Time.com brings news to BlackBerry

Time.com news content has never been farther away on a BlackBerry phone than a good RSS reader like Viigo. On Monday, Time launched its own reader, for the brand's content alone. Time.com for BlackBerry is a free, ad-supported application that mimics Time.com's Web experience, albeit through a wisely pared-down interface.

The graphics-rich application shines in Time's signature carmine hue. Buttons along the top strip navigate to top stories, popular stories, lists (including 50 Essential Travel Tips and 10 Big Recession Surprises), and photo galleries. Keep scrolling to the right to pick up a fifth, … Read more

Gadgettes 147: The It's About Time Episode

Jasmine France joins us as we cover a slew of unreadable watches, clocks and bulletproof watch winding safes. She also shows off her insane ability to read the faces of watches that no one else can decipher.

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Samsung claims its watch is world's slimmest

LG Watch Phone clears FCC

Turning a Power Mac G3 into a wall clock (Thanks, Nicholas!)

Pong clock (Thanks, Jon!)

Continue Time clock

Digital black-and-white clock is a milestone in minimalism

The Twilight WatchRead more

Oracle to buy GoldenGate Software

Oracle announced Thursday that it's buying San Francisco-based GoldenGate Software, a provider of real-time integration software, for an undisclosed amount.

The enterprise software giant said GoldenGate's technology will help boost Oracle customers' ability to make decisions based on timely information from multiple sources. "The combination of GoldenGate and Oracle is expected to create a comprehensive heterogeneous data integration platform," Oracle said in a statement.

GoldenGate and Oracle, which have been partners for more than a decade, will continue to operate independently until the deal closes.

"With the addition of GoldenGate, Oracle expects to help our … Read more

Pity the poor carriers? I think not

Apparently, wireless carriers like Verizon Wireless aren't feeling a lot of love at the moment. Not only does it have to deal with its ever restless customers, but also it is under fire from members of Congress and rural operators who claim that the major carriers' exclusivity deals hinder competition and innovation.

Though Verizon has agreed to shorten the exclusivity deals to six months, rural carriers like Cellular South still aren't pleased. So now, Verizon is taking its case directly to the American public. On Thursday, the carrier released a letter that its CEO and President Lowell McAdam had posted to The New York Times.

In a classic case of "it's never about what it's about," McAdam doesn't mention carrier exclusivity; rather, he argues that the big, nasty carriers really aren't so big and nasty after all. He also invites government officials and the media to rely on facts when reporting on the industry.… Read more

The 404 388: Where there's a Tesla coil in the room

Somehow we make it past the wild Tesla coil in the room to bring you an awesome (if not kind of late) show! Today we show you how to self-destruct your private data, discuss how 3D is totally lame, and why we think Jon Stewart should run for president.

Sorry for starting late today, live listeners! I think today's show made up for the tardiness, and it all starts with Little Big Planet celebrating one million user-created levels. Since the game's popular release, a level is created every 21 seconds or so, on average, which means that if you were to play all of the levels it would take 5 years to finish them all, and that's only if you're playing 24 hours a day. Wild!

I'm also very excited (big surprise!) about the rerelease of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game, dubbed TMNT: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled. Who can forget that classic side-scrolling beat-em-up? I logged so many hours at the local nickel arcade next to my house just sitting there with my friends feeding nickels into that machine. Those were always my favorites kinds of games, and there used to be so many titles, too, including Streets of Rage, Final Fight, Simpsons, and Sunset Riders! Ahh, the old days when you actually had to go to an arcade to play a video game...

We also complain about the recent upsurge of all things 3D and how even YouTube is jumping on the bandwagon, offering users the capability to display their 3D videos in multiple formats. Later on in the second half, we analyze Jon Stewart's role as America's Most Trusted Newscaster, according to an online poll by Time Magazine. Should we be scared that America is relying on a comedian to report the daily news? We're not questioning Stewart's credibility here--he's clearly a smart man--but we're wondering how Comedy Central will leverage such a powerful figure.

OK, I have to bring up the Wikipedia page one more time and then I'll shut up: after a brief recess following yesterday's announcement, the page is now in Wiki-limbo. We need users and 404-supportive Wikipedians to populate the page with more details about the show, the hosts, references, guests, etc...since we can't do it ourselves (no, really, we can't), feel free to insert our appearance on "Fox Strategy Room" as well as other blogs on the Internet that mention The 404, even if it's your own! Anything helps, but please remember not to edit the redirection page; only edit the content at the existing address. Thanks, everyone!

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Enjoy your Kindle at night with the e-Luminator2

Kindle fans, it's time for some nighttime reading.

M-Edge Accessories announced Tuesday its second-generation e-Luminator2 booklight for the Amazon Kindle. This is a sleek-looking, versatile light that's designed to go along with M-Edge's existing line of protective jackets for the e-reader.

The new accessory features a 3-inch-long support arm, a pivoting battery housing, a flexible steel neck, and a housing for the light. The support arm slides behind the Kindle into a specially designed pocket built into the back cover of most M-Edge jackets. The flexible neck can then be positioned at the user's discretion to provide full-screen illumination.… Read more

Embedded Linux company boasts 1-second boot

The race to faster boot times is on.

MontaVista, an embedded Linux company based in Santa Clara, Calif., said Tuesday its latest system is able to boot in one second and released a video that shows a vehicle dashboard system going from cold boot into a "fully operational" state in that time.

The one-second timing may not be directly translatable to a desktop Linux OS environment, however, because booting a full-fledged OS requires additional drivers and processes to be launched.

Intel's Netbook Linux OS, Moblin, is also eyeing fast boot times. The chipmaker recently partnered with Phoenix … Read more

Comcast VOD service signs first major broadcast partner

Comcast continues to sign up media partners to a trial program of the cable operator's On Demand Online service.

The service, which will make TV shows available for users to watch online, has signed 17 cable stations and has its first major broadcast network: CBS, parent company of CNET News, the cable operator said Tuesday. Comcast had previously signed Time Warner and Liberty Media's Starz.

Peter Kafka over at All Things Digital first reported last month that Comcast was wooing CBS.

Comcast's service comes at a time when mainstream consumers are catching on to the amount of … Read more

Report: TMZ breaks up with AOL ad sales

It's like a splashy celebrity drama: according to PaidContent, AOL subsidiary TMZ.com will no longer use AOL to sell its ads and instead will be taking those operations in-house. Television ads will be handled through Telepictures, the Time Warner division that teamed up with AOL to launch TMZ in the first place.

The reasoning, according to PaidContent, is that the Hollywood news and gossip site--which was the first to break the news of Michael Jackson's death--has simply gotten too big for AOL's Platform-A technology. TMZ has been one of AOL's foremost success stories of late, … Read more

Rumor redux: Apple Netbook coming in October?

We get a lot of e-mails from folks asking us when to expect a Netbook from Apple. Let's make something absolutely clear: despite all the previous rumors, we have no idea if, or when, such a product will exist. But we will let report to you when a new (or recycled) rumor pops in the blogsphere.

The latest: the Mandarin-language publication Chinese Times is reporting that Apple will release a Netbook in October. We tend to put a question mark on our rumor headlines, but there doesn't seem to be any question mark in the reporting here--at least … Read more