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Apple's iOS 7 kills student filters on school iPads -- report

Apple's iOS 7 might be causing some extra headaches for schools, according to a new report.

Several school superintendents have reported to All Things Digital on Thursday that after updating to iOS 7, the iPads they were supervising have been stripped of their filters, allowing students to potentially access inappropriate content.

According to the superintendents, the iPads they've deployed throughout their school districts were outfitted with supervision profiles that limit what students can access from the tablets. The profiles were filtering out unwanted content in iOS 6, but were totally lost in iOS 7. The schools were forced … Read more

Intel to buy security software startup for $20M

Intel has agreed to buy a security software startup for $20 million, boosting its capabilities outside of its core processor business.

The Santa Clara, Calif., chip giant has reached a deal to acquire Sensory Networks, spokesmen from the two companies confirmed to CNET on Tuesday. Both declined to provide deal terms, but Intel said revenue contributions from the acquisition are not material to the company. The Sydney Morning Herald, which earlier reported the news, said Intel will pay about $20 million for the startup.

Sensory Networks, founded in 2003, creates "pattern matching and acceleration software," which is used … Read more

Smartphones will kill off Opera Mini? Well, not yet

Feature phones may be doomed, but the Opera Mini browser that's commonly found on them is more than hanging on by a lot more than a thread.

Usage of the browser continues to grow steadily, statistics the Norwegian browser maker released Friday show -- both the number of users and how many pages they visit.

From August 2011 to August 2013, the number of Opera Mini users grew 88 percent from 129 million to 243 million, Opera Software said. And usage grew even faster: the number of pages that Opera transcoded into boiled-down form to be sent to Opera … Read more

Apple TV update is back after being pulled for technical issues

Apple TV's newest software update is back in action after being yanked over the weekend. The tech giant released a new version of its 6.0 software update on Monday, according to 9to5Mac.

The company recently pulled a version of its newest software update after reports that the update was bricking some users' set-top boxes and causing networking issues -- some users even reported losing stored content.

The original Apple TV 6.0 update was released on Friday and then taken down on Saturday. After 6.0 was pulled, the most recent version available for download was 5.3. … Read more

Conan upgrades to iOS 7; disaster strikes

I tried to download iOS 7 on Wednesday, but kept getting the busy signal.

Conan O'Brien was sure he'd have fewer problems. He was convinced that upgrading, like everything Apple, was blindingly simple.

His sidekick, Andy Richter, warned him that this might be a buggy experience. But Conan was confident that no creatures of any kind would affect the outcome.

How wrong he would turn out to be.

For a sudden darkness fell.

That wasn't all that descended from the sky.

Some of what fell wasn't for the squeamish, the soft or sensitive members of PETA.… Read more

Feds' $4.35B for dairy and eggs is cracked, say cloud experts

Whenever friends tell me they can solve my problems, I am skeptical.

Somehow, they don't quite know the in-and-outs of my life and the people who creep into it.

So please take the following information and dip it into a bag of salt-and-vinegar chips, especially as it comes from people I don't even know -- and neither, I suspect, do you.

I have just been contacted by a no-doubt very fine, if cloudy, company to say it can solve the government budget crisis.

I always thought the whole point of budgets was to create crisis.

But anyway, thank … Read more

Get Kingsoft Office Professional 2013 (Win) free

This is an update of a deal I wrote about a few months back -- for those who missed it the first time around!

Earlier this year I noted that Kingsoft Office Free 2013 might just be the best Microsoft Office alternative you can get, especially if you need only the core elements: word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Kingsoft offers a Pro version, of course, one that includes more goodies. A one-year license normally sells for $29.95, but today only, BitsDuJour has Kingsoft Office Professional 2013 (Win) absolutely free.

Why bother with the Pro version when the free version … Read more

Review: Protect your home or family network with Norton Internet Security 2014

Norton Internet Security 2014 sits in the middle of Symantec's new line of premium anti-virus tools. It has the same comprehensive, real-time protection from viruses, malware, identity theft, and online scams as Norton AntiVirus, as well as 24/7 support, online software management, deep cleaning and repair, and a streamlined interface. Internet Security 2014 adds system performance tools, parental controls, an intelligent two-way firewall, and more. But it really earns its keep by protecting up to three PCs, making it a great choice for a family network or users with more than one computer.

Installing Norton Internet Security 2014 … Read more

Review: Protect your PC with Norton AntiVirus 2014

Norton AntiVirus 2014 is the latest from one of the oldest names in anti-virus software. With protection for one PC, it's the most affordable of Symantec's premium packages. OK, we know what you're thinking: Why should you buy an anti-virus program, let alone one with an annual subscription, when freeware that does most of what it does is...well, free? Our two-part answer: 1) You get what you pay for, even in software; and 2) What's your system worth? How about your time? Or peace of mind? AntiVirus 2014 comes with the 24/7 technical support … Read more

How Facebook stands to gain by sharing its trade secrets

Remember the days when a company would tightly guard its operations lest competitors gain an advantage by divining its trade secrets?

Secrecy is alive and well, of course, but there are striking examples where the opposite practice makes sense. Exhibit A: Facebook's detailed disclosure Monday about how it runs its data centers, powers its Web site, and develops its mobile apps.

A 71-page report (PDF) goes into great detail about the company's approach -- everything from removing the plastic bezels from the fronts of its "vanity-free" servers to rejecting mobile app modifications that increase power consumption … Read more