2014: The year connected TVs go simple

At this year's Consumer Electronics Show, some TV makers are getting big props for a TV innovation -- simplicity -- that feels out of fashion at a confab that breathlessly idolizes bells and whistles.

Amid TVs that morph from flat to curved at the touch of a button and Ultra HD sets bigger than the standard American household door, TCL and Hisense announced they would integrate Roku streaming right into their televisions -- no box required. A bigger rival, LG, unveiled an operating system for its 2014 TVs, WebOS, that promises improved on-screen navigation by marrying simple on-screen "… Read more

Kaz Hirai on Sony's big 2014 plans: CEO talks online TV service, 4K TV, and wearables

LAS VEGAS -- "We're trying to bring a new experience to TV viewing, trying to combine live TV and access streamed content as well."

Read between the lines if you can, because Sony President and CEO Kaz Hirai wasn't dishing a lot of details on the just-announced streaming TV service he revealed during a CES keynote earlier today. But in a short roundtable discussion with a small group of journalists (including CNET) a few hours later, Hirai was clearly excited about the service that Sony promises will come to the US by the end of the … Read more

Televisions seen at CES 2014

LAS VEGAS -- Televisions have already made a huge splash at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. Samsung unveiled the world's largest curved UHD TV as well as an 85-inch bendable LED TV, while Sony promoted 4K resolution at an affordable price for everyone. Check out these unveilings and more in our video roundup. And continue to check back for more additions to our list as the show goes on!

CNET's TV reviewers talk the most notable screens of CES 2014 From curved LEDs to 120-inch behemoths to Chinese brands with Roku built in, our experts pick apart … Read more

Bendable TVs, smartwatches headline CES 2014

The Consumer Electronics Show has officially kicked off and CNET Update is covering the biggest stories each day from the convention in Las Vegas. And this time, not all of the buzz was about technology.

In this episode:

- Learn what mattered on Press Day at CES 2014.

- Check out the barrage of new 4K products, including Sony's televisions, camcorder and even a Lenovo monitor.

- Deck out your wrist with new health-trackers like the LG Lifeband Touch, the Razer Nabu, and Sony's Core. But the star of the wearables so far looks like the Pebble Steel. … Read more

Samsung teams with Amazon, Comcast, studios on 4K video

Amazon, as well as television and film studios, cable company Comcast, and pay-as-you-go digital movie and TV streaming service M-Go, have teamed up with Samsung to deliver 4K video.

The announcements were released to coincide with a Samsung press conference Monday in Las Vegas as part of the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show.

Amazon Instant Video said it was working with Samsung, as well as top Hollywood studios and TV programmers like Warner Bros., Lionsgate, 20th Century Fox, Discovery, and more to offer Amazon customers a premium 4K video experience.

Without providing many details, the e-commerce giant's announcement about broad … Read more

Samsung's big CES unveil highlights a connected home

Samsung CEO BK Yoon made the company's current mission clear at a CES press conference Monday: Samsung wants to take over your home.

Yoon said Samsung products will soon aid people in almost all aspects of their lives.

"Imagine getting a health check from your doctor through your TV. Imagine your family watching a TV show in the living room while you cook. This is streamed directly to a screen on your kitchen appliance. Imagine taking a call from your refrigerator without picking up your smartphone. These are all glimpses into the home of the future," Yoon … Read more

Samsung 7-series TV stays Smart, loses curve and dimming

Have your heart set on a non-4K resolution, non-curved Samsung LED LCD TV in 2014? You might have some tough choices to make.

The UNH7150 series -- available starting in April in 75, 65, 60, 55 and 46 inches -- is the company's highest end 2014 TV to lack both of those oh-so-trendy, and in our experience, oh-so-underwhelming, features. Unfortunately, it also lacks the kind of hardware-based local dimming that we liked so much on a couple of 2013 models we reviewed, like the UNF8000 series. Maybe Samsung will release a flat, 1080p resolution LED LCD TV this year … Read more

Entry-level 2014 Samsung Smart TV gets game, promises value

If previous years are any indication, Samsung will sell zillions of LED LCD TVs in 2014, and its models designated UN63-something-something will once again provide among the best value.

We really liked the combination of Smart TV excellence, decent picture and competitive prices found on last year's 6300 series, and the UNH6350 series promises more of the same.

Pricing has yet to be announced, but we do know the H6350 will first become available in March. It also offers more choices in size than any other TV series we've ever seen. Are you ready? OK: 75, 65, 60, … Read more

Samsung UNH6400: 2014's cheapest with touch pad remote

Samsung's slew of 2014 TVs at CES trickles from extremely high-end models with curved screens and 4K resolution, all the way down to models you might actually be able to afford. Like the UNH6400 series.

This line will hit the streets in March at 65, 60, 55, 50 and 48 inches. Pricing wasn't announced, but we expect it to be relatively easy to swallow.

Savvy buyers on a reasonable budget might be asking themselves how it compares to the step-up H7150 and step-down H6350 also announced at CES 2014. Since the picture-affecting features of the 7 and 6 … Read more

Samsung: We'll have new plasmas, just not at CES 2014

LAS VEGAS -- In the wake of Panasonic's decision to abandon plasma, CNET along with the rest of the videophile world was eagerly anticipating word of Samsung's plans for our favorite non-OLED display technology.

Unfortunately, we don't have any official announcements yet. Unlike LG, Samsung said it will not reveal any new plasma TVs at CES 2014.

On the other hand, Samsung assured me it will release new plasma TVs later in the year. I spoke to Dave Das, VP of Home Entertainment for Samsung, and he said the company was planning to release new models around … Read more