Computers and hardware at CES 2014: Hybrids, Chromebooks, and 4K screens

LAS VEGAS -- If you came to CES 2014 looking for a major collection of bold new laptops and desktops, you came to the wrong show. Instead, this early January event focused more on taking existing PC products lines and streamlining them, adding new features, new technologies, and new screen sizes.

The new stuff Of course, a few exceptions popped up. Razer's modular Project Christine concept was impressively different, as was Toshiba's highly configurable hybrid prototype. But for the most part, we're seeing some of our favorite 2013 laptops and hybrids get worthwhile version 2.0 (or … Read more

Industry leaders set trends for tablets at CES 2014

LAS VEGAS -- If not for Samsung and Asus, the tablet category at CES 2014 would look a lot like it did at CES 2012. And I mean that pejoratively. Beyond the announcements from two of the biggest tablet vendors in the world there really isn't all that much to get excited about.

Samsung and Asus still like to experiment If you're combing the Web, looking for new tablet announcements to be excited about this year, look no further than new wares from Asus and Samsung. Samsung with its Pro line and Asus with the dual-booting Transformer Book.… Read more

Gadgets with split personalities shine at CES 2014

It's time to take a look at some of the more quirky products on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. In this episode:

- Learn about Razer's Project Christine, a high-end gaming rig prototype that makes it easy to build your own PC. (Mineral oil is involved.)

- Switch your headphones into a video-playing visor with the Avegant Glyph.

- Behold the ultimate mobile-device mashup, the ZTE Projector Hotspot.

- Judge a new twist on the tablet-laptop hybrid with Toshiba's latest prototype.

- Never let go of your BlackBerry addiction with the Typo iPhone keyboard case. … Read more

MicroMax LapTab takes on dual-booting tablet/laptop trend

LAS VEGAS -- Is dual-booting the next big thing for tablets? India-based company MicroMax thinks so, adding the LapTab hybrid laptop/tablet to the mix. The 10.1-inch tablet runs both Windows 8 and Android 4.1 and ships with an attachable Bluetooth keyboard.

The hybrid tablet packs a modest 1,280x800-pixel resolution, a dual-core CPU, 2GB of RAM, and either 32GB or 64GB of internal storage. It also houses a microSD card expansion slot and a variety of ports, including USB 3.0 and HDMI.

Spec-wise, it isn't anything amazing. However, the ability to run both Android and … Read more

Toshiba shows off a new take on the detachable hybrid

LAS VEGAS -- Toshiba is showing off an under-development prototype at CES 2014 that the company hopes will be a perfect middle ground between different styles of laptop-tablet hybrids.

At first glance, this still-unnamed system looks like it works in a manner similar to Lenovo's Yoga line, with a 360-degree fold-back hinge that permits either a kiosk, table tent, or tablet shape, in addition to the traditional clamshell laptop.

The new twist in this model is that the keyboard also detaches from the chassis, much like a standard Windows hybrid. But instead of the screen pulling away from the … Read more

Intel: Don't expect tons of Android, Windows dual devices yet

LAS VEGAS -- Erik Reid, general manager of Intel's tablet business, says that the company's customers are exploring the Windows 8.1, Android dual-OS strategy in the face of Android's overwhelming popularity in mobile devices. But "exploring" is the operative word.

That, of course, is an advantage that only Intel has -- its chips can run both operating systems -- and one it wants to exploit it in as many feasible ways as possible.

Intel's customers -- the world's biggest device makers -- are looking into the technology, but it's not clear … Read more

Check out the best laptops and hybrids of CES 2014

Computers are always a big part of CES, and 2014 is no exception. While this isn't as pivotal a year for PCs as the 2013 launch of Windows 8 and the giant wave of hybrids that accompanied it, or the big ultrabook push from a few years ago (or the netbook push from years before that), there are still plenty of new systems to see, from innovative new ideas to refinements of current favorites.

Among the 2014 highlights, we saw a much-improved version of the Lenovo Horizon, an ambitious 27-inch tabletop PC -- which basically means it's a … Read more

Gaming has a growing presence at CES 2014

As the annual Consumer Electronics Show rolls on in Las Vegas, we're checking out new video game tech. Sony unveiled its PlayStation Now streaming service and Valve pumps out new Steam Machines for playing PC games on your living room TV. CES is also a time where we see new concepts, like advances in 3D virtual reality gaming and ways to play Android games on your TV.

In this episode:

- Watch a demo of the PlayStation Now streaming service.

- Learn why the Steam Machines could shake up the gaming status quo.

- Play Android games on your … Read more

Snakebyte Vyper turns your TV into an Android gaming machine (hands-on)

LAS VEGAS -- Though at its core the Snakebyte Vyper is a 7-inch Android tablet, it's better to think of it as an all-in-one home media and gaming console that allows you to stream video from your tablet to your TV.

Available in the US starting January 31, the Vyper is packaged with a docking station and an AirMouse remote control for $199.99. However, for $249.99, it also comes with a Bluetooth gaming controller.

In an of itself, the Vyper is a mid-range Android 4.2 tablet with a 1.6GHz quad-core processor inside. It has a … Read more

Tablets of CES 2014

Though companies flock to CES to show off big tech, like TVs and smart appliances, there are still plenty of tablets shown off at the event. We've already seen two big releases from Samsung, the Galaxy Note Pro and Galaxy Tab Pro and plenty of models from Asus. Stay tuned to this page for videos of the tablets from our CNET team on the ground. We'll update this page with new releases as they happen.

Snakebyte Vyper is a 3-in-1 home and gaming console Available starting January 31, the Vyper is an Android tablet packaged with a docking … Read more