JPEG creator

Office Convert All to Image Jpg Jpeg Free is a long, complicated title for a program that so quickly and easily converts files to JPEGs. With its simple layout and control, you don't have to like the program's name to like its results.

The program's interface consists of a single screen that lays out all the commands in a way novice and expert computer users will understand. By managing a few file trees and clicking a radio button or two, users will convert their files in a matter of seconds. An online Help file is available for … Read more

Fast picture editor

Image Resizer Powertoy for Windows XP provides resized images with a few simple button clicks. Users should not expect fancy graphics or tutorials, but instead will find an intuitive feature that makes sizing much simpler.

The program's interface is very easy. All commands are performed via clicking a radio button to choose the size. There are a few other options, but all are presented the same way. The program provides no Help file, but is so easy to operate we are confident people will not need it. Users simply find a photo that they want to resize and right-click … Read more

Frustrating wallpaper changer

EvJO Wallpaper Changer allows you to change your computer's wallpaper at set intervals, much as many similar programs do. Although the program has some features that we were initially excited about, we found it confusing and frustrating to use.

The program's interface looks intuitive, but nothing seems to function as it's supposed to. We attempted to scan our computer for photos to use, but the program can't support subdirectories, so we couldn't access photos that were contained in folders within folders. We were excited about the program's Flickr support--it seemed that we would be … Read more

Facebook apps that get the most out of pictures

There are currently more than 10 billion photos on Facebook. With so many images, Facebook's own photo management tools just don't do the job you might expect. Realizing that, I've found some great apps that will help you get more out of your pictures. You won't be disappointed.

Facebook photo tools

Photo Album Strip Photo Album Strip is a great app. After you install it on your profile, it will allow you to change the designations for your albums to anything you want. You can also change their colors, reduce the number of picture categories, or hide those that you don't want your friends to see. It's an extremely simple app, but it works well and it's one of the more convenient apps in this roundup. It's definitely worth trying out.

Photo Box Photo Box is similar to Flickr. It allows you to tag your photos and share those with friends. You can also arrange them based on the topic of the photos. But perhaps the most appealing aspect of Photo Box is that it tracks how many people have viewed your images. That should give you some insight into what your friends like. Overall, Photo Box is a pretty simple app, but it's worth trying out.… Read more

Canon unveils optical stabilizer improvements

In the first significant improvement Canon's made in its optical stabilization technology in a few years--I think the last major update was the SuperRange OIS in its camcorders--the company announced a new Hybrid IS technology that adds angular velocity sensing to its current bag of OIS tricks. While its IS system already has a sensor to detect rotation, the new velocity sensor is intended to detect the speed of rotation and thereby compensate more precisely. (Here's a simulation of how the current lenses work, and here's a nice PDF white paper on how angular velocity sensors work, … Read more

Knockout $299 speakers from Canada

PSB Speakers are on a roll. Sales are up, possibly because the Canadian manufacturer has completely redesigned one of its lines each year for the last three years. The company is adding new dealers, so it's easier than ever to find PSB Speakers in your town.

This year it's the mid-price Image series that was completely redesigned, with models ranging from the $299/pair Image B4 bookshelf speaker to the $1,199 T6 Tower speaker. There are eight models in all, including a bipole surround and two center-channel speakers.

Mr. PSB himself, Paul Barton, was in New York City last week to talk to the press about his latest designs. He told me he visits his factory in China six times a year, and personally supervises preproduction planning and testing to ensure his quality standards are met. A lot of audio companies build speakers in China, but few follow through to the extent PSB does.

Just as he has for decades, Barton continues to design and develop all of his speakers in Canada, at the National Research Council's facilities in Ottawa.

Barton demonstrated the tiny B4, midsize B5 bookshelf models and the large T6 towers with NAD electronics in a hotel room. The sound of all three was lively and clear, and sure, the larger ones produced more bass than the smaller ones. But honestly, my favorite was the smallest Image, the 9-inch-tall B4.… Read more

Ad-filled photo editing program

Falco Auto Image is a photo editing program with all the typical features and then some, but the accompanying advertising and data collection software make this program hard to love.

The software's interface is basic. We like that it contains a space for both the original image and the edited one; this allows for easy before-and-after comparisons. The editing tools are accessed through a series of check boxes and buttons that will seem fairly straightforward to experienced photo editors. Those who need explanations will find some guidance in the built-in Help file, but the information is very basic and … Read more

Basic image conversion

Image TIFF Jpeg Text to Pdf Converter led us to believe that this program converts image files, JPEGs, and TIFFs, as well as TXT files to PDFs. That is not the case. The program can convert JPEGs or TIFFs to PDFs, but does not support TXT files.

Image TIFF Jpeg Text to Pdf Converter's interface is bare bones but functional. The program does what it is set out to do, but there is no flair at all. The program allowed us to convert multiple files at a time, but produced a PDF of each file, rather than a PDF … Read more

Quick cropping program

Click 2 Crop provides users with a fast and easy way to resize any photo. While the primary action is fantastic, users may get overwhelmed with the special features--some necessary and some unnecessary.

The program's interface is initially very intuitive. Looking very similar to other photo-editing software, it should come natural to anyone with such experience. However, the wealth of command buttons along the top will require a quick trip to the Help file for definitions. Resizing a picture will feel instantly familiar to those who have seen and operated photo-editing software before. A box made from a dashed … Read more

Create photo presentations and race 4x4s off road: iPhone apps of the week

Last week I mentioned how long it took to sync my iPhone to iTunes and it seems I'm not alone. I think almost all Mac users reported that syncing only took a few minutes, but a lot of Windows users (with some exceptions) were having the same experience as me. Is Windows doing something to muck up the process or is syncing different across platforms? Hopefully, this is something Apple will look into in future updates.

Following your advice, and the advice of other iPhone forums, I restored my iPhone and then used my latest backup to get my … Read more