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Logitech thanks science for new 'G' PC gaming accessories

Logitech has rebranded its gaming group division with six mice and keyboards, along with two new headsets that make up the company's latest "Logitech G" lineup. Using infrared technology and a bit of science to determine optimal hand position, the new G100s and G400s optical mice are both clues to the company's commitment to innovation, with a new sensor technology called Delta Zero that promises to improve accuracy at any speed.

The G100s, G400s, G500s, and G700s gaming mice are all equipped with a "hydrophobic" coating that repels palm perspiration to keep your hand … Read more

Hands-on with the ClamCase Pro iPad keyboard

It's the age-old question, age being relative in this case: Can a tablet take the place of a laptop?

Maybe yes, maybe no. But without an honest-to-goodness keyboard, the answer is a definite no.

The new ClamCase Pro joins the ranks of iPad keyboard/case combos like the Belkin YourType Folio + Keyboard, CruxCase Crux360, and Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover.

In case the name didn't make it abundantly clear, the ClamCase Pro provides a clamshell-style case for your iPad. Open it up and you'll find a decidedly MacBook Air-style keyboard, albeit one that's necessarily a bit narrower. … Read more

Could Minuum finally evolve the virtual QWERTY keyboard?

When in use, a virtual keyboard shouldn't take up half of your smartphone or tablet screen, but it does, and it sure is ugly. If you're tired of keys hogging up precious screen space, check out Minuum -- a simple, yet intelligent single-row reinvention of the QWERTY layout.

Simply put, the Minuum keyboard, which is gaining traction on crowdfunding Web site Indiegogo, seems attractive as it doesn't require much space to use. It intelligently predicts what word you're going for through auto-correction algorithms, similar to a full-size virtual keyboard. … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S4 keyboard powered by SwiftKey

Samsung's new flagship device has officially been unveiled, and it has a lot of new features packed in. But what many aren't talking about is the device's on-screen keyboard, which, arguably, is one of the most important aspects of its interface.

In an attempt to improve on its previous flagship phone, Samsung has partnered with third-party keyboard maker SwiftKey to have its proprietary technology built into the Galaxy S4 keyboard.

Despite not knowing the extent of the companies' partnership as yet, we think the move looks like a solid one. Samsung gets some ultrapowerful typing technology to … Read more

The killer iOS 7 feature the iPad needs: Touch-pad support

It took using the Microsoft Surface Pro to make me remember an article I wrote a year ago, about productivity on an iPad.

I love using the iPad. I also love some of its keyboard accessories. As a product, it's superior to a Surface Pro. But that doesn't mean it's the perfect laptop replacement. And that's still, in my opinion, largely because of one little touch pad. Or, a lack of it.

The iPad never claimed it was a laptop replacement. It stands in its own, hard-to-define "post-PC" territory. Yet, accessories have sprung up … Read more

Type your heart out with Jelly Bean Keyboard

The default keyboard on Android gadgets seems to get better and better with each update. Jelly Bean's keyboard is sleek, fast and even comes with SwiftKey-like predictive texting. Jelly Bean Keyboard puts that keyboard on gadgets running Donut (Android 1.6) and later. It's a seamless port, but it doesn't suddenly make the keyboard better than third-party keyboard apps.

Setting up another keyboard on Android gadgets comes with all sorts of scary disclaimers. Your phone or tablet will tell you that this app can track and log everything you type. That isn't true of this keyboard, … Read more

Learn keyboard shortcuts with KeyCue for Mac

Research has shown that frequent use of a computer mouse may contribute to repetitive motion injuries. KeyCue for Mac claims to teach users how to replace the mouse with keyboard shortcuts, but its limited functionality and its price make it less useful than it could have been.

A 30-day free trial version of KeyCue for Mac is available, but it costs $29.99 for the full version. The program downloads quickly but despite having its own installer, proved difficult to set up. We had to try the installation several times due to the program claiming it could not install while … Read more

How to manage OS X boot options with wireless keyboards

Apple offers several alternative boot environments for OS X that can help you troubleshoot problems you might be experiencing, which can be invoked by holding various key combinations at startup. Of these, Safe Mode is perhaps the most common; it offers a limited boot environment and can be started by holding the Shift key. In addition there is Single User mode (Command-S) for a command-line interface, Apple's hardware diagnostics tests (the "D" key), Target Disk mode (the "T" key), and holding the Option key will bring up the boot loader for choosing a startup disk.… Read more

How to use e-mail with keyboard shortcuts is out of preview now and available for everyone to use. Learning how to get around the new interface can be a lot easier with the help of keyboard shortcuts. So whether you're new to Microsoft's browser-based e-mail service or an old Hotmail user trying to adjust to the new design, give the shortcuts a try and get to know

Before we get started, go to Settings > Keyboard shortcuts and make sure that keyboard shortcuts are enabled and set to mode. If you're already familiar with the keyboard shortcuts for … Read more

The three quickest ways to open the Control Panel in Windows 8

When I'm not blogging for CNET, I test and review laptops and desktops. During the getting-to-know process for each system I review, one of the places I usually stop by first is the Control Panel to tweak a setting or two before I start running benchmark tests. In the good old days of Windows 7 and XP, I simply clicked on the Start button and selected the Control Panel from the Start menu. With Windows 8, however, that path does not exist.

If you are using a tablet or refuse to engage in keyboard shortcuts, you'll need to … Read more