Almost half of millennials tweet while they eat, survey says

I wish to make a confession. I sometimes tweet pictures of the food I am eating. The reasons for this are emotional--in so many ways. My shrink, a softer-spoken version of Paul Deen, is trying (failing) to help me with it.

I am, therefore, delighted to suddenly discover that I am not alone.

For a survey from The Hartman Group--a company that seems to enjoy prying into your habits--declares that 47 percent of millennials tweet while they eat. Or is it eat while they tweet?

These rapacious souls seem to have been entirely overtaken by their gadgets, to the … Read more

Hand blender with a feed tube

A sturdy food processor on a kitchen counter makes for an impressive sight.

The large base has a weighty appeal and gives off a sense of efficiency. If the size doesn't impress you, the blades-in-waiting and protruding feeding tube will. And yet, even though these standard kitchen appliances look like they can handle any task, sometimes they are just too big and bulky.

Offering a nimbler approach to the prep work, the Cuisinart CSB-80 Smart Stick PowerTrio High-Torque Hand Blender packs a lot of versatility into one effective unit. The 400-watt stick motor attaches to a variety of accessories, … Read more

Apps for foodies: 12 apps for finding or making good food

Our cookbooks are spending more time on the shelf. My laptop has fewer tomato stains. In place of these trusted recipe sources, our iPads and iPhones are becoming fixtures in our kitchen.

My wife and I are using iOS apps to discover new recipes and restaurants, shop more effectively at the grocery store, and keep track of noteworthy meals. Also, I found In-N-Out Burger's app, which I hope to use frequently on my next trip to the West Coast.

What you won't find here is anything in the way of a shopping list app. The cookbook apps below … Read more

How to share and find good food with the Foodspotting app

The Foodspotting app, available for both iOS and Android platforms, lets you find good dishes in your area and share marvelous plates of food with others.

Foodspotting is like Foodily without the recipes. Or Instagram solely for meals of food. In fact, you can connect your Instagram account to Foodspotting, and Instagram photos tagged with #food or #foodspotting will show up in your Foodspotting feed. (Maybe I need to wait longer for the two to sync, but the Instagram photo I tagged with the #foodspotting tag has yet to show up in my Foodspotting feed.) The app lets you upload … Read more

How to cook with the Epicurious iPad app

The free, universal Epicurious iOS app looks great on the iPad, though syncing with your Web account or the iPhone app requires an in-app purchase.

If you've searched for a recipe online, odds are you've ended up on This huge online recipe database culls recipes from a wide array of sources, including Bon Appetit and Gourmet magazines and numerous cookbooks. The iPad app grants you access to over 30,000 recipes and presents them in a sleek, easily navigated layout. The app also includes an enhanced search functionality to help you sort through the sometimes overwhelming … Read more

How to remember good meals with Evernote Food

Evernote Food lets iDevice users take photos and notes of meals not to be forgotten.

My wife and I entertain a lot. We have two young kids, and having friends to our place for dinner is less expensive than paying a babysitter and dining out. Plus, we like to cook. We typically have the same cast of characters over for dinner, and my wife recently expressed a desire to start a food journal, so we could remember what dishes we cooked for whom, in an effort to avoid duplication.

You should also know that our household is somewhat unorganized. Or … Read more

Sharpen your skills with How To Cook Everything app for iOS

With recipes so freely available online, it's difficult to recommend paying for a cookbook app. There is one such app I plunked down for, and I feel it's worth every penny.

You may know Mark Bittman from his The Minimalist column in The New York Times. He's also the author of a number of cookbooks, including the excellent "How to Cook Everything." The How To Cook Everything app costs $4.99 for the iPhone or $9.99 for the iPad, but each features the entire contents of the How To Cook Everything hardcover, which costs more than twice as much as the iPad app, even at its discounted price on Amazon. And with its timers and shopping list features, the app does things the book can't.… Read more

How to cook with the Cook's Illustrated iOS app

If you find yourself spending more time in the kitchen and start wondering why some of your dishes work while others fail, pick up a copy of Cook's Illustrated magazine or download the free iPhone app.

The Cook's Illustrated app includes 50 of the magazine's best recipes (subscribers can access more) and makes a great introduction to Cook's Illustrated's scientific approach to cooking. In the magazine, each recipe is prefaced by an article that details the various methods the author tested to prepare a dish, and why the chosen method works best. The app includes a truncated version of the article for each dish along with a video.

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How to find the nearest In-N-Out

In-N-Out Burger's iOS app is helpful when you get that In-N-Out urge.

Lest you think I'm a health nut, subsisting on local produce and sustainable seafood, I feel the need to share my love of In-N-Out Burger with you. There was a time when I lived in California and could grab a Double-Double with little to no planning. I didn't know how good I had it. Now I live on the East Coast and must come to terms with the fact that the nearest In-N-Out is 1,529.3 miles away in Rockwall, Texas.

I found out … Read more

Get kitchen help with Mise En Place and Merillat iOS apps

There is no shortage of grocery list apps and kitchen calculator apps, but here's an example of each that I think iPhone owners might find useful.

The first goes beyond simply helping you create a shopping list for your next run to the store. In addition to creating a grocery list, it also helps you schedule and plan your meals. The second app is noteworthy because it provides useful kitchen conversions and substitutions for free.

Mise En Place I have yet to find a grocery list app that is easier to use than the small pad of paper I … Read more