Oh look! New Lumia 525 quietly boosts Nokia's low end

Nokia is boosting its bet on the budget side of the smartphone business.

The smartphone maker quietly released the details of the Lumia 525, an upgraded version of its original low-end Lumia 520, which debuted in February during Mobile World Congress.

For Nokia, it's a continued push to the low end, which has brought it some success in many international markets. In contrast, the company has struggled a bit in the high-end segment, particularly in Western markets.

The Lumia 525 offers double the RAM at 1GB, the company's trademark colorful -- and interchangeable -- covers, and more special … Read more

Nokia: iPad will put women off

How many times has Microsoft tried to explain to you that iPads are terrible?

Well, if you've just been bought by Microsoft you might as well fall in line, might you not?

So here's a new ad for the Nokia Lumia 2520 that suggests that if you buy an iPad you are a drippy, paranoid numbskull who's never going to understand anything. Especially women.

Initially, our man tries to impress with his new tablet that's "thinner than a pencil." Now which tablet could that be?

But as his inner monologue reveals his true self, … Read more

So Apple does own beautiful and sexy

Lawyers say the strangest things.

During last week's court show between Apple and Samsung, the latter's legal representatives offered so many thoughtful quotes.

They admitted that their clients had copied certain Apple patents. They suggested that Apple's lawyers were invoking racially-charged feelings. Then they uttered one phrase that might resound for quite some time.

In his closing argument, Samsung lawyer Bill Price offered this: "Apple has tried to mischaracterize these patents so they are the iPhone. These patents are very narrow...Apple doesn't own beautiful and sexy."

It was a statement in which some … Read more

New Nokia ad teaches how to assault iPhone, Galaxy owners

There are so many things in life that render your feelings inert.

So, whatever your telephonic persuasion, I defy you to feel nothing on watching this work of (martial) art from Nokia.

Its apparent purpose is to help those who worry about taking the perfect photograph with their cell phones. It shows how to fight your way to the perfect camera position, in a revolutionary manner.

Please welcome the new martial art of Taekfoto.

Its master, Rez-Tu-Lo, explains: "You will have the moves you need to fight your way to the front row."

It is well-known that those … Read more

Microsoft to get EU approval for $7.3B Nokia deal, report says

Microsoft will soon have its smartphone business.

The Redmond, Wash., software giant is set to win unconditional regulatory approval from the European Union, according to Reuters, which cited people familiar with the matter.

The deal is virtually done, with Nokia shareholders having already given it their okay earlier this week. Microsoft is also set to take over Nokia's headquarters in Espoo, Finland.

The $7.3 billion deal would nab Microsoft the phone (and now tablet) business of Nokia, while the networks business would remain independent. With Nokia, Microsoft will have its own in-house devices division to build Windows Phone … Read more

Nokia workers vow to continue strike over Microsoft deal

Nokia workers in China aren't happy about Nokia's deal with Microsoft or the new contracts they say they had to sign.

Hundreds of Nokia workers went on strike Tuesday, claiming they were forced to sign new contracts with less favorable terms of employment as a result of the company's sale of its mobile phone business to Microsoft.

Already, 59 employees have lost their jobs after failing to report to work, an action that has threatened to extend the strike even further, Reuters reported on Friday. Nokia spokesman Doug Dawson said their contracts were terminated after they elected … Read more

Nokia Lumia 1520 yellow model hit by delay

Waiting for that Nokia Lumia 1520 you preordered? You might have to wait a bit longer than expected.

AT&T and Microsoft are informing eager buyers via e-mail that the 1520 won't arrive as originally scheduled, according to Windows Phone Central. The e-mail reads as follows:

Because of overwhelming demand, your Nokia Lumia 1520 order is delayed in shipping. As soon as your shipping label is printed, we'll send you an e-mail with the tracking information. You can also track your order on our site.

A spokesman for AT&T confirmed the delay to CNET via … Read more

Microsoft set to move in to Nokia's Espoo headquarters

Microsoft isn't only taking over Nokia's Devices and Services business. It's kicking Nokia out of its offices.

Speaking to Bloomberg on Thursday, a Nokia spokesman confirmed that Nokia's remaining operations -- mapping, infrastructure, and licensing -- will move out of its Espoo headquarters to make room for Microsoft. The employees who are left with Nokia will head over to Nokia's other Finland-based campus.

The decision for Microsoft to take over Nokia's headquarters is perhaps both practical and telling. The Espoo headquarters was built in the 1990s when Nokia was near its height and signified … Read more

The Nokia Lumia 2520 lives in the shadow of the Surface 2

Nokia's first tablet isn't a bad device by any means. It delivers impressive gaming performance, has built-in cellular support, an incredibly bright screen, and includes a suite of Nokia-only apps.

However, I couldn't figure out why the 2520 is so thick. The Microsoft Surface 2 has just as much girth, but earns its corpulence with a kickstand and a full USB port.

The Lumia 2520's screen also has a distracting yellow tint, and the $149 keyboard/cover accessory isn't nearly as comfortable to type on as Surface 2's Type Cover.

It's great that … Read more

Nokia Lumia 2520 declassified: Inside the punishing development of a new tablet

It could be said that Nokia is late to the market with the Lumia 2520, a 10-inch tablet running Windows RT that launches in the US on Wednesday. But dig a little deeper and you'll find that the $500 slate is something of a return to a form.

By today's definition, 2005's Nokia 770 Internet Tablet, with its 4.1-inch WVGA display, would rank as a low-end smartphone -- minus the phone bit. Lacking cellular connectivity, it connected over Wi-Fi or, if you were lucky, tethered to something with a cellular connection over Bluetooth. It was a … Read more