will roll out to apps next year.

- Prepare for the coming of the first Steam Machines. The console for PC games is releasing 300 units to beta testers. … Read more

Getting started with Instagram Direct

Early on Thursday Instagram announced a new feature called Instagram Direct. The new feature allows users to privately share photos or videos with up to 15 people. Obviously this is a new direction for Instagram, as previously sharing a photo was an all-or-nothing act.

Before you can access Instagram Direct you'll need to download the update, version 5.0, from the Play Store or App Store.

All right, with that out of the way, let's begin.

Your inbox

You can access your Instagram Direct inbox by tapping on the mailbox icon in the top-right corner. This is where … Read more