Three privacy-focused browsers compared

Which is the safest browser? In terms of privacy, the answer may be Internet Explorer. According to NSS Labs' 2013 Browser Security Comparative Analysis: Privacy (PDF), Internet Explorer tops Firefox and Chrome by blocking most third-party cookies by default and offering a built-in tracking protection list.

In terms of security, the answer may be Firefox. When Mark Stockley of the Sophos Naked Security blog polled readers last September about which browser they considered the most secure, Firefox was the big winner, gleaning more than 50 percent of the votes, followed by Chrome with just under 27 percent and IE with … Read more

Get an extra month of Prime if Amazon misses a delivery deadline

If you are like me, you are spending more time this holiday season shopping from the warmth and comfort of your couch than trekking out to the mall. Amazon Prime is the chief reason I buy most of my gifts online, and yet I didn't know about Amazon's policy of extending my Prime membership if it delivers a package late.

Reddit user jeffnnc read the fine print about Amazon's Guaranteed Accelerated Delivery, where it says (in large print, ironically) that you may be eligible for a free one-month extension of Amazon Prime if your delivery date is … Read more

How to 'dislike' something on Facebook...Messenger

For years Facebook users have been asking for the ability to dislike a post on the social network. It only makes sense users would want to express disapproval for some of the posts they're subjected to. Up until now, Facebook hasn't provided an easy way to do this short of leaving a nasty comment.

Earlier this week, Facebook finally gave in and provided a method for users to show displeasure. But instead of providing a dislike button on status updates, Facebook has released a sticker pack for Facebook Messenger that includes a thumbs-down icon, as first reported by … Read more

How to migrate your free SugarSync account to another service

Last week, cloud-storage service SugarSync announced plans to stop offering free accounts and close all existing ones. That probably came as a shock to anyone who's enjoyed the company's 5GB of gratis file sharing, syncing, and backup.

Alas, as of February 8, 2014, you'll either have to pony up for a paid account or take your files elsewhere. Thankfully, if you decide to pursue the latter option, it shouldn't be too difficult to make the move. Here's everything you need to know.

Take inventory

The first step is to take a hard look at everything … Read more

How to switch to Outlook.com using the new Gmail import tool

Switching e-mail providers isn't always an easy affair, especially if you want to hold onto your old e-mail messages. And if you want to switch from Gmail, Google's use of labels instead of folders can throw another wrench into importing your messages.

In the past, moving your Gmail to Outlook.com required some manual steps and you'd lose your Gmail labels in the end. Now, Outlook.com has an import tool that walks you through importing your Gmail messages, and it even converts your Gmail labels to folders.

To use Outlook.com's Gmail import tool, click … Read more

How to delete and disable your Google location history

I had location history enabled for Google Maps and didn't know it. I found it interesting to see which spots Google logged for me over the past week or month, and I don't plan on disabling the service. It's nice to know, however, that I can delete portions of my location history or all of it, as well as disable the feature from tracking me in the future.

To see if you have location history enabled, head to the Google Maps Location history page. Click the gear-icon button to access History settings. Here, you can choose to … Read more

Christmas 2013 online shopping deadlines

If you haven't finished your Christmas shopping yet, it's time to get a move on. Many online retailers can still ship your last-minute tech gifts to you by Christmas, but the longer you wait, the more it'll cost you in shipping charges. We've put together a list of retailers and their deadlines so you can easily spot who you can order your gifts from.

These deadlines apply to the 48 contiguous US states only and on items that are in stock. Some retailers with physical stores may have last-minute in-store pickup options as well. Check out … Read more

Two ways to access Custom Google Maps on the Web

When Google starting offering a new version of Maps on the Web, many users thought it would deliver improvements on the current site. Unfortunately, many of the beloved features, like Custom Maps and multidestination directions, disappeared.

Back in July, the new interface became available to everyone who wanted to switch. But for those of us with custom maps, we weren't having any part of that new and featureless version! Fortunately, Google has been slowly rolling out some of the Classic Maps features you know and love, and now better access to Custom Maps is finally here.

Here … Read more

How to stop Gmail from displaying images by default

Gmail now displays images by default. No longer will you see emails arrive with the line at the top that says "Images are not displayed" with a link to display the included image or images. Google will now use its own proxy servers to serve images instead of sending them directly from an image's own external host server, which protects you from snooping eyes -- spammers, marketers, and other ne'er-do-wells -- who are attempting to gain information about you from an attached image and the server from which it came.

While a proxy server lets Google … Read more

How to watch YouTube videos on your TV

When the time comes to view that hot new YouTube video everyone's talking about, which would you rather do: gather around a laptop, tablet, or, horrors, smartphone, or kick back and enjoy it on your big-screen TV?

Thought so.

Although YouTube was built for Web browsers, it can easily find a home in your living room. All you need is the right gear. If you don't have a so-called smart TV that already has a YouTube channel, here's an overview of the various ways to watch all your favorite cat videos from the comfort of your couch.… Read more