Is RAID storage living on borrowed time?

The basic idea of RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) storage is combining multiple small, cheap disk drives into an array of disk drives (appearing to the computer as a single logical storage unit) that yields performance exceeding that of a SLED (Single Large Expensive Drive).

RAID offers many advantages over the use of single hard disks, including higher data security, fault tolerance, improved availability, and integrated capacity.

That said, RAID was invented more than 30 years ago and simply wasn't designed to work in the terabyte system world that is commonplace today. In fact, RAID is clearly beyond … Read more

Seagate's Replica makes backup copy of entire PC

Seagate's new Replica drives are designed to do one thing and do it simply: back up your entire Windows PC. They literally make a replica of your system, operating system and all.

The Replica comes in two configurations. The entry-level $130 Replica (250GB) is geared to single PC backup, while the $200 version (500GB) comes with a dock and is capable of backing up multiple PCs.

We have the multi-PC model in our labs now and we're putting it through its paces. There isn't much to test because all the Replica does is make a copy of … Read more

Give your DVR a storage boost

Ever since I wrote about Apricorn's DVR Xpander, I've received many e-mails from readers asking about a similar unit for their TiVos. Today I have the answer.

Western Digital announced Wednesday its TiVo-verified My DVR Expander, which offers up to 1TB of storage capacity. The unit is designed to work with TiVo Series 3 and TiVo HD digital video recorders. Apart from TiVo, it has also been tested to work with Scientific Atlanta's Explorer 8300 series DVRs, which includes the 8300, 8300 HD, 8300 MR, and 8300 HD-MR models.

The new expander allows you to instantly and … Read more

Soonr goes 3.0: Revamps search, iPhone version

Soonr is releasing the third version of its service Wednesday with a redesigned Web site and updated iPhone application that brings more of its desktop functionality to mobile users.

On the desktop side, the site has been rearranged to put all of Soonr's collaborative features in one place. Things like past file edits, user comments, and permissions control are now in the same place. And you can quickly create a project and start adding files to it on your own, or with collaborators who will be alerted each time there's a new file, user comment, or a change.… Read more

Is coal technology the key to climate regulations?

LAGUNA, NIGUEL, Calif.--What do you get when you put the CEO of a coal-dependent utility on stage with two environmental advocates to discuss whether coal can be clean? A surprisingly civil discussion with more than just straight "pro" and "con" positions.

The CEO of American Electric Power, Michael Morris, spoke on the same panel with Michael Brune, the executive director of the Rainforest Action Network, and David Hawkins, the director of climate programs at the Environmental Defense Council on Tuesday at the Fortune Brainstorm Green conference here.

AEP is the second-largest electricity generator in the … Read more

Western Digital goes greener with new enterprise hard drive

Western Digital has been using its GreenPower technology in most of its consumer-grade hard drives, including those in the My Book World Edition NAS server and the My Book Mirror Edition external hard drive.

The company turned its hard drives' green levels up a notch on Monday with the new WD RE4-GP hard drive. The drive is designed to work best for data center and digital video production facilities.

According to Western Digital, these are the two applications where a big number of hard drives are used and therefore would show a significant improvement in energy savings.

The WD RE4-GP … Read more

Expand your kitchen counter

The kitchen is the one room in the house that benefits most from organization. When you're cooking in high gear, grabbing ingredients and utensils at a fast pace, you find the things you need and move on to the next step. A break in the chain can cause the whole recipe to collapse. To that end, we outfit our kitchens with gadgets and appliances designed to suit our needs. However in order to accomplish anything in the kitchen we must first have the space to work.

The Catskill Cuisine Cart Deluxe with Back-Splash and Galley is a perfect example … Read more

Too complex

Secret Explorer wants to help you be more secure and find the information stored in Internet Explorer such as auto-complete data. However, this program sinks upon first opening, possibly encouraging users to look elsewhere for help.

This trial version, which only allows you to use the first two letters of a password, directly tells users in its Help menu that those used to Internet Explorer will find Secret Explorer familiar. We have been using Internet Explorer for years and discovered no similarities from the start. Secret Explorer opens up with a small Help screen that's so full of jargon … Read more

Easy backups for Mac: Backblaze

Just about everyone who works with a computer knows they should perform regular backups, but only a very small percentage actually do. While people's intentions are good, most simply think backing up their computer is too much trouble or software is too complex to figure out. Unfortunately, when the big crash finally does occur or a laptop is stolen, for example, the resulting loss of important data has us pulling our hair out wondering why we didn't take the plunge on backup software.

Today, a front-runner in backup software on Windows machines released a strong backup solution for … Read more