Digg rolls out 'very much a beta' RSS reader

Digg is opening up its RSS reader to users who have signed up for early access, the site said in a post on its blog early this morning.

As planned, it's rolling out days before the timer runs out on Google Reader. Google announced in March that it would shut down its RSS reader on July 1.

Digg is making no pretensions that this is something put together quickly in time for Google's exit.

"We want to reiterate that this is very much a beta release," the post said. "Our focus over the past 3 … Read more

AOL Reader is a solid offering for RSS fans, but there's not much new here (hands-on)

The new AOL Reader is now in beta and open to the public, and while it may not be a perfect replacement for Google Reader, it has a nice layout and a strong tool set for quickly scanning and organizing your RSS feeds. At this time, AOL Reader is Web browser-only (with plans for app-based versions in the works), but it can detect your mobile devices and give you a mobile-friendly experience.

To sign up, you can connect via Twitter, Facebook, Google, or your old AOL account (does anyone still have one of these?). Once logged in, AOL Reader prompts … Read more

Facebook reportedly working on mobile news-delivery service

Like with Twitter, Facebook users often share breaking news with their friends on the network. But now the social-networking giant is reportedly looking to add a homegrown news-delivery service to its mobile offerings.

The company has been working on a service internally dubbed Reader that would display content from Facebook users and other publishers in a new visual format tailored for mobile devices, people familiar with the project tell The Wall Street Journal. The project, which has been in the works for more than a year, reportedly resembles Flipboard, the popular news-reading app that aggregates content from multiple sources.

A … Read more

Get a Kobo Mini e-reader for $39.99

This is an update of a deal I wrote about back in February.

With tablet prices dipping below $150 and even $100, it's no surprise to see e-reader prices in free-fall. So why not scoop one up and enjoy the benefits of an eye-friendly screen, ultra-light design, amazing battery life, and distraction-free reading?

And here's one of the best deals I've seen yet: For a limited time, you can get the Kobo Mini e-reader for $39.99, plus $8 for shipping. That's $20 less than the last time I wrote about it and $30 less than … Read more

Feedly upgrades site to prep for Google Reader's demise

Feedly has completed its next wave of Web site upgrades designed to serve as a spiffy, new welcome mat for users of Google Reader, which is shutting down.

Existing users of the Feedly news aggregator and those migrating from Google Reader will now find a refreshed site compatible with all major browsers, Feedly said in a blog post Wednesday. The overhauled site adds support for Internet Explorer and Opera and boasts a new interface that doesn't require plug-ins or browser extensions.

In line with its new cloud, Feedly is no longer shackled to Google. Previously, the site depended on Google Reader's servers for its back-end technology. … Read more

Star Apps: 'The Heat' director Paul Feig

The hilarious, new buddy movie "The Heat" stars Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy as Special Agent Sarah Ashburn and Det. Shannon Mullins, respectively -- two fiercely independent crime fighters who must first forge their own connection and learn to respect and trust each other's abilities if they are ever to connect the dots on a major case. caught up with the film's director, Paul Feig -- best known for directing the Oscar-nominated "Bridesmaids," co-producing the TV series "Freaks and Geeks," and playing science teacher Mr. Eugene Pool on "Sabrina, … Read more

Digg Reader launching June 26

Digg will start rolling out its new RSS service next week with all users having access by June 26, the site announced in a blog post on Monday.

The first version of the reader -- which lets users import feeds and folders straight from the soon-to-be defunct Google Reader -- will have basic functions, along with a tool that allows users to push what they think are the most important stories to the top. Digg promises to add more over the next few months.

Google announced in March that it would sunset its RSS reader on July 1.

Digg said … Read more

Feedly starts weaning itself from Google Reader servers

Less than three weeks before Google Reader shuts down, a top alternative called Feedly has begun switching the foundation of its RSS-reading service off Google's technology and onto its own servers.

Feedly released a new iOS app Tuesday that is "Now powered by the Feedly cloud," according to the app description. "Let's all wish a happy retirement to Google Reader."

Feedly got its start as a new interface to Google Reader, a service that lets people subscribe to Web site updates using the RSS and Atom technologies. But in March Google announced it's axing Google Reader on July 1, … Read more

Amazon Kindle debuts in China

The Amazon Kindle has officially landed in China.

On Friday, both the Kindle Fire HD tablet and the Kindle Paperwhite e-reader popped up for sale on Amazon's Chinese Web site. The Fire HD tablet costs 1,499 yuan ($244) for the 16GB version and 1,799 yuan ($293) for the 32GB version, while the Paperwhite e-reader costs 849 yuan ($138).

The Kindle devices will also be sold locally through Suning and Tesco Shi, two retail chains in China, according to Chinese news site Sina Tech. Chinese consumers will be able to find the Kindles at stores in Beijing, Shanghai, … Read more

Windows 8.1 to let you secure folders with your fingerprint

Windows 8.1 will have a couple of tricks up its sleeve for people who use fingerprint readers.

One of Monday's sessions at Microsoft's TechEd conference highlighted the support that Windows 8.1 will offer for fingerprint recognition, as described by The Verge. Prior versions of Windows handled fingerprint readers through third-party software. But Windows 8.1 will be the first edition of Windows to natively support the technology.

Users will be able to log into their PCs via a Microsoft Account, purchase apps, and open different programs with a swipe of the finger. They'll even be … Read more