CNET's 3D TV Buying Guide

To help you, prospective TV shopper, get a handle on 3D terminology and determine whether it's something you should care about, we've put together this handy guide. We think it's a worthwhile read for any TV shopper, even those who have already decided they don't care about 3D at all.

The guide comes in four easy-to-digest courses.

What is 3D TV and why should I care?: Whether you consider it a gimmick or a breakthrough on par with high-def itself, 3D TV is here to stay. Here's an overview of the technology and a few … Read more

How to track your favorite TV shows

When you can't make it home for every episode, or two shows you like are on at the same time, digital recorders can catch every moment for later viewing. However, if you're watching a lot of shows, it's hard to keep track of what's airing each night. So how about an easier way to see what shows are coming up and which ones are already in your queue for watching? Here's how to turn your Google Calendar or Reader into a personal TV guide:

Getting started

Step 1: Create an account at and … Read more

Google offers up a guide to antitrust hearing

As Google executive chairman and former CEO Eric Schmidt prepares for a hearing later today with the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee's antitrust subcommittee, the search company is offering up a guide for folks to peruse when they hear the charges leveled against it.

The guide, which includes seven items, tells readers what they will hear, and then explains to them what they should "remember" after hearing it. For example, Google says that when folks hear that it "is a gateway to the Web and controls what people see," the search firm wants them to … Read more

5 Android apps for mobile apartment searching

Say goodbye to the days of scouring through newspaper classifieds or even being tethered to your computer when seeking a new place to rent. Now you can use Android apps to help you look for apartments and other housing rentals, no matter where you are or where you'd like to look.

From prices to pictures, everything you need to know about a perspective rental is at your fingertips. You can view lists of the available properties for rent, or even interactive maps that show you their exact locations. One of these apps even generates an entire inquiry e-mail for … Read more

CNET's summer gaming guide

It's no secret that the summer months are markedly scarce in terms of worthy, must-play video game titles. But just because the weather is a bit nicer doesn't necessarily mean that gaming must take a back seat. Regardless of consoles owned, there's likely something for everyone this summer.

Xbox 360: Xbox 360 owners have been lucky enough to be rewarded with what Microsoft now calls its Summer of Arcade. It's a group of download-only titles (averaging around $15) that get heavy promotion on the Xbox 360's dashboard, but have also proved themselves worthy of MS Points in the past. For instance, last year's Limbo not only won the hearts of gamers and critics alike, but took the 9 spot in our annual top 10 games of the year list.

This year's Summer of Arcade has already hit the ground running, starting off with last week's addictive action-RPG, Bastion. We demoed the game live on CNET TV's preGame show.… Read more

Buzz Out Loud 1495: Lytro: the "magic camera" that's blown our minds (Podcast)

On today's show, we fall in love with Lytro, the game-changing photo technology that we can't wait to get our hands on. Get in line, geeks. Also, will Yahoo buy Hulu? And can we call it Ya-Hulu if they do-do? Plus, Apple scores the broadest patent ever, which makes us wonder if the patent office is even trying anymore, and Shazam is coming to your TV.

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This Day in Tech: Microsoft loses patent case, Hulk Hogan at E3

Too busy to keep up with the tech news? Here are some of the more interesting stories from CNET for Thursday, June 9.

Daily cost of a 'promoted trend' on Twitter: $120,000 Cost of buying space in Twittersphere zeitgeist is up more than 400 percent. More

Hulk Hogan at E3 2011 (Video featuring Brian Tong) Hulkamania runs wild at E3 2011. Brian Tong flexes with the wrestling legend to talk pythons, pistols, and toothpicks. More

Microsoft loses patent case at Supreme Court Software giant loses legal battle with a small Canadian company in a decision today that will cost … Read more

Swing your sabers! Today is Geek Pride Day

Despite the fact that I have crashed computers since I was 8, know more people online than in real life, and have knifed four people consecutively in Battlefield, I have somehow managed to miss out on the fact that today, May 25, is annual Geek Pride Day.

No more, however. When I found out about this hallowed day of geekery today, I immediately went and put on my Boba Fett/Empire Strikes Back T-shirt and listened to the original movie soundtrack in a 320Kbps MP3.

Why is May 25 the chosen date? Well, a few critical events happen to fall on this day:

May 25, 1977: Star Wars opened in 32 theaters and became an instant cult-classic. May 25, 2001: Two weeks after "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" author Douglas Adams died, fans commemorated his passing by creating " Towel Day," playing off an amusing life-saving reference in his famous book. A special day for Discworld fans. According to the Discworld & Pratchett Wiki, "The People's Revolution of the Glorious Twenty-Fifth of May ended the increasingly tough reign of Lord Winder."… Read more

Makeup app(licator)

Beauty Guide Lite is a free tool that lets you practice applying makeup to images of faces, even your own. It's basically a slimmed-down graphics editor with brushes and palettes optimized for cosmetics. You can undo, save, and print; sample and alter colors; smudge, lighten, and darken; and flip and rotate images. The software supplies faces to practice on, but you can upload your own images, too, and not just pictures of your own face but also friends, family members, even celebrities and historical figures. It's great for teaching young people how to apply makeup, and it gives … Read more

11 iPhone tips for total novices

My very own mom just joined the ranks of iPhone owners. (Welcome to the party, Mom!) Much as I was excited to show her all the cool stuff (FaceTime! Apps! Visual voice mail!), I quickly realized she needed to walk before she could run.

In other words, she needed a course in Basic iPhone Operation. After all, she was accustomed to a simple flip phone with a physical keypad. Going from that to an iPhone is like trading a car for a 747: confusing, intimidating, and no doubt a little scary.

With that in mind, I put together this list of 11 tips for iPhone newcomers. If they seem overly obvious to you, well, you're not the target audience. But I'll bet you know someone who is, so feel free to share this with the iPhone newbies in your life. Trust me: they'll thank you!

1. When in doubt, go Home. Want to go back to the main screen, the one with all the icons? That's called the Home screen. It doesn't matter which app you're using or task you're performing--a single press of the Home button (the only physical button on the front of the iPhone) will return you to the Home screen.

2. Always turn your iPhone off before you slip it into your pocket.Although your iPhone will switch itself into idle mode (where the screen turns off but the phone stays on) after a designated period of inactivity, you should get in the habit of manually turning off the screen. Otherwise you might accidentally place a call or run a battery-draining app while slipping the phone into your pocket. So remember: when you're done using your iPhone, press the top button (aka, the Sleep/Wake button).… Read more