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The 404 926: Where Siri ratted us out (podcast)

We didn't think it would take this long, but somebody finally exploited the iPhone 4S to catch a cheater using the new Find My Friend app on iOS 5.

The scary part of this story, though, is how easy it is to use GPS to lurk on your S.O. using Google Latitude or any one of these mobile spy apps.

In that same vein, today we're chatting about our favorite tech pranks along with the latest news headlines that include BlackBerry freebies, iPhone record breaking, cell phone bill shock, and a fishy story out of Sesame Street.

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The 404 925: Where Justin is a son of a beach (podcast)

Bridget Carey just got back from the launch of the iPhone 4S at the Apple store here in Manhattan, so we pull her into the studio to tell us about all the kooks lined up for first dibs.

Despite all the problems users are experiencing with iOS 5 updates, everyone in line at the store left with a 4S, though Bridget tells us not many users were anxious to test out Sprint or Verizon's network. Where's Wilson today? Guess.… Read more

The 404 924: Where we open the pod bay doors (podcast)

iOS 5 reviews are coming in from around the Web, but the Siri voice control application is grabbing everyone's attention with a clever answer to nearly any question you throw at it.

Apparently it'll tell you everything from where to hide a body to how to secure paid company for the night, and explain the meaning of life. Strangely, it seems the only thing it won't do is call the police. Siri needs to get her priorities straight!

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The 404 923: Where life finds a way (podcast)

CNET's Bridget Carey does double duty on Loaded and The 404 Podcast today with all your latest tech headlines. Even without Wilson around, we can't escape Apple news, so today we're running down some of the best features from iOS 5 and giving you the real reason why Steve Jobs wore a black turtleneck.

It's not all Apple flavored, though- Samuel L. Jackson finally joined twitter, a costumed vigilante was apprehended by the Seattle police department, HP thinks you should spend more money on printer ink to save the print industry, and it's been a rough year for Sony, compounded by yet another PSN account breach and a Bravia television recall.

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Facebook finally launches iPad app

Polycom dives into videoconferencing on tablets, Asus unveils a new line of Ultrabooks, Twitter to get "tweet" trademark, and Facebook launches an iPad app -- finally.

Links from Tuesday's episode of Loaded:

Facebook for iPad Polycom adds tablet video conferencing Asus "Real Ultrabook" line BlueStacks puts Android apps on Windows Twitter to own "tweet" trademark Subscribe:  iTunes (MP3)iTunes (320x180)iTunes (HD)RSS (MP3)RSS (320x180)RSS HD

The 404 922: Where Wilson is the 1 percent (podcast)

Our guest today is Robin Yang of Toy Studio, one of Barnes & Noble's premier gaming publishers for the Nook Color tablet. She'll help us out with the rundown that includes stories about the real 53 percent, the long-awaited Facebook app for the iPad, MacBook Air competitor Ultrabooks from Asus, and how to run Android apps on a PC.… Read more

The 404 921: Where we're just in time for a redesign (podcast)

If you haven't already noticed, CNET.com got a big makeover last night, and the new layout makes it much easier to browse the latest reviews, news, and videos from CNET.com and CNETTV.com.… Read more

Qwikster no more

iPhone 4S pre-orders top 1 million units, Yahoo pulls out of its bid for Hulu, and Netflix announces the cancellation of Qwikster in a brief blog post.

Links from Monday's episode of Loaded:

Netflix cancels Qwikster iPhone 4S gets more than one million orders on first day Google targets JavaScript with Dart Bidding for Hulu Barnes & Noble puts freeze on DC Comics Subscribe:  iTunes (MP3)iTunes (320x180)iTunes (HD)RSS (MP3)RSS (320x180)RSS HD

The 404 920: Where we're on a 7-second delay (podcast)

Wilson's out sick today so CNET Labs' Joseph Kaminski fills in with a 7-second delay, just in case.

Today we're discussing the controversial details of Steve Jobs' use of psychedelic drugs, what's being taught at Cupertino's Apple University, pre-crime becoming a reality, and this morning's speedbumps for iPhone 4S preorders.

The 404 Digest for Episode 920

Pre-crime might become a reality. Unlocked iPhone 4S coming in November. Galaxy Nexus launch delayed due to Jobs' death. Sprint to cover 120M people with 4G LTE next year (scoop). Did dropping acid make Steve Jobs more creative? Steve Jobs' virtual DNA to be fostered in Apple University. Superman fan turns to surgery to become Man of Steel. Florida school district taking attendance by scanning students' fingers. Google-designed Nikes prove Google has no taste. Fear abounds in images from Nightmares Fear Factory.

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The 404 919: Where we say farewell to someone insanely great (podcast)

Today's episode of The 404 Podcast runs a little shorter than usual, but we spend the show talking about Steve Jobs and how he directly affected each of our careers in technology.

We'll also talk about former Gizmodo Editor Brian Lam's heartfelt letter of regret regarding the lost iPhone 4 and his interactions with the former Apple CEO, and show a few ways that New York is commemorating Steve Jobs.

The 404 Digest for Episode 919

CNET's full coverage of the passing of Steve Jobs. Statement from the President on the passing of Steve Jobs. Steve testing Photo Booth filters in 2005. Former Gizmodo Editor Brian Lam remembers Steve Jobs.

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