A grill with a Tuscan touch

The Tuscan Grill from Bella Cucina is based on an 18th century design, meant to be used for outdoor grilling or in a fireplace. It will fit comfortably in most fireplaces. By combining the Tuscan Grill and some firewood, you can add delicate smoky flavors to grilled meats and vegetables. This grill is hand-crafted by Tuscan metalsmiths and is designed to be functional. It is available in two sizes, the Originale (18.5 inches by 16 inches) and the Grande (25 inches by 18.5 inches).

With the Tuscan Grill, you can easily adjust heat by moving the grill plate … Read more

Grilling by remote

You know how it is when you're grilling: it's easy to lose track of time. While friends and family are over and the drinks are flowing, the simple task of cooking can turn into something of an adventure. All too often this means burnt hot dogs and overdone steaks. Standing guard over the grill isn't always an option, but with a little planning, being untethered doesn't have to mean ruined food.

Buzzing in your pocket like a cell phone, the Taylor Remote Thermometer alerts you to when foods have reached their desired temperature. Great for monitoring … Read more

Three meals a day with one appliance

Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to the kitchen. Appliances of all shapes and sizes fold, open, bend, attach, and otherwise conform to accommodate any and all cooking needs. Unfortunately, that doesn't always result in actual usefulness in the kitchen, but sometimes all that flexibility actually comes in handy.

The Wolfgang Puck Tri-Grill Panini Maker with Storage Drawer features interchangeable cooking plates designed for a variety of cooking. The indoor grill comes with an upper grill plate, a lower grill plate, and a lower griddle plate that attach to the two sides of the grill. (… Read more

Mix-and-match grill begs for mixing, not matching

We as a society have become so accustomed to foods looking a certain way that we rarely give many of them a second thought. Take, for example, the waffle. Delicious in all of its deep-pocketed glory, yes, but as far as originality goes they are pretty much all the same. Oh, sure, every waffle iron produces different waffles, as they all vary in size and shape, but when it comes right down to it, they are basically two-sided butter and syrup holders. Since any waffle known to man can only actually hold butter and syrup on one side at a … Read more

Like a gas gauge for steaks

Cooking for a crowd is always a recipe for excitement. Somebody wants this another person wants that and all of them want it done a certain way. Luckily, backyard barbecues are all fun and games (or at least should be), and chances are the unpleasantness of an overdone steak will simply go unmentioned. However, if you're cooking for a crowd, and you want to keep an eye on all those steaks, a little help on the side can come in handy.

The Steak Station from Charcoal Companion offers a simple way to keep track of up to four steaks … Read more

A fan for the grill

It may still be winter, but that doesn't mean that we can't have grilling on the mind. It could be the memory of the succulent taste of grilled meat on our lips (with sauce or without), or maybe it is the thought of a lazy day spent in the sunshine that attracts us to these considerations. Or perhaps we recall (and look forward to) grilling season because of the scent in the air. One thing is for sure: one whiff of the taste of grilling meat, and most people literally start licking their chops.

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Flip your fish in style with this spatula

If you're looking for a filling food option that won't weigh you down, fish is a great choice. But just try to flip that fillet on the grill or in the pan; more often than not, it falls apart.

Try this fun new silicone fish spatula from Kitchen Friends. You can slide it under the entire fillet and keep the piece intact as you turn it. The bright red color and the funky fish cutout are just bonuses.

The spatula is 8 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches and heats safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, so … Read more

Instant marinater saves the day for last minute cooks

Even though I take the time to write out a dinner menu plan each week, I frequently find myself looking at a hunk of non-marinated meat at 5 p.m. on a school night. Sure, we can slap some barbecue sauce on it and toss it on the grill, but when you actually take the time to let the meat absorb the marinade, it's more tender, more flavorful, and just plain better.

I've accepted that I'm not the girl who checks her list the night before and makes the marinade well in advance. But I could be … Read more

Grilling with liquid

Every grilling party suffers from it at least once: dry, flavorless meat that has been either overcooked or otherwise improperly prepared. It can happen when least expected. A little distraction--of which parties naturally provide--and meat can go from succulent to cinder in the blink of an eye. Because grilling can at times be tricky, an ounce of prevention (or in this case 12 ounces) can be worth a pound of cure deliciousness. And if that little bit of forethought makes for a better-tasting, juicier steak, well I'm all for it.

The Moistly Grilled Cast Iron Grill Humidifier may not … Read more

Open up the kitchen counter

Convenience in the kitchen is never farther away than the nearest appliance. Specialized contraptions of all shapes and sizes rest on our countertops waiting to be called upon for specific purposes. What can come as no surprise to anyone is that these countertops can become quite cluttered--and quite quickly, as we add to our arsenal of cookery. However, this maze of gadgetry doesn't have to be inescapable; one or two overachieving appliances with multitasking capabilities are all that is needed to create a sense of order into the kitchen.

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