Mac OS X

How to find by name in OS X

When you search for items in OS X, the default is to use the Spotlight menu that is located to the right of the menu bar. This will allow you to search for items by content and metadata, which the system keeps indexed for quick access. In addition to Spotlight, OS X includes a Finder search feature, which uses the same index as Spotlight, but gives you scope and filtering options to refine your search.

While convenient for most searches, the default uses of these options may clutter searches in which you are trying to find a file by a … Read more

How to e-mail Web pages in OS X

When browsing the Web, you may wish to share what you are viewing with a friend or colleague by sending him or her an e-mail that references the page you are on.

This is most commonly done by copying and pasting a URL link to the Web page in an e-mail message, which may suffice for most purposes. Sometimes, however, the contents of a page may change, so you may want to preserve it as-is. If so, then you have several options available to you in OS X's Mail and Safari (though not all options are exclusive to these … Read more

Add a full OS X Terminal to Google Chrome

Do you regularly access the OS X Terminal, and are you a Google Chrome user? If so, then you can tack on a small add-on to Chrome that will give you a fully fledged Terminal right in your browser.

OS X Daily recently had a neat hint where, as part of the Chrome developer tools, Google supplies a Terminal plug-in that gives you access to the BSD command line interface within the browser, allowing full access to the system as if you had opened up the Terminal program itself.

To install it, simply go to the DevTools Terminal application page … Read more

How to disable App Nap in OS X Mavericks

One of Apple's goals with its latest version of OS X is to preserve battery life for portable systems by implementing a number of features which automatically reduce energy usage. These features include App Nap, which tracks the programs and processes you have in the foreground, and "pauses" any which are hidden from view.

For example, if you enable the iTunes visualizer, but then move another window over iTunes so the visualizer is completely covered, then the visualizer will be paused so processing power is not unnecessarily dedicated to keeping it playing while not in view.

While … Read more

Apple issues Mail update for OS X Mavericks

Apple has issued an update for its Mail e-mail client program in OS X Mavericks. The update addresses a number of outstanding bugs that have been affecting users who have installed the new OS, specifically involving managing messages in Gmail accounts. In addition, the update fixes problems with inaccurate unread message counts.

This update is likely a welcome one for those experiencing these problems, but Apple does issue a few words of caution for those who are eager to install the update.

First, as with any software update, Apple recommends you make a full backup of your system, preferably using … Read more

OS X Mail not remembering iCloud passwords? Try this.

Apple's default e-mail client in OS X is its included Mail application, which offers integrated access to Apple's iCloud service and also supports third-party providers like Google and Yahoo, and the ability to set up custom IMAP and POP e-mail accounts.

If you have recently upgraded or updated your Mac, you may run into a situation in which Mail does not appear to store your password for your iCloud account and continually asks for you to enter it. This may happen after installing a new version of OS X, such as OS X Mavericks, or if you have … Read more

Troubleshooting enhanced dictation in OS X Mavericks

Apple's dictation service, introduced in OS X in 10.8.5, allows you to speak phrases and have the system enter them as text in supported text fields in most applications. This required you to be connected to the Internet so recordings of your voice could be sent to Apple's servers for the conversion process. This changed in Mavericks with the option to enable Enhanced Dictation, where the conversion tools are downloaded and run locally to give both continuous feedback and the ability to work offline.

In some instances, though, you may find the Enhanced dictation feature to … Read more

Apple to restore 'lost features' for iWork power users

Apple will add new features to its free version of iWork, following user complaints that many were missing in the software's latest release.

The company posted a notice on its site Wednesday that acknowledged the missing features, with a promise to incorporate them in upcoming releases over the next six months.

"In rewriting these applications, some features from iWork '09 were not available for the initial release," the post reads. "We plan to reintroduce some of these features in the next few releases and will continue to add brand-new features on an ongoing basis."

Apple … Read more

Google Drive crashing Finder in OS X Mavericks

After upgrading to OS X Mavericks, are the Finder windows and desktop in your account crashing repeatedly or does the system appear to switch applications randomly? If so, then Google's desktop client for its online Google Drive service may be to blame.

A number of users who have upgraded their systems to OS X Mavericks have found that when logging into their systems, the Finder process will no longer run stably. Instead it quits and relaunches repeatedly. This has been expressed on a number of Apple Support forum threads, including here, here, and here. When this happens, all Finder … Read more

How to see which apps drain the battery most in Mavericks

While efficient hardware and software can help preserve energy, the greatest drain on your laptop's battery will largely be the programs that you use. For instance, if you decide to encode a lengthy high-quality movie file, then you will ramp up all cores of your processor to their maximum, and even on a full charge, you will be left with a short amount of battery life available.

To help preserve battery life, in OS X Mavericks Apple has implemented features like App Nap to pause unused programs, and CPU timer coalescing to allow processors to maintain a lower average … Read more