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Rename it all

Hulubulu's Advanced Renamer is a free batch file renaming tool that offers advanced features like thumbnails, image previews, batch undos, support for hi-fi audio codecs like FLAC and AAC, and multiple renaming methods, including the ability to customize and update the tool with new or different method lists.

Advanced Renamer's up-to-date interface features tabs, resizable panels, and an easily customized, spreadsheetlike main list view displaying selected files and actions. This program offers choices within choices, with plenty of default options yet many customizable features, too. Selecting the Thumbnails button toggles the display into thumbnail mode, which we feel … Read more

Font name changer

Free Font Renamer is freeware that renames font files, just like the name says, only automatically. Why would you want or need to do that? Because what it does is rename the font file with the full name of the font, so instead of MLON_I.TTF, you get Milion Italic.ttf. The name tells you which font it is right off the bat. If you've ever tried to find a certain font file outside of the system's font properties and controls, you will appreciate immediately how this tool can help. It's optimized for Vista and Windows XP; … Read more

Carbon copies

Syncing folders can be a very useful activity, whether you're backing up important documents or keeping what's on a portable device, like a USB drive, synced up with what's on your computer. Carbon Folder is a simple utility that makes regularly syncing folders a piece of cake.

The program's interface is plain and extremely easy to navigate, as the whole thing is really just a wizard that walks you through the syncing process. Users choose the two folders they want to sync and then select whether they want to sync in both directions, or just from … Read more

How-To: Migrating to a new user account in OS X

Sometimes when troubleshooting problems with a user account, the easiest solution is to create a new account and migrate your data over to it, instead of finding the roots of the problem (of which there might be many) and fixing them. The problem with migrating to a new account is OS X by default is set up to prevent access to documents in other accounts, so when you go to your previous home folder, you are blocked from viewing the files.

Additionally, while you can change the permissions for files and copy them to your new account, there may be … Read more

Exclusive: Stuffit 2011 for Mac

These days, most file compression activities are baked into your operating system, but there are still plenty of reasons to get a specialized compression utility. With StuffIt 2011 for Mac--exclusive to CNET Downloads today--you can create customized "Destinations" that let you drag and drop files or folders for automated compression and sending. Want to compress to ZIP format and upload via FTP, for example? With a quick setup, you can create your custom destination beforehand with your preferred compression algorithm, and you'll never have to worry about flipping through menus for this destination again. To top … Read more

Simple but functional

Frequent use of your PC often results in duplicate and misplaced files. Thankfully, there are programs out there that offer a side-by-side view so you can manage the contents of your folders. Compare Folders (Java) is just such a program, and even goes a step further by generating checksum files for unavailable files.

Compare Folders (Java)'s user interface is pretty plain, but it serves the purpose of the program. A drop-down menu at the top of the window gives you the options to compare folders, create a checksum, find duplicates, and update a checksum file. Another drop-down menu lets … Read more


You probably have financial records, family photos, and other computer files that you'd rather keep private, but that's not always possible if others share access to your computer. Free Hide Folder from Cleanersoft is a compact tool that makes it easy to hide and password-protect files and folders and access them with a few quick clicks when you need them.

When you first run Free Hide Folder, you're prompted to create a password that the program will use to protect hidden files, so make sure it's one you'll remember. Free Hide Folder's interface is … Read more

Multiple applications folders in OS X

After running your system for a while and installing various tools, utilities, and other programs on your system, you may find two Applications folders on your system. The main one will hold most of your applications, but another one in your home directory may contain one or two applications you have installed. Despite this, the applications run fine and there seems to be no difference between the two folders.

The second Applications folder is created for the simple reason that an installer you ran created that directory and placed the application there. If this has occurred to you, you should … Read more

A syncing feeling

Any time you start moving files around--back and forth between a thumb drive and a computer, for example, or between two computers--you run the risk of something getting duplicated or left behind. Moleskinsoft File Sync is an easy way to compare and sync folders to ensure that your files are exactly where they need to be. We've seen syncing utilities with more features, but this one works just fine for basic syncing.

The program's interface is plain and intuitive. We liked the fact that users can create and save particular tasks, allowing them to easily compare and sync … Read more

How to regain access to user files and folders after copying or migrating

There are times when you may copy files or folders to your system and cannot access them because the system does not allow you permission to them. In the case of folders, you may see a small "no entry" symbol to the lower right of the folder icon. This may happen after migrating or copying files, but it can also happen when accessing shared resources such as network drives, thumb drives, or external hard drives.

The reason these files are not accessible is a simple mixup in the permissions flags for them. Usually when you copy files, the … Read more