Geeksphone to bring Firefox OS to consumer market with Peak+

Consumers who want a higher-end Firefox OS than the Alcatel One Touch Fire and ZTE Open that just went on sale soon will have an option: the Geeksphone Peak+.

Geeksphone, a small Spanish company, makes the higher-end Peak and the low-end Keon. Both are for developers who want to contribute to Mozilla's Firefox OS project or to make sure their Web apps will work on the browser-based operating system. On Monday, it announced it will sell a "new and improved" version of the Peak for consumers, too.

"After the success achieved by Keon and Peak Firefox … Read more

Mozilla fleshes out Firefox OS simulator features

Mozilla is at an awkward stage with Firefox OS: it wants its brand-new mobile operating system to attract developers, but there are very few phones available in the real world. To bridge the gap, the organization offers a phone simulator, and on Thursday, it updated the Firefox OS simulator to version 4.

Among the new features in the software, which is an add-on to the Firefox browser for personal computers, according to a blog post by Firefox OS developer advocate Angelina Fabbro:

• The ability to simulate touch-screen events with mouse clicks.

• A style editor tool that lets programmers create and … Read more

Deutsche Telekom brings Mozilla's Firefox OS to Poland

A week after Spain's Telefonica became the first carrier to sell Firefox OS phones, Deutsche Telekom has become the second.

The German company will begin selling the Alcatel One Touch Fire with Mozilla's Firefox OS in Poland starting Friday in 850 shops and online, the company said Thursday.

Deutsche Telekom subsidiaries Magyar Telekom in Hungary and Cosmote in Greece will begin selling the phones starting in the fall. The company didn't release pricing details.

Firefox OS is a browser-based operating system that runs Web apps, which gives it a running start when trying to attract developers. Although … Read more

Firefox OS phone launches Tuesday in Spain at $3 a month

It's not every day that a new mobile operating system arrives, but Tuesday will be one of them as Telefonica begins selling the inexpensive ZTE Open with Mozilla's Firefox OS in Spain.

The move marks the commercial beginning of an effort by phone makers and network operators to use Mozilla's open-source, browser-based operating system to reclaim power in the mobile market lost to Apple and Google.

The phone itself costs 69 euros ($90), including 30 euros ($39) of pay-as-you-go credit -- or for those who sign up for a two-year contract, for 2.38 euros ($3.10) … Read more

Rival mobile browsers chip away at Safari's lead

Safari, the top browser in terms of mobile usage, lost a little share to three rivals in June.

The Apple browser dropped from 60.0 percent of usage in May to 58.0 percent in June, still well ahead of competing browsers, according to statistics released by tracking firm Net Applications on Monday. Google's unbranded Android browser, in second place, also dipped, from 20.7 percent to 20.6 percent.

Picking up the slack were Opera Mini, which rose from 10.5 percent to 11.2 percent; Google's Chrome, which rose from 3.2 percent to 3.8 … Read more

RSS, autocomplete URLs hit new Android Firefox beta

Mozilla debuted a new Firefox for Android 23 beta (download) on Thursday that brought with it a flatter but more Web-friendly version of the familiar browser logo.

The new logo has been designed, wrote Sean Martell, Mozilla's lead visual designer, with "SVG compatibility and color consistency" in mind. It doesn't ditch detail just for the sake of it, he said in his blog post about the change, but actually adds more detail in some areas.

One major detail he pointed out that has changed is the fox's arm. It now comes from its shoulder, instead … Read more

Watch YouTube videos in Firefox's sidebar with Side Watch

Not all multitasking need be productive. If you like to watch YouTube clips while you are otherwise engaged in productive pursuits online, then you have likely juggled two windows, each resized just right so that you can conduct your business in one window while in the other your YouTube clip plays. If you don't mind clips playing in a very small video player, give Firefox add-on Side Watch a try. It lets you play YouTube clips in Firefox's sidebar so that you can keep a casual eye on a video without sacrificing much screen real estate.

When you … Read more

Mozilla adds easy download monitoring to Firefox for OS X

If you are a Firefox user, you may have noticed that yesterday Mozilla released an updated version of the browser. This new update includes a number of security updates and graphics optimizations, but in addition OS X users are now able to monitor downloads directly in the Dock.

When you download a file in Safari or prior versions of Firefox, the download process can be followed by going to a special Downloads window, where you can monitor overall and individual download progress; however, this requires you to keep such a window open. Even though Safari's downloads toolbar menu will … Read more

Ad group blasts cookie-privacy project from Mozilla, Stanford

The Interactive Advertising Bureau, a group that represents hundreds of Internet advertisers, has attacked Mozilla's involvement in a Stanford Law School privacy project to judge whether individual Web sites can be trusted to set behavior-tracking browser cookies.

The IAB doesn't like the Cookie Clearninghouse, which Stanford's Center for Internet and Society and Mozilla announced on June 19. The project aims to rate individual to bring privacy ratings for browser cookies -- the small text files that Web site operators can store on people's computers. Cookies can be useful for remembering that you're logged into a … Read more

New Firefox 22 enables browser-based file-sharing

Today's stable release of Mozilla Firefox 22 (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android) includes a variety of back-end technical updates and relatively minor tweaks (to be honest, the word-wrapping of plain-text files is the most relevant to me).

The most notable news is Firefox's new default support for WebRTC (the RTC stands for real-time communication), a set of API components that allows developers to create browser-to-browser applications without plug-ins. WebRTC was developed by Google for Chrome and open-sourced back in 2011, so Google Chrome (Windows, Mac, Android) of course supports it as well.

In real terms, WebRTC enables features such … Read more