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Review: Google Chrome 30

Chrome is the lightweight flagship browser that originated from an open-source project by Google called Chromium and Chromium OS. It is now one of the more widely-used browsers thanks to a vast ecosystem of extensions and add-ons, a robust Javascript engine, and a rapid-release development cycle that keeps it on the competitive end of the curve.

Chrome's installation process is both straightforward and self-sustaining. The installer will launch confirmations of system directories with a few click-throughs. Typical stuff. Google will also ask for your permission to anonymously collect usage stats, which you can opt out of. Once you install … Read more

Opera Software gets new staff, offices in Silicon Valley

Opera Software is becoming more of a Silicon Valley company.

It has expanded its US operations, tripling its office space to 60,000 square feet through a new office and its acquisition of Skyfire, the company said Thursday.

"Silicon Valley has become one of Opera's most strategic locations to do business and grow our talent base," said Opera Chief Executive Lars Boilesen in a statement. "We will continue our expansion in this region by hiring people in all areas and generating more revenue than ever."

The maker of the Opera browser is based in Oslo, … Read more

Judge dismisses lawsuit over Google's browser tracking

A federal judge has dismissed a class-action lawsuit against Google, finding that the Web giant's browser cookie-tracking practices had not caused them any harm.

The lawsuit, which was filed in February 2012 by users of Web browsers from Apple and Microsoft, accused Google and three other online advertising companies of having "tricked" the Web browsers into accepting cookies that enabled Google to serve the plaintiffs targeted advertising. The lawsuit was filed soon after it was revealed that Google used special code to get around users' privacy controls in Safari and Internet Explorer in order to track users … Read more

Microsoft reportedly wants to replace the cookie

Microsoft may be aiming to replace the famous (or infamous) browser cookie with its own brand of tracking technology.

The company is purportedly developing a technology that would track user activity not only on the Web but on Windows-based mobile devices and even the Xbox console, according to AdAge. Citing "sources close to the company not authorized to speak publicly about Microsoft's plans," AdAge said that the technology is in the early stages with no clear time frame as to when it would appear on all devices.

Microsoft didn't quite confirm the news to AdAge but … Read more

Review: Web Capture Browser takes and saves snapshots of Web sites to iOS

Web Capture Browser allows you to take full-page screenshots of entire Web sites from your mobile device with the tap of a button, and it works seamlessly. From the basic interface and browser, which is admittedly lacking in features but is very quick, to the saving options and capture list the app provides, this is a great way to showcase mobile versions of sites for future reference or a portfolio.

When you load the app, you can navigate to a Web site right away in the browser and then tap the capture button to take a photo of that page. … Read more

Review: Mobicip replaces your default browsing tools with robust parental controls

Mobicip is an integrated browser with deep parental controls that can replace the browsing tools on your child's iOS device. Because it actively replaces Safari, YouTube and the App Store, it allows parents to more strictly monitor and control what children can access from their mobile devices, a tool that while not lacking in iOS, is often underused in most apps.

When you start Mobicip for the first time, you'll be prompted to create an account, which will allow you to monitor and control access to content through the app. After creating the account, you are prompted to … Read more

Review: Downloader & Private Browser is a streamlined media browser/downloading tool

Downloader & Private Browser manages to combine many of the most powerful and useful features in other downloaders into a single, intuitive interface for your iPhone. The result is an app that enables you to access and download files online, download them to your device for storage or sharing, track usage, and move and zip files whenever you want.

When you open Downloader & Private Browser, it looks overwhelming, but the vast majority of menu options are designed to make browsing your media files as easy as possible. So you can quickly swipe between photos, videos, documents, and zip folders. … Read more

Tab overload slowing you down? Speed up your browsing with TGS for Chrome

Tab browsing is an amazing tool for multitaskers and ADHD-prone Web surfers everywhere. But one of the most annoying things about using Google Chrome's tab feature is the massive amount of resources it sucks up. Even though we love the idea of multiple tabs, chances are we aren't looking at every one of them at the same time. And because Chrome opens every new tab as a separate process, your system is left with very little memory for anything else. The Great Suspender, a Chrome extension, aims to solve this problem by putting on hold the tabs you … Read more

Review: AB-Browser is fast, sleek, and easy to use

AB-Browser, at first glance, is a standard, third-party Web browser for iOS, but as you dig deeper you will find a powerful free replacement for Safari that is just as compelling in its own right. With streamlined functionality, very fast load times, and a number of options not available in Safari by default, it is a very useful tool for anyone looking to replace Apple's Web browser with something new.

When you open AB-Browser, you'll start to see the differences right away. The developers have stripped out the bottom bar completely, getting everything under a couple of buttons … Read more

No text? No problem for Chrome's search by image

Google Chrome updated on Tuesday with some new features that will make it easier to search on desktops and easier to use on Android.

The stable channel for Chrome on desktops, version 30, now comes with "search by image." Right-click on any image, and you'll see an option to search using the image as the subject of the query. This works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Other changes in desktop Chrome include new Chrome Web apps application programming interfaces (APIs), which will make the Web apps function more like native mobile apps with in-app payments, saving to … Read more