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Find a silver screen near you

When the mood for a movie strikes you, launch Movies by Flixster on your BlackBerry. Powered by, this film entertainment discovery app can pull down all the info you need to pick a showtime and theater in the U.S., U.K., and Canada. There are film ratings, show length, peer reviews, and previews you can download over the air if your Wi-Fi connection is good. The app can also tap into your phone's location-awareness to find theaters nearby. In addition to displaying movies yet to be released on the silver screen, Flixster's app keeps you … Read more

Get a Sony Blu-ray player for $99.99 shipped

I hope this goes without saying by now, but under no circumstances should you spend more than $100 on a Blu-ray player.

I mean, for months we've seen no-frills and lame-brand models selling for $99 or less. And now you can pick up a Sony BDP-S360 with BD-Live for $99.99 shipped (plus sales tax in most states).

(Note: The $99.99 price will appear once you get to the checkout. First commenter to tell me the product page shows $119.99 gets a virtual noogie.)

It's a refurb, meaning the warranty expires after 90 days. If that … Read more

The 404 Podcast 479: Where we pick our poison

It feels good to let the poison out every once in a while, so today's episode of CNET's The 404 Podcast is all about human vices, starting with a story about a controversial secret love scene in Dragon Age: Origins between two gay elves. While conservatives are up in arms about the cut scene, Wilson and Jeff stand by the Mature rating and hold parents responsible for making the final buying decision, but I have to play devil's advocate and ask why it's necessary to have sex scenes in video games in the first place; are there really gamers out there actually getting a kick out of seeing it, or is it just creating more trouble than it's worth?

While we're on the subject of nerds, World of Warcraft players are rejoicing at Blizzard's "ever-expanding line of merchandise" that now includes customized posters featuring your in-game WoW character. It's called Print Warcraft, and it's already so popular that the Web site is apologizing for its overloaded servers. We have a few problems with the idea of the service, so be sure to listen to the whole episode for our breakdown.

The last vice of the day might change the way you party on the weekends: a researcher in Russia has found a way to solidify your favorite liquors into pill form. Evgeny Moskalev of the Saint Petersburg Technological University has figured out how to turn alcohol into powder and pack the concentration into a "dry pill." We seriously doubt party animals in Russia will be able to measure out the exact vodka dosage needed to get blotto, but we'll raise our pill box to it anyway.

We've also got two new user submitted theme songs thanks to PA Stubbs and David, and DON'T FORGET! It's not to late to enter for a chance to win one of ten Otterbox cases for your iPhone 3G or 3GS. All you have to do is leave a comment on yesterday's episode and wait to see if you win! The contest runs until noon tomorrow, December 4, so don't forget!

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Ready, set, write!

Scrivener is an excellent, idiosyncratic app for creating and managing complex writing projects, whether you're trying to write a novel, play, TV show, or magazine feature. No simple word processor, Scrivener is a full authoring tool, using a metaphorical "three-ring binder" interface that helps you organize draft text and research documents into a simple system for writing, revising, and rearranging text.

While the basics of Scrivener's interface are intuitive--the system of folders, documents, and index cards on a virtual corkboard--you'll need to invest some time and effort to fully understand all of its features, including … Read more

Versatile online media viewer

Readon Free TV and Radio Player is a basic program that gives users access to a large number of international television and radio stations. It's nothing fancy, but it does contain links to a staggering amount of content.

The program's interface is simple, with its content types--TV, radio, movies on demand, and live sports--arranged in four tabs. TV and radio stations are organized alphabetically by country and genre, and drop-down menus allow users to filter results. Users simply click on the content that they want to access, and it plays either within the player itself or in the … Read more

iPhone app rounds up free Redbox rental codes

Good news for fans of Redbox movie-rental kiosks: the new Redbox app (free) lets you browse and reserve movies and find the kiosk nearest you. Cool.

Better news for Redbox fans: the new Red Box Free Rental Promo Codes app (from third-party developer Neese) means you may never have to pay for another movie.

The app aggregates codes from around the Internet and various promo mailings, updating them every 12 hours so you're sure to have the latest and greatest.

When you get to the Redbox checkout screen, just tap "Rent with a Promo Code," then type … Read more

Rotate vertical videos using iMovie '09 or Quicktime Pro 7

Learn a quick and simple way to rotate videos you have taken vertically using Apple's iMovie '09 or Quicktime Pro 7. Users should be aware that Quicktime Pro 7 is a $29.99 upgrade to Apple's Quicktime Player software that enables you to convert your videos to different formats, export versions of your video for sharing, and edit your masterpiece. iMovie '09 is a more robust video editing package that comes standard with any new Mac.… Read more

For a silver screen near you

This heavily redacted version of Movies, one of the first movie apps available for iPhone and iPod Touch, displays titles, tickets, and showtimes for current and upcoming movies and DVDs, populated by Flixster. A much improved interface and better media integration lets you tap any entry to view a host of information and listings times. Flixster's movie app downloads previews, displays reviews (and lets you add your own), and even lets you buy tickets from the app. Video preview quality is fair-to-decent (you can improve it in the Settings,) but attempting to download the preview without 3G or Wi-Fi … Read more

'Jurassic Park' kid cast as Facebook co-founder

This isn't particularly Earth-shattering news, but it's sort of hilarious.

Dustin Moskovitz, one of Facebook's co-founders and its head of engineering until he left last year, will be played by the little boy from "Jurassic Park" in the tell-all flick "The Social Network."

According to details in the Internet Movie Database, the role of Moskovitz has been filled by Joseph Mazzello, the actor best known for playing Timmy, the skinny 8-year-old who fell out of trees, nearly got electrocuted, and narrowly escaped getting eaten by all kinds of meany dinosaurs in the 1993 … Read more

NASA signs 'The Rock' to make it seem cool

Perhaps space travel has become old. Perhaps people have come to take it for granted. It's been seen in so many movies. So many space shuttles have taken off and returned to Earth that we think little more of them than we do of jumbo jets.

NASA therefore has to use its imagination to persuade tomorrow's generations that space travel continues to be a large step for man.

One small step in this process is a new public service annoucnement featuring that fearsome space creature, "The Rock." Dwayne Johnson himself, a man who has appeared in … Read more