Firefox 23 nixes support for outdated blink HTML tag

Watch out, Web site owners: all of that blinking might need to go away soon.

Mozilla announced on Tuesday that Firefox 23, the latest version of its browser, will not support the HTML tag blink. The blink HTML tag allows Web site owners to make text start blinking. It was popular in the 1990s, but thankfully fell out of favor years ago after the world decided it was extremely, extremely annoying.

With Mozilla's decision, blink is all but dead. Google's Chrome, Apple's Safari, and Opera have all abandoned the tag, leaving it with precious few places to … Read more

Review: Firefox 23 brings more awesome to Android

Firefox for Android now introduces the "Awesome screen," a bookmark screen with direct links to saved pages not unlike the "Speed Dial" page or bookmarks page found in Opera and Chrome, respectively. Yes, you read that correctly..."Awesome screen."

A more notable upgrade is what Mozilla has done with the title bar, itself, as well as a new "Switch to Tab" function. The title bar will now attempt to automatically predict and fill in the URL of the site you're trying to reach, similar to the Omnibar functionality found in Chrome. … Read more

Review: Firefox 23 adds a mouth to share and eyes to see

Firefox 23 expands its social functionality by integrating a share button into the Firefox toolbar.

The new share button lets users post an interesting article to friends and family via profile, private message, or e-mail without having to leave the page. This is already complemented by a slew of recent feature add-ons in Firefox that include the ability to view your feeds, check status updates and activity, and chat with friends directly within the sidebar.

Developers are also given a few new toys to play with, notably the Network Monitor. The Network Monitor, a convenient, historical view of network activity … Read more

Firefox OS phones arrive in Latin America

After launching in Europe earlier this year, Firefox OS has now landed in Latin America.

Telefonica's local brands in Colombia and Venezuela started selling two Firefox OS phones on Thursday: the Alcatel OneTouch Fire and ZTE Open.

In Colombia, the devices cost 199,900 pesos ($105) on prepay or 99,900 pesos on a 12-month contract at 39,900 pesos per month. In Venezuela, the Fire is priced at VEF Bs 1,739 ($275) and the ZTE Open at Bs 1,159.

Thursday's launch sees the number of countries where Firefox OS devices are available rising to four, … Read more

Secure or delete saved passwords in Firefox

Managing passwords in Firefox is relatively easy, but doesn't afford you the same flexibility you'll find in Google Chrome. When you mistype a password in Chrome, you can easily open the password manager and adjust the typo. However, in Firefox, you only have the option to delete the saved password, and start anew.

One perk that you will find with Firefox is a master password to protect your sensitive data. Although this is just a small hurdle for someone who is determined to get your information, it's better than the zero security options you'll find for … Read more

Mozilla proposes Web tech for sharing personal interests

Mozilla has tangled with advertisers, for example making it harder for Web sites to use tracking files called cookies and supporting do-not-track effort to curtail online behavior tracking. But today, it announced an effort that could make advertisers happier.

The nonprofit organization announced an interface that Web sites could use to slurp up information about a user's interests. The idea is to let Web sites customize content and ads according to a user's behavior, but to keep the user in control over what gets shared rather than rely on today's online behavior tracking methods.

The Interests API … Read more

Geeksphone now selling Firefox OS to consumers with Peak+

Geeksphone on Thursday began taking preorders for its upcoming Peak+, a smartphone that marks the startup's expansion from earlier developer-oriented Firefox OS models to ones geared for consumers.

The Peak+, with a promotional preorder price of 149 euros ($197) while stock lasts, is a tweak to the earlier Peak model for developers. It's got 1GB of memory instead of 512MB, and its interior and internals have been updated for a polished finish and a better feel, the company said. The company will sell the model at an undisclosed but "slightly higher" price starting September 15, when … Read more

Automatically remove tracking tokens from URLs in Chrome, Firefox

Urchin Tracking Modules, or UTMs, are tracking tokens added to URLs. They are a tool used by Google Analytics to help calculate the unique number of clicks on a specific link, navigation choices on a Web site, and how much time is spent looking at it. The namesake comes from Urchin Software, a company Google acquired in 2005. Google Analytics borrows a great deal of its structure and features from Urchin 6.

To get started, you'll just need to install a copy of the respective add-on for your Web browser.

For Chrome:

Head to the Chrome Web Store entry … Read more

MaskMe guards your privacy like a vigilant angel

Who hasn't bought something online, only to receive a torrent of marketing spam that follows you around like a rabid puppy?

Abine's new MaskMe browser add-on and mobile app, debuting Monday, ensure that you can use the Web while avoiding the data stalkers by preventing you from giving out your contact info in the first place.

MaskMe is a freemium add-on for Firefox (download for Windows | download for Mac) and Chrome (download for Windows | download for Mac) that creates and manages dummy accounts for your e-mail address, phone number, credit card, and Web site log-ins. Upgrading gets you … Read more

Geeksphone to bring Firefox OS to consumer market with Peak+

Consumers who want a higher-end Firefox OS than the Alcatel One Touch Fire and ZTE Open that just went on sale soon will have an option: the Geeksphone Peak+.

Geeksphone, a small Spanish company, makes the higher-end Peak and the low-end Keon. Both are for developers who want to contribute to Mozilla's Firefox OS project or to make sure their Web apps will work on the browser-based operating system. On Monday, it announced it will sell a "new and improved" version of the Peak for consumers, too.

"After the success achieved by Keon and Peak Firefox … Read more