Most infrastructure firms feel ready for cyberattacks

Nearly half of those who work in critical infrastructure systems worldwide expect their company to be targeted by a computer attack over the next year, a new survey has found.

About one-third of the respondents say their company is "extremely" prepared to deal with it, according to the survey (PDF) released today by security company Symantec.

Another 36 percent to 41 percent (depending on the type of attack) say their company is "somewhat" prepared to deal with attacks that range from attempted theft and modification or destruction of data to shutting down computer networks and manipulating … Read more

Symantec's Ubiquity takes broad view of malware

Symantec says it has a new method for combatting malware, one that taps into a wider repository of information on potentially malicious code.

The security vendor today announced its new Ubiquity product, which combines data analyzed from the PCs of Symantec customers with Symantec's own Global Intelligence Network to combat new and mutating types of threats.

First featured in Symantec's Norton 2011 security product lineup and in its Hosted Endpoint Protection, Ubiquity is now gearing up for a rollout across a wider range of enterprise products in the coming year, starting with Symantec Web Gateway, the company said.… Read more

Symantec makes push to secure mobile devices

As people increasingly use their smartphones both for work and for pleasure, Symantec is now offering a range of tools designed to better protect mobile devices, no matter where or how they're used.

The security company today unveiled several updates to its mobile strategy to help companies, consumers, and carriers all better secure and manage smartphones, tablets, and other portable gadgets.

On the business front, companies face strong challenges in securing the mobile phones on their networks, especially as more employees try to use their own personal gadgets on the job. Many can't support the increasing array of … Read more

Experts say Stuxnet worm could be state-sponsored (podcast)

The Stuxnet computer worm that may have been designed to attack a nuclear facility in Iran could have been state sponsored, according to two security experts with whom I spoke.

"We can tell by the code that it's very, very complex to the degree that this type of code had to be done, for example, by a state and not, for example, some hacker sitting in his parents basement," said Symantec security researcher Eric Chien. Chien added, however, that "there's nothing in the code that points to the particular author" or "what their … Read more

The security suites to beat

"Most impressive" is one way to describe the latest Norton updates from Symantec. After three years of progressively better versions and significant improvements, Norton Internet Security 2011 and Norton AntiVirus 2011 look incredibly sharp. Gone are the days of crippling system behavior and debatable security efficacy.

Instead, Norton gives people blazing installs and quick scans, useful system-managing tools and security extras like the capability to scan your Facebook wall for malicious links, and most importantly, extremely high ratings in threat detection and prevention. With a 30-day trial that has no other restrictions, anybody who's willing to pay … Read more

Norton's new Power Eraser goes free

Norton Power Eraser is a new tool from Symantec that the company says is the home user's last, best hope for eradicating an aggressive malware infection. Power Eraser is free, and one component of the update to Norton Internet Security 2011 and Norton AntiVirus 2011.

By making Power Eraser free, the company hopes to draw in users who have been scared off by years of bad experiences and who haven't given the Norton suites a chance since the programs' turnaround in the 2009 versions. Although Power Eraser represents an aggressive approach towards helping infected consumers, the suites have … Read more

Study: Two-thirds of Web surfers fall prey to online crime

About two-thirds of Internet users globally and nearly three-quarters of Web surfers in the U.S. have been victims of online crime, according to a study to be released on Wednesday.

The top countries as far as reported victims are China, Brazil and India tied for second, and then the U.S., according to the findings of the study, titled "Norton Cybercrime Report: The Human Impact." More than 7,000 adults in 14 countries were interviewed for the study.

While one-quarter of respondents said they expect to be victimized by online crime, only half said they would change … Read more

Today only--save 50 percent on Norton Internet Security

Hi, it's me again, Catherine Hwang, a partner manager with CNET Downloads, where I work with our developer community to bring you some great deals. We are starting what we call an Indian summer here in San Francisco, but as it is back to school time everywhere else, we asked our users what kind of deals would be pertinent to their needs this month. You've all spoken and we heard loud and clear that security was your top concern, so today, we bring you a special offer from Symantec on its All-In-One security solution, Norton Internet Security 2010.… Read more

Stuxnet could hijack power plants, refineries

A worm that targets critical infrastructure companies doesn't just steal data, it leaves a back door that could be used to remotely and secretly control plant operations, a Symantec researcher said on Thursday.

The Stuxnet worm infected industrial control system companies around the world, particularly in Iran and India but also companies in the U.S. energy industry, Liam O'Murchu, manager of operations for Symantec Security Response, told CNET. He declined to say how may companies may have been infected or to identify any of them.

"This is quite a serious development in the threat landscape," … Read more

Finjan sues McAfee, Symantec over patents

Former security company Finjan has filed a lawsuit against five companies--McAfee, Symantec, Webroot Software, Websense, and Sophos--claiming they are in violation of its patents.

Finjan is asking for financial damages and an injunction to stop the five security companies from selling software allegedly tied to the patents.

The lawsuit, filed Monday in U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware, targets two patents.

The first, Patent No. 6,092,194, is for a "system and method for protecting a computer and a network from hostile downloadables" and covers both an interface and a security policy to determine … Read more