Can Yang dance with the heavyweight champ?

If Jerry Yang and Yahoo really get into a hostile takeover fight with Steve Ballmer and Microsoft, my money's on the big guy from Redmond.

The first time I met Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, I was running on two hours sleep from a nasty bout of food poisoning. Now if you've ever met Ballmer, a big, garrulous man with a booming voice and meaty hands that always seem to be waving in the air, you'd know he's not the kind of guy you want to be interviewing in a weakened state.

I'm trying to imagine … Read more

Buzz Out Loud 697: Men behaving badly

In the news today, men are scamming and being scammed online, Jerry Yang (Yahoo) and Steve Ballmer (Microsoft) are getting nasty (in a legal-sounding way), the official Craigslist blog calls the unofficial Craigslist blog a deceptive text-ad-runner, and we ladies are just over here in the corner being nice to each other. Er, except the ones with the AVPR1a gene. Listen now: Download today's podcast EPISODE 697

Yahoo versus Microsoft: Thanks for the letter Steve; Now give us more money or get lost yahoo__sets_reply_to_microsoft_attack_105424.htmRead more

Gartner lays odds on Microsoft in ads over Google in enterprise

Microsoft can give Google a better fight in online ads than Google can compete against Redmond in enterprise software, a Gartner analyst concludes in a new research report.

In one corner is Microsoft, the leader in enterprise software and PC-centric applications. Microsoft's eye is on the prize--a bigger slice of the $75 billion in online ad revenue that is forecast by 2011.

Microsoft is looking for growth after failing to see big payoffs from investments in areas like mobile, games, and online services, says David Mitchell Smith, Gartner research vice president and fellow, who authored the "Google vs. … Read more

Yahoo's shifting objections to a Microsoft deal

In case you missed it, Yahoo's objection to Microsoft has shifted from the philosophical to the financial.

For the most part, the letter, signed by CEO Jerry Yang and Chairman Roy Bostock sent on Monday to Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer, repeated Yahoo's past confidence in their business and independent future.

However, the most important message contained in the letter is that Yahoo is willing to sell at the right price.

The two sides are still far away on that matter, however. Microsoft has said it is sticking by its original offer, which has actually declined in value … Read more

Yahoo to Microsoft: Price must be right

Below is the edited text of a letter sent by Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang and Chairman Roy Bostock to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on Monday.

Dear Steve:

Our board has reviewed your most recent letter with regard to the unsolicited proposal you made to acquire Yahoo on January 31, 2008.

Our board carefully considered your unsolicited proposal, unanimously concluded that it was not in the best interests of Yahoo and our stockholders, and rejected it publicly on February 11, 2008.

Our board cited Yahoo's global brand, large worldwide audience, significant recent investments in advertising platforms and future growth prospects, … Read more

Yahoo says Microsoft offer still 'undervalues' company

Updated from the top Monday 6:10 AM PDT by Dawn Kawamoto, who also added a short update note at the bottom at 2:30 PM PDT.

Yahoo on Monday responded to Microsoft's merger deadline, reiterating its rejection to the software giant's unsolicited buyout bid as "substantially" undervaluing the company.

"As a result of the decrease in your own stock price, the value of your proposal today is significantly lower than it was when you made your initial proposal," Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang and Chairman Roy Bostock wrote in a letter to Microsoft CEO … Read more

New Outlook add-on cuts through the inbox clutter

Keeping your e-mail organized isn't a full-time job; it just seems like it is.

I gave up trying to clear out my Outlook inbox years ago. I rely on the program's search features, which are improved in Outlook 2007, though finding specific messages is still a challenge. That's why I jumped at the chance to try out the beta version of Xobni (pronounced "ZOB-nee"), a new program that sifts your messages automatically and provides insight about your relationship to the sender. It's an invitation-only download for now, so you have to request that a … Read more

Report: Yahoo directors hash over Microsoft's merger deadline

Yahoo's board of directors on Sunday reportedly hashed over Microsoft's three-week deadline to close its mega-merger bid, according to a report in the Financial Times

The report did not note whether the directors would authorize the Internet pioneer to engage in formal negotiations with Microsoft. (On Sunday evening, The Wall Street Journal reported that Yahoo on Monday would issue a rebuttal to the new deadline.)

Microsoft launched an unsolicited bid for Yahoo on Feb. 1, in a deal initially valued at $31 a share. But Yahoo rejected the offer as undervaluing the company.

And while Yahoo's investors … Read more

Microsoft gives Yahoo three weeks to do a deal

Updated at 6 p.m. PDT with comments from an institutional investor.

Microsoft on Saturday issued an ultimatum to Yahoo, giving the Internet search pioneer three weeks to enter formal merger negotiations and conclude a deal.

The software giant threatened to launch a proxy fight to unseat Yahoo's board of directors, as well as take its case straight to Yahoo investors should no deal be reached in that period.

And as a further cattle prod in getting a deal consummated, Microsoft threatened to lower its existing bid, citing how Yahoo's value will be hurt if it needs to … Read more

Miami tries to bridge its digital divide

MIAMI--In the basement of a Catholic church, a woman loudly shouts the word "three," and a chorus of seniors repeats the word several times as part of their regular English lessons. A few yards a way, a small flea market features a display of clothes and other items. But next door to the flea market is the crown jewel of the Gesu Senior Center: its computer lab.

What began last year with only a couple computers in a corner, now consists of two enclosed rooms packed with PCs. This past Friday, about thirty Spanish-speaking seniors learned how to … Read more