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Quick cropping program

Click 2 Crop provides users with a fast and easy way to resize any photo. While the primary action is fantastic, users may get overwhelmed with the special features--some necessary and some unnecessary.

The program's interface is initially very intuitive. Looking very similar to other photo-editing software, it should come natural to anyone with such experience. However, the wealth of command buttons along the top will require a quick trip to the Help file for definitions. Resizing a picture will feel instantly familiar to those who have seen and operated photo-editing software before. A box made from a dashed … Read more

Create photo presentations and race 4x4s off road: iPhone apps of the week

Last week I mentioned how long it took to sync my iPhone to iTunes and it seems I'm not alone. I think almost all Mac users reported that syncing only took a few minutes, but a lot of Windows users (with some exceptions) were having the same experience as me. Is Windows doing something to muck up the process or is syncing different across platforms? Hopefully, this is something Apple will look into in future updates.

Following your advice, and the advice of other iPhone forums, I restored my iPhone and then used my latest backup to get my … Read more

Google image search gets usage rights filtering

In an effort to keep people from incorrectly reusing or repurposing images found on its image search tool, Google has added new options that let users filter results by usage rights. Users can now filter photos by whether they're available for reuse, commercial reuse, reuse with modification, or commercial use with modification.

Google is including a variety of licensing methods including Creative Commons, GNU Free Documentation license, and items that are in the public domain. Its system for determining the rights on various shots is not foolproof though, and as such the company is recommending that those who are … Read more

MIT develops camera-like fabric

And you thought it was a problem when folks went into the locker room toting cell phones with cameras.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a fabric made of a mesh of light-sensitive fibers that collectively act like a rudimentary camera. The fibers, which each can detect two frequencies of light, produced signals that when amplified and processed by a computer reproduced an image of a smiley face near the mesh.

"This is the first time that anybody has demonstrated that a single plane of fibers, or 'fabric,' can collect images just like a camera but … Read more

Alternative Web browser

SeaMonkey provides users an alternative to more popular Web browsers. While not revolutionary, this program provides enough added features to make a fantastic difference.

Anyone familiar with online browsers like Firefox or Internet Explorer will find SeaMonkey instantly familiar. With its buttons and options organized like those of more popular programs, making the transition to this browser should be smooth. The program features an extensive Help file. Surfing our favorite Web sites was a breeze and was so much like the previously mentioned browsers that we questioned what was so special about SeaMonkey. Finding sites and opening new tabs was … Read more

Inexpensive file conversion

This handy program allows users to convert files from TIFFs to JPEGs, JPEGs to GIFs, and much more. Novices will find it simple and easy to use, but professional users will probably want more robust conversion features.

Image Converter's interface is minimal and most options are not difficult to find. Most of the programs features can be accessed from the top or right-hand menus. Though it allows the user to convert files from JPEG to GIF and the like, it would be much more useful to professional photographers and advanced amateurs if it had an option of converting RAW … Read more

Easy photo tool

Batch Picture Resizer helps you change the size of batches of snapshots, ranging in size from one picture to 1,000. With an easily managed layout and quick, effective results, this is a great tool for photographers.

Batch Picture Resizer holds your hand through its processing, laying out every step of the process clearly and intuitively. You should not need to take a trip to the Help file for direction, since the layout flows nicely and its functions are well defined. Resizing our photos happened quickly and easily. We selected a single shot or an entire folder and were ushered … Read more

Quick collage creator

Aleo Photo Collage Maker lets you organize pictures into interesting designs. This is a fun way to use your digital snapshots.

The program's interface was a breeze to navigate, thanks to its simple flow and obvious command icons. Most users can skip the step-by-step Help file, but it is available for those who need a little more direction. Creating collages was a simple process that focused on dragging and dropping photos. You select a template or create your own by inputting the dimensions and simply slip photos into the clearly labeled slots. Thumbnails of user photos are displayed after … Read more

Phase One to absorb high-end Kodak photo assets

A new tremor on Thursday traversed a photography world already shaken up by the arrival of digital technology as Phase One, a Copenhagen-based company that caters to professional photographers, announced a plan to acquire some high-end photography assets from Eastman Kodak.

To nobody's surprise, Kodak wound down its 35mm Kodachrome film product on Monday. In the rarefied realm of medium-format photography, where film sizes are much larger, and the demand for quality is much higher, the change to the digital era has been equally jarring.

Phase One, though, was digital from the outset, and it's become a force … Read more

Duplicate photo eliminator

PhotoSort provides users with a tool to sort through their photographs and eliminate any duplicates quickly and easily. Thanks to its professional layout and fast results, this is a great download for anyone looking to clear up space on their hard drive.

This program boasts a beautiful interface that functions so intuitively that any level of computer user should feel comfortable. The professional design utilizes colors and large icons to shepherd people through the process of comparing their snapshots and does so in a way that makes the program's Help file almost unnecessary. Finding and deleting duplicate photos only … Read more