Vulnerable to a DNS cache poisoning at home?

On Wednesday, an exploit code allowing someone to attack the domain name system (DNS) became available. No one has yet used the code, but the advice is simple: Patch. Now. While most of the burden is on the Domain Name System servers and the various systems that support them, the nature of the flaw is such that desktop clients also need to patch their software as well.

First, to determine whether your DNS system is vulnerable, use either of these tests:

Dan Kaminsky DNS Operations, Analysis, and Research Center

If the test returns a message similar to "Your name … Read more

WiiWare and Virtual Console releases for this week

This week brings us a pirate-based shooter and two Japanese imports for the Virtual Console. Virtual Console

Super Fantasy Zone (1992, Sega Genesis, 900 Wii points): Super Fantasy Zone puts you in the role of Opa-Opa as you try and avenge the recent death of your father. In this shooter, you'll rack up points to upgrade your weapons and equipment. Gley Lancer (1992, Sega Genesis, 900 Wii points): It's the year 2025 and you must help stop an alien uprising. In Gley Lancer you'll board a starfighter of the same name to help end the battle.

WiiWare … Read more

Online Armor Firewall: First Impressions

As I mentioned previously, based on a recommendation from Scot Finnie, I installed the Online Armor firewall on a couple Windows XP machines.* Scot recommended the paid version, I opted to get my feet wet with the free edition (v2.1.0.131). These are my first impressions, not a review. I don't think anyone can base a firewall review on merely a couple days experience, it's the sort of software you have to live with for a while.

My previous firewall was ZoneAlarm, whose best feature was its ease of use. Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, … Read more

Two recommended Windows firewalls

Finding a new firewall program has been on my to-do list for a long time. I was a long time fan of the free version of ZoneAlarm, but the upgrade from version 6 to 7 was a put-off. The file size increased tremendously (it's now 44.6MB) and the functionality hardly changed at all. That made me suspicious of what all that extra code was there for. Still, old habits die hard and I was used to it like an old pair gloves. But a few days ago, when a bug fix for Windows broke ZoneAlarm, and no other … Read more

ZoneAlarm updated after Microsoft's DNS patch

On Thursday, Check Point Software Technologies released updated versions of all its ZoneAlarm products, addressing an incompatibility with a patch Microsoft released earlier this week.

The fix requires ZoneAlarm users to download the latest version, 7.0.438.000, from its site. A reboot is required to complete installation.

Since Tuesday, ZoneAlarm customers have complained that access to the Internet was denied after installing MS08-037, a patch designed by Microsoft to correct a vulnerability in both the client and server Domain Name System packages within Windows. Earlier on Tuesday, a security researcher announced a massive, multi-vendor patch release to address … Read more

Some ZoneAlarm users in the dark after Microsoft patch

Check Point Software Technologies, maker of ZoneAlarm, on Wednesday said it is working with Microsoft to resolve an issue with one of the patches within the software maker's July 2008 Patch Tuesday release.

At issue is the Microsoft Update KB951748 (MS08-037) from Microsoft, which addresses the flaw in DNS made public on Tuesday by security researcher Dan Kaminsky.

For ZoneAlarm customers who have automatic update selected for Windows Updates, and whose ZoneAlarm Internet security level is set to "high," they will experience a loss of Internet connectivity upon reboot.

ZoneAlarm users without automatic update may wish to … Read more

First Look video: ZoneAlarm

Every computer user needs security software to keep him or her safe on the Web. Along with antispyware and antivirus programs, a good software firewall is a must-have to keep hackers away from your data. Firewalls also are useful for determining which programs are making contact with outside sources. If you're looking for a solid software firewall, look no further than ZoneAlarm .

For a quick rundown of how the ZoneAlarm firewall protects your computer, check out this First Look with CNET's Jason Parker.

ZoneAlarm virtualizes the desktop Internet browser

Recent attacks on legitimate Web sites may have left some end users vulnerable. But on Monday, Check Point Software Technologies released ZoneAlarm ForceField, which might provide some with the safe surfing protection they need.

ZoneAlarm ForceField sells for $29.95 (for a single user license) or $49.95 (for a three-user license) and currently works only with Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 2, and the Firebox 3 beta. In tests at CNET, ZoneAlarm ForceField did not work with Apple Safari for Windows or Opera 9. Installation doesn't require a reboot. When you open your Internet browser, the edges will be … Read more

Wii virtual console releases for this week

This week's Virtual Console releases feature a classic shoot-'em-up and the Sega Genesis sequel to Super Turrican.

Fantasy Zone (1986, Sega Master System, 500 Wii points): In Fantasy Zone, you'll take control of the Opa-Opa, a spaceship designed to take out enemy bases. Yes, that's the same Opa-Opa you've heard referenced in countless Sega games. Mega Turrican (1994, Sega Genesis, 500 Wii points): In Mega Turrican, you assume the role of Bren McGuire, a lone soldier who must face the evil Machine before it destroys the rest of the galaxy. This should hold you over … Read more

Killer Download: The Big Three free security applications

As users of the Internet we face security threats every day. Nefarious hackers (not all hackers), viruses, and spyware are rampant when online, and not taking precautions can mean lost data or even worse, identity theft. Frankly, if your computer is unprotected, you are rolling the dice every time you go online. Certainly many users already know this and are already using trusted software, or have other security measures in place to ensure safe surfing. This Killer Download is for those who don't or anyone who has questions regarding their safety online.

Whenever I get a new system or … Read more