Office file fixer

Microsoft Office handles so much business that eventually two things are bound to happen: 1) critically important files will be corrupted or damaged, and 2) there will be no backup. You'll then have two choices: 1) panic, and 2) attempt to recover the file. That's where Advanced Office Repair (AOFR) from DataNumen comes in. It's an enterprise-class tool for recovering and repairing not only Word, Excel, Outlook, and Outlook Express files but also Access databases. It can repair files on damaged or corrupted media like floppies, Zip drives, and CD-ROMs and handle legacy files, including Access 95, … Read more

X1 marks the spot

X1 Professional Client is an enterprise-class desktop search application that indexes and searches more than 500 file types, including all major e-mail clients, as well as local and networked drives, folders, and files. It can find e-mail messages and attachments, system files and documents, appointments and calendar entries, contacts, and even pictures, music, and Web sites. It's suitable for corporate networks in both small and large companies, including excellent support, but it's not out of the range of individuals looking for a comprehensive desktop search option.

X1's interface looks like it means business, with the familiar Windows … Read more

IE9 arrives, but not for XP

Microsoft has taken the training wheels off of Internet Explorer 9, debuting a full-featured browser that has proven to be the fastest, most standards-compliant IE version yet. There's a catch, though: IE 9's not for Windows XP. You'll need Windows 7 or Vista if you want this browser.

And if you're a Microsoft Outlook user prone to rash e-mailing, you might want to check out ToneCheck from Lymbix. This e-mail sentiment analysis app monitors your e-mail's composing window for potential errors of tone, just as spell-check scans for errors of spelling or grammar.

Finally, for … Read more

Microsoft to make Outlook easier to touch

A Microsoft job posting has provided clues into Microsoft's strategy to make its Office Web applications more friendly to touch-screen devices.

A listing that went up over the weekend for a software development engineer touts some of the successes of Microsoft's Outlook Web App (OWA), saying it has "made a huge difference in the daily lives of millions of users all over the world" but that the company is looking for someone to take OWA to "the next level" with a "next generation" client. That client would be for both the desktop … Read more

Highlight messages sent only to you in Gmail, Outlook 2010

As your e-mail inbox fills up, it can be difficult to distinguish the important messages from the ones you can read later--if at all. One way to help identify personal e-mails from impersonal ones is by the number of recipients. By highlighting messages sent only to you, you're less likely to miss mail requiring your immediate attention.

Last November I described how to merge multiple e-mail accounts and organize them by using filters and labels. This can help shuttle less-important messages out of your inbox and into folders you can peruse at your leisure.

But not all the non-filtered … Read more

Fix for e-mailing from iPhoto '11 using Microsoft Outlook 2011

When Apple released the iPhoto '11 version 9.1.1 update, one of the included features was to allow Microsoft Outlook users to send photos via e-mail through that program. Apple has in the past supported the use of Entourage, but the new Outlook e-mail client has a few different protocols and features and needed specific support. Unfortunately even though iPhoto is supposed to send e-mails through Outlook, a number of people are finding the feature broken.

Luckily the problem is not with iPhoto's coding, which would require Apple to recompile the program, but instead is with a crude … Read more

Free Outlook add-on simplifies data export

Microsoft has done little to improve the import and export features in recent versions of Outlook. In fact, the program's Import and Export Wizard appears unchanged since at least Outlook 2003.

One change for the worse is that it takes several more clicks to reach the import/export function in Outlook 2010 than it does in earlier releases of the program. In older Outlook versions you simply clicked File > Import and Export to open the wizard, but in Outlook 2010, you must click File > Options > Advanced > Export.

You can save yourself a few clicks and … Read more

Outlook is easier with Subtextual Pro - $3.99 limited time offer

Subtextual makes your life easier by allowing you to compose private and secure messages to selected recipients in the To, Cc, or Bcc fields of your emails while simultaneously sending a message to a broader group. No plug-in is necessary for your recipients to view the subtextual messages and makes it an ideal tool for business users, who frequently send sensitive information in emails. For a limited time only, you can get Subtextual Pro for just $3.99.!

Some other features included in Subtextual Pro are:

Send and remove attachments to selected recipients only Assign follow-up tasks privately to Subtextual … Read more

Organize Outlook

E-mail organization is of personal interest to us--and we know we're not alone when it comes to having a structured inbox. Certainly, ClearContext was counting on that when it developed ClearContext Professional, a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook.

The goal of ClearContext Professional is to help you stay in control of your inbox by providing organizational tools and rules for e-mails, tasks, appointments, and projects. Adding it to Outlook tweaks the interface to accommodate the variety of features designed to streamline your processes and save time. Noticeable changes include the addition of a taskbar at the top of the screen … Read more

ClearContext attacks Outlook with an organizational bent

Editors' note: This article originally stated in error that ClearContext Professional was released this week. The content below has been updated to correct this mistake.

As evidenced by this article on NudgeMail, e-mail organization is of personal interest to me--and I know I'm not the only inbox control freak structured individual in existence. Certainly, ClearContext was counting on that when it developed ClearContext Professional, a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook.

The goal of ClearContext Professional is to help you stay in control of your inbox by providing organizational tools and rules for e-mails, tasks, appointments, and projects. Adding it to … Read more