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Windows 8.1 to let you secure folders with your fingerprint

Windows 8.1 will have a couple of tricks up its sleeve for people who use fingerprint readers.

One of Monday's sessions at Microsoft's TechEd conference highlighted the support that Windows 8.1 will offer for fingerprint recognition, as described by The Verge. Prior versions of Windows handled fingerprint readers through third-party software. But Windows 8.1 will be the first edition of Windows to natively support the technology.

Users will be able to log into their PCs via a Microsoft Account, purchase apps, and open different programs with a swipe of the finger. They'll even be … Read more

Coming to Feedly reader: Speed, search, Windows 8 support

Feedly, the feed reader whose developers are trying to pick up where Google Reader left off, announced Monday that the service will get faster, work on Windows 8, and function without a browser extension.

The Web service, also available as an app for iOS and Android, lets people read Web sites via their RSS and Atom feeds. It's a technology that's popular among those with voracious information appetites, but it hasn't made it to the mainstream. In March Google announced that it's killing its Google Reader site on July 1.

Google's table scraps are a … Read more

Amazon Kindle reportedly destined for China on June 7

Amazon may finally open up shop for its Kindle devices in China.

Citing information from "multiple sources," blog site Sina Tech said today that the Kindle Fire tablet and Kindle e-readers will officially launch in China on June 7. Amazon will reportedly sell the devices through Chinese online retailer Suning.

The Kindle Fire HD (either the 7-inch or 8.9-inch version) will sell for 1400 to 1500 yuan ($228 to $244), while the Kindle Paperwhite Wi-Fi e-reader will go for 849 yuan ($138), according to Sina Tech.

Amazon has slowly been moving into the Chinese market. Last December, … Read more

Apple's iOS could get a makeover

CNET Update isn't ready for change:

In this episode of Update:

- Say goodbye to shiny icons when iOS 7 gets a major redesign.

- Find a phone bargain this Memorial Day weekend at retailers like Best Buy.

- Gripe about the latest report over Xbox One restrictions for used games.

- Prepare for an extra charge on your monthly AT&T wireless bill.

- Give your RSS feeds a new home next month when Digg Reader launches.

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Digg Reader officially named, on track for June launch

Digg's long-awaited Google Reader alternative finally has a name.

The new platform will be known as Digg Reader, said CEO Andrew McLaughlin while speaking at Internet Week New York earlier this week. Rather than act as a separate app, the program will be incorporated into Digg.

"Users will have one download, which is Digg, and the current Digg will have added onto it reader capabilities," McLaughlin said, according to The Next Web, which was in attendance at the event.

Digg Reader, which was announced following Google's decision to abandon its own Reader service, is essentially an … Read more

Review: OpenOffice Document Reader lets you scan, but not edit

OpenOffice Document Reader lets you view all sorts of Office documents without paying one red cent. It won't work for everyone and is loaded down with ads, but it's still near the top as far as Office readers go.

OpenOffice Document Reader is just a reader app, so you won't be able to edit any of the files it works with. OpenOffice Document Reader displays text and HTML just fine. If it doesn't work with your file, it briefly displays it on a cloud server so you can read it. The reader slides animated ads into … Read more

Review: QR Code Reader is less effective than its competitors

QR Code Reader is a basic application that allows the user to read QR codes and take action depending on the information stored in them. There are many good applications available that are capable of this function, but this one doesn't seem to be one of them.

Once QR Code Reader has been downloaded it opens quite sluggishly. On the Samsung Galaxy Nexus it took 15 seconds to open the application. For such a small application this delay seems unexplainable. The user interface features no controls. It simply displays a viewfinder window that must be lined up with the … Read more

Google Reader: Get your feeds and data out alive

Google Reader will soon be closing its virtual doors. In a move that shocked the Web, Google's SVP Urs Hölzle announced on March 13 that, despite the RSS service's "loyal following," the company would "retire" Google Reader on July 1. More than any of the other 69 products that Google has killed over the past two years, Google Reader's demise has shaken a longtime community that depends heavily on the service.

Foofaraw and conspiracy theories (about why Reader was killed) aside, if you use the service and want to save any … Read more

Digg to release Google Reader replacement beta in June

Digg surveyed thousand of people to find out what features they want in its upcoming RSS reader in preparation for a June beta launch, the company said in a blog post Tuesday.

"Our beta release in June will be just the beginning, a product built with experimentation in mind by a team eager to work with you to build something you love," the Digg blog reads.

This means Digg will start testing its RSS reader, which will probably be a subscription service, just a month before Google Reader shuts down.

This round of user feedback, gathered from over … Read more

PowerPoint Reader 1.05 Review

If your phone is your go-to business gadget, you absolutely need a way to view PowerPoint presentations. PowerPoint Reader lets you read them, but you won't be able to watch them as a slideshow. You can't make any edits or changes to them either.

Before you can actually read documents with PowerPoint Reader, the app has to convert them to PDF. That means you can't view the animated slideshow, transitions, or annotations. PDFs are usually larger than the original documents, as well. Make sure you have space on your phone before you convert. Annoyingly, the app drops … Read more