Review: WhatsGoLa Free lets you create image overlays and superimpose them

WhatsGoLa Free is a photo editing program that lets you superimpose one photo on top of another, giving you more options for what you can create. Use your own photos, take one through the app, or use WhatsGoLa's camera to take photos from places all over the world. Then, combine that backdrop with another image to create a new fantasy photo. With WhatsGoLa Free, you can imagine yourself anywhere in the world and make a photo of it.

The interface of this app is a bit clunky and redundant, and the tutorials that show up are helpful but complicated. … Read more

Review: Photo Editor Free - Image Editor, Photo Filter, Effect, Foto Editor and Pic Editor is highly useful

Photo Editor Free provides multiple tools and filters so you can adjust your photos, add finishing touches, and then share them. With this app, you can choose an existing photo from your library or take one directly from the app, and access all the tools you need to turn your photo into a masterpiece through the streamlined interface.

There are no tutorials or Help files available for this app, but the controls are well-labeled and intuitive, so you really won't need any guidance. When you open the app for the first time, there's a sample photo already loaded … Read more

Review: Photo Video Locker Vault Free gives you a secure place to store private photos

Photo Video Locker Vault Free creates hidden albums so you can store your private photos and videos securely on your phone. With this app, you can control who has access to certain photos, and no one even has to know your hidden photos are there because opening the app just brings up a basic weather program. If you know how to find the secret entrance, though, you can then enter your passcode to access your photos.

The first time you open Photo Video Locker Vault Free, a brief tutorial pops up to give you a basic walkthrough of the app'… Read more

Price war cuts roaming fees for French mobile customers

Three French carriers -- Orange, Bouygues, and Iliad's Free Mobile -- have begun competing for customers by cutting the roaming fees that can spook travelers and tourists from using mobile phones when abroad.

The price war is good news for people in Europe, where a fragmented mobile-network market means it's common to worry about the extra costs for making calls and downloading data while traveling outside one's home country. But it's likely the carriers aren't just motivated by the urge to woo customers: they're also likely angling for a better bargaining position for talks … Read more

Review: Free Flash Card Maker helps you create custom sets of flashcards

Free Flash Card Maker streamlines the process of making and printing out physical flashcards on any topic and in any format you want. With this app, you don't have to worry about writing everything out by hand in order to have flashcards on paper to take with you wherever you go. And Free Flash Card Maker even includes folding and cutting guidelines, so you'll wind up with a set of standardized cards when you're done.

The interface of this app is straightforward and streamlined. As soon as you open it up, you're ready to start adding … Read more

Review: Free Virtual Keyboard creates a keyboard with numeric keypad for touchscreen devices

Free Virtual Keyboard creates a full keyboard with a numeric keypad on the screen of your computer or tablet. While this app is designed for use on a touchscreen device, it also works on a desktop and is clickable with the mouse. It has a nice, low-key design, and a few customizable items mean you can make this keyboard match the rest of your desktop.

As soon as you download and install this app, you're ready to start using your virtual keyboard. It will stay on top of all open windows, so you can use it for anything, and … Read more

Review: Clean and tweak your Windows PC with Advanced Win Utilities Free

Advanced Win Utilities Free is a uniquely versatile Windows toolkit. It's easy to use for regular operations like shredding files or erasing Web browser tracks, as well as less frequent tasks like managing passwords, purging duplicates, joining files, or recovering deleted data. Advanced Win Utilities' roster includes broken shortcut and empty folder removers, driver backup, Registry cleaner, file shredder, startup manager, and uninstaller. It has extras that few other toolkits offer, such as an EXE resource extractor, file and program encryption, file and folder monitor, keylogger, auto clicker, and autoshutdown. There's even a Wi-Fi Hotspot Creator. Help includes … Read more

Review: Convert audio files to play on your device with Free Audio Converter 2014

In the crowded field of audio conversion tools, Free Audio Converter 2014 straddles the fence between ease of use and features. It's an approach that many users will no doubt want to try, especially those disappointed by stripped-down tools yet intimidated by the do-it-all software. It has the features we expect, like drag-and-drop and plenty of presets to make it easy to convert files to play on your phone or other devices, and it supports high-quality formats like Ogg Vorbis and FLAC.

Like the program, itself, Free Audio Converter 2014's user interface strikes a balance between ease of … Read more

Review: Convert zipped files to the RAR format with Free ZIP to RAR Converter

Mediafreeware's Free ZIP to RAR Converter is a great choice for users who want to convert zipped files into the RAR format with minimal fuss. It has few options and no Help file, but this program does one thing only: Convert files compressed in the standard ZIP format into WinRAR's proprietary RAR format. It's not only free but also fast and essentially foolproof.

Free ZIP to RAR's compact user interface is pared down to the essentials, and the program, itself, could hardly be easier to use: Browse to a zipped file you want to convert and … Read more

Free giveaway for 24 hours only: Soda PDF 6 Convert module

It's no soda pop, but I like that Soda PDF gives me the option to pick and choose only the features I want for my PDF software needs. Not only does this option allows me to install less, but it also saves me money because I can choose to purchase features on an as-needed basis.

Rated 5-stars by the editors, Soda PDF 6 allows you to open and print any PDF document, including comic books with page flipping motion, as well as create PDF from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, image, and 300+ file formats for free. In addition, you also … Read more