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Web security protocol HSTS wins proposed standard status

A Web security protocol designed to protect Internet users from Internet hijackings due to unencrypted Web sites has won approval as a proposed standard.

A steering group for the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) gave its blessing to a draft of HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS), an opt-in security enhancement in which Web sites prompt browsers to always interact over a secure connection.

Web browsers complying with the policy will automatically switch insecure links to a secure version of the site, using "https," without the Web surfer having to remember to type that in the URL bar.

HSTS … Read more

How to quickly create an encrypted archive in OS X

To make sending multiple files by e-mail or other means easier, Apple includes a quick Finder contextual menu option to zip a selection of files and folders into an archive, which not only will ensure that the files stay together, but can also greatly reduce their size for the file transfer. While convenient, Apple does not provide a means to encrypt or secure the contents of the ZIP archive with a password; however, there is a way to do this if needed.

To place a file or folder into a ZIP file that is encrypted, you will need to use … Read more

New utility nabs OS X keychain passwords

Yesterday a new open-source project was posted on GitHub that contains the source code for a utility to scour a Mac system's memory and list the entire contents of a targeted keychain. While this utility may raise some concern and its approach potentially be used for malicious activities, its abilities do not arise from a vulnerability in OS X.

The utility is a small C program called keychaindump that, with administrative privileges, will scan the system's active memory for the wrapper and master keys to unlock a targeted keychain file; however, the utility will work only on keychains … Read more

How to encrypt selected text in Evernote desktop

Evernote is a very popular productivity app that can be used on multiple platforms and devices. You can access your notes from nearly anywhere, which makes it an ideal app for storing information you need handy, like passwords, credit card numbers, and other private data. Evernote can secure that data by encrypting it from the Windows or Mac desktop client, using 64-bit encryption (RC2). Here's how:

Encrypting selected text From your Windows or Mac Evernote client, select the text you want to encrypt, then right-click on the text in Windows or command-click in OS X. When the shortcut menu … Read more

Apple adds encryption contextual menu options to Mountain Lion

A new feature that Apple has included in Mountain Lion offers a convenient way to encrypt secondary volumes on your Mac, making data security far more convenient.

Recently discovered by Mac OS X Hints contributor "kirkmc," if you right-click a nonboot volume in the Finder, the contextual menu that appears now contains an option to encrypt the disk. Selecting this will bring up a window requesting that you supply a password and a password hint for the drive, and upon doing this, the system will wait a short while (the length of which depends on the amount of … Read more

Create password-protected docs on Mac and iOS with Password Pad

If you'd like to keep some of your files from prying eyes, Password Pad lets you create text documents and protect them with either XOR encryption or Triple DES encryption and share them via e-mail, iCloud, Dropbox, or iTunes file sharing.

There are free and paid versions of Password Pad in the Mac App Store. Password Pad Lite is free and supports XOR encryption, which the app itself admits "might be easily cracked." The $4.99 Password Pad app supplies stronger Triple DES encryption. I tried out the Lite version because all I am trying to do … Read more

Add a locked Vault to your phone

NQ Mobile Vault is the simplest application I've seen for keeping text messages, call history, contacts, photos, and videos private on your mobile device. Celebrities, pay attention.

Basically, Vault creates an encrypted, password-protected space on your device, in which you can store photos, videos, text messages, and call history. It's easy to move items into and out of the space, and you can even permanently delete them, if you'd like.

Once you create your password, there are a few ways to start using Vault. First, within the app, you can pull up all of your messages and … Read more

Wickr -- an iPhone encryption app a 3-year-old can use

Encryption hasn't made it to mainstream consumers because it isn't always easy to use and because the person at the other end needs to be using it too. A new free iOS app called Wickr solves at least the first of those issues.

Wickr, which is available on the iTunes store beginning today, offers military-grade encryption for protecting text, photo, audio, and video messages.

All messages you send disappear within six days, unless you want them to self-destruct earlier than that. You can also set individual messages to autodestruct within a set period of time after the recipient … Read more

Hide and protect data with LockDisk

If you like the idea of storing sensitive data safely, securely, and away from prying eyes, you need to create an encrypted virtual disk on your hard drive. That's easier than it sounds, thanks to Klonsoft's LockDisk. This tool creates encrypted, password-protected, hidden volumes in your system. You can specify the size of your volume to make sure you have enough space for your stuff without wasting disk space. LockDisk works in 32-bit Windows editions. Some users may need to right-click the program's Start menu entry or executable file and select Run as Administrator to use LockDisk. … Read more

Code crackers break 923-bit encryption record

Before today no one thought it was possible to successfully break a 923-bit code. And even if it was possible, scientists estimated it would take thousands of years.

However, over 148 days and a couple of hours, using 21 computers, the code was cracked.

Working together, Fujitsu Laboratories, the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, and Kyushu University in Japan announced today that they broke the world record for cryptanalysis using next-generation cryptography.

"Despite numerous efforts to use and spread this cryptography at the development stage, it wasn't until this new way of approaching the problem was … Read more