Kingsoft Office (International) 5.3.1 Review

Can't open MS Office documents on your smartphone or tablet? Kingsoft Office (International) gives you a full office suite on your device to help you get any job done. Since it's basically a Microsoft Office clone, it's not the prettiest app you'll find but it is incredibly powerful when it comes to processing documents.

Kingsoft Office (International) installed on our device without any problems. The app works with most of the file formats you'd expect in an office suite -- DOC, TXT, XLS, and others. It can even read and edit PDFs if you need … Read more

Office Plus 5.2 Review

The iPhone and iPad are increasingly becoming a part of many people's everyday work tools. However, there are very few built-in tools for editing documents and the iWork applications are not very compatible with Microsoft Office, which is used by more than 80 percent of offices and their workers. So a third-party app is needed, and Office Plus touts itself as one of the most popular. But is it a good replacement for iWork or other office suites?

When you first open Office Plus, it isn't immediately obvious what you should do, a major issue for a lot … Read more

Who needs MS Office for iOS and Android? CloudOn's here now

Those of you waiting for Microsoft to unveil a version of Office for iOS or Android should stop waiting and take CloudOn's Office app for a spin.

Reports of Microsoft bringing Office to the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices have been in the wind for the past year.

Initial rumors pointed to a launch date of last November. The timeframe then slipped to last month. And now an alleged Microsoft road map suggests that a mobile version of Office won't appear until later next year.

The head of the Microsoft Office division recently suggested that iOS and Android users try Microsoft's SkyDrive app. … Read more

AndrOpen Office 0.9.2 Review

If you need to view OpenOffice, Microsoft Office, and other documents, this download can offer some help. AndrOpen Office plays on the familiar free Office suite, but it is purely a viewer so you won't be able to edit any of the multiple formats it supports for viewing.

Though the name plays on the free favorite, OpenOffice, it isn't made by the same people. It does seem to be made on the same skeleton of open source software, though. When you open AndrOpen Office, you're greeted by a mess of files that most users won't have … Read more

No Microsoft Office for iOS, Android until fall 2014?

An alleged road map for Microsoft's coming Gemini wave of Office updates, if accurate, indicates Microsoft's Office for iOS and Android -- as well as Outlook for Windows RT -- might not happen as soon as many had hoped for and expected.

A source of mine shared what appears to me to be a real road map for Gemini.

It kicks off with Gemini wave 1.0, which includes the Blue metro-style/Windows Store complements to the core set of Office products -- namely, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. From what I've heard previously, these four apps will be more touch-centric and will work on Windows 8 and Windows RT. … Read more

Microsoft ending support for Office for Mac 2008

Microsoft announced today that it will end support for Office 2008 for Mac on April 9.

Office for OS X has been a staple in integrating OS X systems with many work environments that rely on Microsoft's popular office productivity suite. With its Mac Business Unit, Microsoft has maintained a dedicated development team for its Mac software which has spearheaded development of Office 2004, 2008, and the latest 2011 and 365 offerings.

With this development, those who use Office 2008 will still be able to do so, but will not be able to get any official support for the … Read more

Google's Quickoffice comes to Android, iPhone

Some competitors would figure if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. But when it comes to Google's strategy for competing with Microsoft's productivity suite, the company is trying to do both in a way.

Last night, Google released Android and iPhone versions of its Quickoffice software for handling Office files. The software, which lets people view and edit Excel, Word, and PowerPoint files, runs natively on various devices the way Office does, not in the cloud the way Google Apps does.

The software, available to customers of the company's Google Apps for Business service, is on … Read more

Dell cites uncertain prospects for PCs, Windows 8 in SEC filing

Dell painted a somewhat bleak depiction of its prospects in a recent SEC filing.

In a 274-page filing on Friday, the PC maker indicated market and product challenges on several fronts. In the filing, Dell makes a case for accepting a $24.4 billion offer to go private so it can be in a better position to deal with the myriad challenges facing the company.

Those included "the deteriorating outlook for the PC market as a result of, among other things, smartphones and tablets cannibalizing PC sales," according to the filing.

The SEC filing also cited "the … Read more

My Google spreadsheet fail

I'm a cloud-computing, Chrome OS fanboy for the most part. But today was one of of those days I was glad to have old-school Mac and Windows PCs lying around my home office.

I'm no power user, but Google Docs suits me for word processing, while Google Sheets works fine for creating spreadsheets. However, when it comes to importing and editing files from the incumbent power, Microsoft Office, Google just isn't meeting even my low-end needs.

Google handles such documents -- in either the older .doc and .xls formats, and the newer .docx and .xlsx formats -- … Read more

Office 365 and Yammer integration: What's coming

On March 19, day one of Microsoft's annual Convergence conference, company officials shed more light on how Yammer's enterprise social-networking technology will be integrated into Office 365 and SharePoint in the coming year-plus.

Microsoft officials originally shared a road map regarding this integration in November. But today, officials provided more dates and more details around the integration of Yammer feeds into SharePoint.

Last fall, Microsoft officials said in the "immediate future" Yammer and SharePoint would be unified via a single ID/sign-on, shared document-management capabilities and feed aggregation. In the longer term, the Softies said, the … Read more