Facebook adopts iOS 7 aesthetics and tabs in new app

Facebook is providing people around the globe with a flatter view of their social-networking world in a new version of its iPhone application that will be released Wednesday.

Facebook for iPhone adopts Apple's iOS 7 content-over-chrome design principles with flatter, less gradient-rich menus and buttons, and also introduces a tabbed navigation bar at the bottom of the application.

On the whole, the application's aesthetics should feel right home on iOS 7 and its new functions are meant to help members get to Facebook content faster, product manager Michael Sharon told CNET in an interview on the redesigned app. … Read more

With iOS 7 launch, expect AirDrop drama

CNET Update is AirDropping this to everyone:

Apple's iOS 7 is rolling out to iPhones, iPads and the latest iPod Touch on Wednesday. This episode of Update gets you prepared for what to expect in the new operating system, including AirDrop. The new way of wirelessly sharing files to other nearby Apple users will be convenient, but it also holds potential for annoyance. With the feature turned on, will sending unsolicited photos to nearby girls at a bar be a new pick-up tactic? Will retail stores push out advertisements to those passing by at the mall? It will be … Read more

Apple's big bet on iOS 7 gaming to play out this fall

There's a good reason why a significant portion of Apple's iPhone announcement last week was dedicated to showing off the flagship iOS game series Infinity Blade. That's because with iOS 7 -- rolling out to the public Wednesday -- and the new A7 chip's 64-bit architecture, Apple is signaling to the world that it's dead set on remaining the preeminent mobile-gaming ecosystem.

iOS has long been the leader in that space thanks to its robust platform and the ease with which developers of all sizes -- from single-app makers to triple-A studios with sprawling mobile … Read more

How to make your iPhone 5 more like an iPhone 5S

Even those of us disappointed with the iPhone 5S can't help but feel those familiar stirrings of it's-a-new-iPhone-I-want-it desire. Credit Apple's shrewd marketing department for putting a fresh coat of paint on what is basically just last year's iPhone.

But the reality is that unless you're nearing the end of a contract and looking to upgrade anyway, there are few compelling reasons to make the move to a 5S. Indeed, with a few tweaks, you can upgrade (well, OK, "upgrade") your iPhone 5 with nearly all the accoutrements of its newer Sibling. (Capital "S" intentional. See what I did there?)

Here's everything you need to do to make your iPhone 5 more like an iPhone 5S:… Read more

Apple's Find My iPhone recovers stolen SUV with child inside

A father whose SUV was stolen with his 5-year-old child inside used the Find My iPhone feature to help police locate the vehicle and rescue the boy.

The incident occurred in Houston, Texas, when the father left his son in the car while running to grab an item in a store. Someone took off with the vehicle, perhaps not knowing that a 5-year-old child was still inside. After the father discovered that his car and son were gone, he tapped into the Find My iPhone app. Fortunately, his iPhone was in the car, but he had his iPad with him, … Read more

What I'd like to see at Apple's iPhone event

We're almost ready for Apple's September 10 event, which we can basically call "The iPhone Event." But will it just be iPhones? And if it is, will these phones be able to do enough to excite would-be customers like last year's iPhone 5?

As I head out to Cupertino, Calif., this is what I'd like to see.

CNET's live coverage of Apple's September 10 event

Answering the "Which one do I get?" question with two iPhones, and doing it clearly If Apple is really ready to offer two new iPhones … Read more

New leak points to Sept. 10 release of iOS7

Loose lips, sunken ships and -- iOS 7? Sure looks that way. A developer named Owen Williams has reposted contents of an e-mail sent to him today by software maker Nuance, a driving force behind Apple's Siri technology, suggesting that the public would get its first look at iOS 7 on September 10.

Developers have so far gone through six beta versions of this upcoming software update for iPhones, iPods and iPads as they strive to work out any kinks.

Microsoft gets a reboot as CEO retires

CNET Update can't stop head bobbing:

In this episode of Update:

- Bid farewell to Steve Ballmer as Microsoft hunts for his successor over the next 12 months. We look back on the good, the bad, and the strange.

- Listen to Pandora on mobile without limits and set the sleep timer before bed.

- Look up the definition, origin and translations of a word from the Google search bar.

- Tell both sides of the photo story with the Frontback app on iOS.


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RSS (HD)RSS (SD) | … Read more

Get alerted of an incoming storm on your Android device

We've previously told you about the iOS app Dark Sky, which predicts when the weather is going to get ugly. And we've also told you about, a Web-based app that does the same thing but also provides an API for developers to make apps using the same info that powers Dark Sky.

This information is capable of giving shockingly accurate weather reports, specifically over the next 60 minutes, and can warn you about an impending downpour or snowstorm.

With Dark Sky not being available on Android, and the Web app not being a preferred … Read more

Apple pushes out sixth beta of iOS 7 to developers

Apple has given developers a sixth beta of iOS 7, its upcoming software update for iPhones, iPods, and iPads.

The update went out late Thursday, which is unusual timing given that past releases went out in the morning.

iOS 7 brings an overhauled design for every part of the operating system, while remaining largely the same in terms of functionality. Onlookers are expecting a few more changes before it's finalized. As usual, Apple's only saying the software "contains bug fixes and improvements," though 9to5Mac notes that the update fixes an issue with iTunes in the Cloud, … Read more