Adobe Acrobat XI review

Developing and promoting PDF (Portable Document Format) files for over 20 years, Adobe Acrobat has constantly been feeling the pressure of raising the bar for its signature document-management software. Even after 11 versions, Adobe Acrobat XI shows that Adobe continues to advance the process for creating and managing PDF files.

For users who don't often handle or view PDF files, or fail to see the difference between PDF editors, creators, and word processors, here's the breakdown: Adobe Acrobat focuses on giving users control over formatting document features and design, whereas word processors focus primarily on the writing process … Read more

Apple now blocks older versions of Adobe's Flash player in Safari

Apple has tightened up security in its Safari Web browser following recent patches to Adobe's Flash technology.

As part of an update that went out yesterday, OS X will now block older and thus vulnerable versions of Flash, forcing users to update to the latest version if they wish to view Flash-based content. In order to block older versions of the software, Apple is using its Xprotect malware scanner, which is built into Mac OS X and can spot and quarantine known malware.

The move comes roughly a month after Apple began blocking older versions of Oracle-owned Java on … Read more

Photoshop touches down on some phones

In a lot of ways I agree with the sarcastic comment by "turrrible_turrrible" on my writeup of the Photoshop Touch for Phone announcement: "Every time I use Photoshop I wish it was on a much smaller screen with less features!" That (worded differently) was my initial reaction when briefed about the software, along with visions of my fat-fingeredness on the tablet version translating to utter frustration when trying to operate the program on a pint-size screen. Surprisingly, I experienced only a few of the expected frustrations, but still, some operations just don't translate well from … Read more

'MiniDuke' malware takes aim at Euro governments via Adobe

A new attack is targeting European governments through flaws exploited in Adobe's Reader software, according to security researchers.

Kaspersky Lab and CrySys Lab today detailed a new malicious program in the wild, called "MiniDuke," that has been attacking government entities and institutions across Europe. Government entities in the Ukraine, Portugal, Romania, and others have been targeted, according to the security researcher.

MiniDuke finds its way to infected computers through PDFs. The malicious hackers -- who Kaspersky believes might have been dormant for some time because of the technique's similarity to those from the late-1990s -- have … Read more

Adobe squeezes Photoshop down to phone size

It's taken the company a lot longer than I'd expected, but Adobe has finally rolled out a version of its tablet-based Photoshop Touch for even smaller screens, Photoshop Touch for phone.

The most surprising aspect is that it's a feature-identical version of the tablet software; I'm not sure we need such a complete editor on anything even as big as a Galaxy S3. But if you have a yen to composite up to 16 layers (or 3 layers at the maximum file size of 12 megapixels), you'll be able to do so on any Android (… Read more

Adobe issues emergency patch for zero-day Flash vulnerabilities

Adobe Systems released an emergency security update today that addresses a trio of vulnerabilities in Flash, two of which the company said were already being exploited by hackers.

Today's surprise update -- the company's third for the browser plug-in this month -- patches holes "that could cause a crash and potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system," Adobe said in a security bulletin.

"Adobe is aware of reports that CVE-2013-0643 and CVE-2013-0648 are being exploited in the wild in targeted attacks designed to trick the user into clicking a link which … Read more

Capture and share moments instantly with the sublime VideoBite from Adobe

In recent iterations of the iPhone, the camera has taken center stage, allowing users to record full HD videos on the fly, quickly and easily. The one thing missing from the experience, though, is the ability to just as quickly and easily edit and share those videos with friends and family. This is where Adobe enters the picture with its VideoBite app. Exactly as it sounds, VideoBite is designed to slice and dice your favorite videos (or record new ones) and share them with anyone through your Library or on Facebook. The interface is clean, smooth, and responsive, the app … Read more

How to change the built-in PDF viewer in Firefox

While Chrome has had an internal PDF viewer for a couple of years now, Mozilla only just added the feature to Firefox 19. It's a feature that most people will find convenient as is, but if you're looking to take some control over how Firefox handles PDF files on the Web, here's how:

PDF file handling options The Firefox PDF viewer is enabled by default and will display PDFs within the browser when you click on PDF links. If they don't, make sure you've disabled any PDF plug-ins you may have previously installed. If you … Read more

Adobe patches critical security flaws in Reader, Acrobat

Adobe has issued a patch to plug up critical security holes in its Reader and Acrobat software.

Released yesterday, the security updates address flaws that could cause the applications to crash and potentially let an attacker gain control of an infected computer. Adobe confirmed last week that the exploits have already led to some targeted attacks against vulnerable systems.

The patches are directed toward the following products and versions:

Adobe Reader XI (11.0.01 and earlier) for Windows and Macintosh Adobe Reader X (10.1.5 and earlier) for Windows and Macintosh Adobe Reader 9.5.3 and earlier … Read more

Adobe releases source code for 1990 version of Photoshop

How would you like to download a free and legal version of Photoshop?

Yep, free and legal. Better yet, it's an original -- as in the original version (1.0.1) that was released in 1990.

Via a special arrangement with Adobe Systems, the Computer History Museum announced in a blog post today that it has made available for download the entire 128,000 lines of source code for the first version of Photoshop: … Read more