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Vevo on Chromecast, one dongle closer to world domination (Q&A)

Vevo, an MTV for the Internet age, is just getting started.

It now reels in 5 billion video views a month -- imagine the entire US population sitting down to stream Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball." Fifteen times over.

Vevo is in 13 countries, and it's on multiple platforms like Android and Samsung smart TVs -- and it just added one more.

On Tuesday, Vevo joined a short list of online entertainment ventures on Chromecast.

Since Google introduced its $35 HDMI dongle (read CNET's review) to easily fling Internet content onto televisions, Chromecast's life has been … Read more

Wake up to your favorite music with Pandora's new alarm clock

Waking up to the loud beeping of an alarm clock is no way to start a day, particularly if you regularly hit the snooze button and repeat the process once or twice before rolling out of bed. Pandora offers a better way. The free Pandora Radio app for iOS just received an update that introduces a new design for iOS 7 along with a long-awaited alarm clock feature.

To set the alarm, tap on the menu button in the upper-right corner when viewing the Now Playing screen. At the bottom of the menu you'll see a new line for … Read more

How to enable SD card support for offline Google Play Music

Yesterday's update of Google Play Music for Android (v5.3.1316M) added external SD card support for offline music. Users who have an Android device with an SD card slot will now be able free up their device's internal storage by saving offline music files onto an external card.

The feature is only available on KitKat for now, with "experimental support on some older devices." If you have one of those devices, such as the Galaxy S4, here's how to change the offline storage location to your external card:

Go to Google Play Music's … Read more

Xbox Music taps into Gracenote to tag your tunes

Xbox Music users now can identify their music and listen to it across different PCs and mobile devices courtesy of Gracenote.

Buying a $10-per-month Xbox Music Pass entitles you to tap into the new service, which can identify albums and songs you already own and unlock your music online. All of your music can be unlocked, including songs bought through Amazon or Apple as well as those ripped from your CDs.

Gracenote, which is owned by Sony, also lets you edit the metadata for your Xbox Music collection and add missing album art. Finally, you can stream your tunes to … Read more

Rumor Has It: Watch out Spotify, YouTube is coming for you

Samsung rumors run rampant in this week's episode.

First, insiders are predicting that a "lite" version of the giant Note 3 could be released early next year. And, not even a year after the Samsung Galaxy S4 dropped, Sammy could already be gearing up to release the Galaxy S5. And this time, it might have a more-premium feel.

The biggest news this week, though, is the rumor that YouTube is working on a subscription-based service called "Music Pass." Imagine ad-free YouTubing. Sounds good to me.

Thanks for watching!

Heard a tech rumor you think we … Read more

Get eight free holiday songs from Apple

I'm almost exclusively a Johnny Mathis and Bing Crosby guy when it comes to holiday music, but if your tastes are more eclectic than mine, you may enjoy Apple's holiday gift of a free, eight-song playlist.

You'll find Apple's offer in the Apple Store app -- not to be confused with the App Store -- for the iPhone (but, oddly, not in the Apple Store iPad app.) From the Holiday tab, scroll down to the Holiday Cheer menu item. Tap on it and then tap the Download button, at which point you'll get kicked over … Read more

YouTube's music service said to be delayed until next year

Music fans will apparently have to wait until next year to finally give YouTube's much-rumored streaming music service a spin.

Originally expected to debut this past summer, the launch of the subscription service was reportedly pushed back to the end of the year. Now it appears the service won't appear until the first quarter of 2014, people described as familiar with the company's plans tell AllThingsD.

Although not yet officially announced by Google, the music service is said to resemble the platform employed by Spotify but with videos. And, like Pandora, it's said to have both … Read more

Spotify: We've paid out $1 billion in royalties since launch

Spotify has launched a new Web site in an effort to make its business model more transparent to artists and other music professionals. Along the way, the company also announced interesting details on just how much cash it doles out.

According to Spotify, its new site is designed to provide additional insight into its operation through the use of data and business analysis. As part of that, Spotify said on Monday that it has issued $1 billion in royalties since its inception in 2009. At this time last year, its total royalty payout was at $500 million, meaning during 2013 … Read more

Rdio changes leadership tune, naming new CEO

After trimming staff last month to save money, online subscription music service Rdio has named Anthony Bay -- a former Amazon, Microsoft and Apple exec -- as chief executive.

Bay will succeed longtime CEO Drew Larner, who will become vice chairman and an adviser to the board, Rdio said Tuesday in its announcement.

The streaming segment is the music industry's area of greatest growth, but it's intensely competitive, and Rdio has been going up against rivals that beat it either in global reach, like Spotify; in profitability, like Slacker; or in pure size, like Pandora.

Rdio didn't … Read more

Google Glass gets official Play Music app

Google released an official version of its Play Music app for Google Glass on Monday.

The app, announced in a Google+ post by Glass engineer Stephen Lau, follows two November Glass announcements: that there will be branded and pricey Google Glass earbuds, and the public availability of the Google Glass Development Kit preview. The GDK let developers build apps that use more of Glass's hardware features than before.

Glass owners who previously had sideloaded the Google Play Music app Music2.apk are advised to uninstall it before installing the official Glassware version. Otherwise, the official app will not install. … Read more