Automatically upload photos with Dropbox Android beta, get free space

After the recent desktop beta release,allowing users to earn up to 5GB of additional space, Dropbox has released a beta version of its Android app, giving users to potential to claim the same 5GB of space another way.

Before you get all excited and think the 5GB of space along with the 5GB you earned from using the desktop beta, sorry, you can only earn 5GB total.

To get started with the Dropbox Android beta you will need to visit this Dropbox forum post to download and then install the APK.

After installing Dropbox version 2.0.9 for … Read more

Microsoft removes start button in Windows 8

Say goodbye to the Windows start button. Microsoft has gotten rid of it from the latest build of Windows 8.

Hitting the Web over the weekend, screenshots of the new Windows 8 build display the "super bar," but without the start button orb on the left, according to The Verge. Build 8220 will be the final version released before the beta, now known as the Consumer Preview, debuts before the end of the month.

Until its untimely (or timely) death, the Windows 8 start button located in the Metro UI offered access to the search, share, devices, and … Read more

RCA's 'video LP' format, doomed from the start?

While the LP revival is still in full swing you rarely hear about the other 12-inch, grooved vinyl record format, the RCA VideoDisc.

It was a grooved, carbon-loaded PVC disc. The grooves were 48 times smaller than an LP groove, but they were still tracked with a diamond "needle"! That was possible because unlike an LP's zigzag grooves the CED's grooves were hills and dales. That difference also minimized groove wear, so the discs could be played hundreds of times. VHS and Beta tapes would wear out faster than that. The VideoDisc also had stereo soundtracks.… Read more

Firefox 11 to get add-on sync

Following the update to Firefox stable earlier this week, Mozilla released yesterday updates to its Aurora and Beta versions that introduce some pretty hefty changes for Firefox on PCs.

Firefox 11 beta (download for Windows | Mac | Linux) presages some hefty changes for the browser. The biggest one, which wasn't present in the Firefox 11 Aurora release, is add-on sync. You'll now be able to mirror the same add-on installations and settings across multiple desktops. Though Google Chrome has been able to sync add-ons for some time, its implementation has been notably uneven, so it'll be interesting to … Read more

Get an extra 4.5GB of Dropbox storage for free

Dropbox rolled out a beta version of the popular file-sharing service a while back that allowed users to automatically upload photos to their Dropbox accounts.

Following the recent release of the latest beta, Dropbox is now giving beta testers the chance to earn up to 4.5GB of additional space in their Dropbox accounts. Here's a brief rundown of how it works.

To get the additional space, you need to download and install the latest beta build from the Dropbox forums. Make sure to create a backup of your Dropbox folder before installing the beta. The easiest way to … Read more

Microsoft launches Office 15 as technical preview

Microsoft is already testing the waters with the next version of its popular Office suite.

Office 15 officially made its debut as a technical preview yesterday, available to a small number of early testers who will provide feedback that can influence the final release.

And though the technical preview program is already full, a beta of the new Office suite will surface for everyone to play with later in the summer.

A Microsoft blog posted yesterday by PJ Hough, corporate vice president of the Microsoft Office Division, spilled very few beans about the new suite codenamed Office 15. And those … Read more

Steam escapes onto iOS and Android

First it was Microsoft to release an Xbox Live companion app onto the App Store, and now Valve is following suit with a similar piece of software--the Steam app--though it seems to be much more functional than Microsoft's.

The app allows users on the platform to keep in touch with their Steam friends via Steam Chat and also provides access to the entire Steam store. Like the Xbox Live app, players can browse their friends list and see who is online and playing what.

Of course the Steam app doesn't deliver mobile games to iOS and … Read more

iOS 5.1 to bring Facebook integration to your iDevice?

After iOS 5 was released alongside the iPhone 4S this past fall, Twitter accounts grew by more than 25 percent, largely because of its integrated place in Apple's mobile operating system.

Now, according to tech site iMore, iOS 5.1 could bring a similar integration for Facebook.

Not that Facebook really needs more users.

But, it should come as a nice addition to iOS for those of us who already use Facebook. It's unclear exactly how integrated Facebook might actually be, but iMore shows a look at the iOS 5.1 beta 3 Contacts app that has an … Read more

Synology NAS OS 4.0 gone beta, Cloud Station revealed

LAS VEGAS -- Synology, the makers of the most robust and feature-rich NAS servers on the market, now looks to the sky, too.

Despite the fact that by the end of 2011, most NAS vendors used the "Cloud" designation for certain features of their products , Synology has refused to use it for its NAS servers which in fact have many Internet-based features. The company changed its mind today at CES 2012.

It showed off that the show the latest build of its Linux-based operating system for its DiskStation NAS servers, called Disk Station Manager (DSM). Version 3.2Read more

Apple gives devs third iOS 5.1 beta, adds 3G toggle

While most of the electronics world has its eyes peeled on the happenings at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, Apple quietly released another version of iOS 5.1 to developers.

The software, which is the third such beta of iOS 5.1, hit Apple's developer site earlier today.

Among the changes is the addition of the 3G toggle for iPhone 4S users, a feature spotted by Macrumors, which was not present when the phone shipped. This meant users did not have the option to turn off the faster data tier to conserve battery life. While Apple never explained … Read more