Buzz Out Loud 1291: The Playboy app: it's just for the articles (podcast)

On today's show, you can finally tell people that you read Playboy for the articles ... and have it be the truth! At least if you shell out $5 for the Playboy iPad app. Also, Oracle sues Google over Android, and it doesn't look good for Google. Plus, the brewing Apple vs. BBC cage match. Our prediction: Apple wins. Apple always wins.

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Buzz Out Loud 1290: Android says, Talk to me, baby (podcast)

Google launches new voice control for Android. Apple breaks over-the-air Jailbreaking. Spock's coffin has us spinning in our graves. And also, Rafe needs a new TV. Yeah, it's kind of a slow news day.

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Back to school shopping doesn't always mean things you can hold in your hand. Downloads of all kinds are out there to make the student's life smarter, better, and cushier. And they run on a wider variety of devices than ever before. Brian Cooley runs down the hottest in the Top 5 device categories of back to school downloads.

For everything back to school related in tech this year, head over to CNET's Back to School 2011 guide.

Win the iOS World Cup

Witness Chop Chop Soccer, the fourth game in the series. It's little more than single-player soccer with three-man teams--but it's a blast. And we say that as someone who's not particularly fond of playing the actual game and can't stand to watch it. But we have to give proper credit to the gloriously vivid color palette, the perfectly timed crowd cheers (they groan after a near-miss and cheer wildly after a goal), the reasonably simple controls (more on that in a minute), and the fast-moving, indoor-soccer-style gameplay (which lets you bounce shots off invisible sideline walls).… Read more

Buzz Out Loud 1287: Giant Angry Earth Fart (podcast)

On today's show, we've discovered the secret of the Bermuda Triangle -- well, some scientists discovered it. We just call it a giant angry Earth fart, like the one that's apparently going to destroy us all. Oh, and also, soft-core porn, falsified expense reports, and a vengeful board. It's the HP Way!

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A children's 3D book for the iPad

Editors' take: With The Wrong Side of the Bed in 3D, children's book author-illustrator Wallace E. Keller founded See Here Studios, turned his own out-of-print title into an e-book, and gave it a 3D makeover. (Narration and musical accompaniment, too.) Any traditional red/cyan 3D glasses will do (you can order a pair from the publisher for $1), though don't expect "Avatar"-level imagery: the effect is fairly minimal. Do expect a cute little story (which can also be viewed in 2D) accompanied by lovely illustrations. The HD version of the app costs $2.99; iPhone … Read more

A treat from Disney and Pixar

Editors' take: Toy Story Read-Along is the model for how children's e-books should be done. This highly interactive app from Disney leverages the iPad's potential like few others. Not only does it read the story out loud, it also allows your child to record his or her voice and become the narrator. Each animated page features tap-to-play sound effects and character voices, and some can morph into coloring pages, complete with simple onscreen coloring tools. Songs, movie clips, and mini games round out the experience. Amazingly, the app is free (meaning it's a must-have), though Toy Story … Read more

Meet a giant in the clouds

Editors' take: The title Jack and the Beanstalk Children's Interactive Storybook for iPad says it all. The "interactive" part comes in the form of games, activities, hidden Easter eggs, and the like. Gorgeous artwork, read-along text, and a reasonable price tag of $3.99. What's not to like?

Down the rabbit hole

Editors' take: Alice for iPad is a lavishly illustrated 52-page abridgment of the classic tale, which incorporates animation like no other e-book to date. Readers can tilt the iPad to make Alice grow and shrink; shake it to watch the Mad Hatter's bobblehead bobble; and so on. The frantically paced demo video is a little over-the-top, but there's no question this is a showpiece iPad app. Thankfully, there's a free Lite version you can try before splurging on the $8.99 full version.

Is this the best iPad case?

A few of us here at CNET have been fiddling around with various iPad cases, trying to find ones to recommend to readers. I've been personally looking for cases that combine decent protection with the ability to prop your iPad up at various angles--and that includes placing the iPad in a portrait or landscape position.

While the JavoEdge Axis series isn't quite perfect, there's a lot to like about it. For starters, the model I tested, the Fiber Axis, has a clean, modern design that's eye-catching (it at least impressed editor Dan Ackerman, which is hard … Read more