At long last, browser makers adapt to Retina-quality images

The days when a Web developer could count on a big screen with 72 to 96 pixels per inch are long over. Retina displays on laptops and tiny mobile phone screens for years have been complicated the job of delivering images best suited for different browsers.

But after years of sometimes contentious wrangling, it seems browser makers have settled on a solution: a tweak to the Web page programming that goes by the ungainly name of "srcset."

If it works out as planned, people using the Web should see high-resolution photos on Retina displays but not have to … Read more

How to create a system image in Windows 8

Creating system image backups of your Windows PC and storing them on an external drive, optical media, or network drive, can be very handy. Reimaging a PC often takes minutes, as opposed to the hours required to reinstall Windows, the hardware drivers, and all your applications. It's also a good way to migrate your old hard drive to a new one.

There are third-party solutions like, True Image, Norton Ghost, and Clonezilla, but Windows can create system images too. Beginning with Windows 7, Microsoft began including a tool for creating system images and it's available in Windows 8 … Read more

Adobe launches Photoshop-Lightroom subscription

Adobe Systems on Tuesday announced the availability of its $10-per-month subscription for Lightroom and Photoshop and released Lightroom 5.2, which expands and refines the software's photo-editing tools.

More details on Lightroom 5.2 are below, but here's how the new subscription works. It's called the Photoshop Photography Program, and it's available only to those who have a license to Photoshop CS3 or later. Unlike the discounted promotional price for its broader Creative Cloud subscription, which costs Creative Suite customers $30 per month for the first year and then $50 afterward, the Photoshop-Lightroom subscription price doesn'… Read more

Imaging technology captures tumor growth in real time

Using two high-tech imaging techniques custom-built for their field, researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School will unveil a new method for examining tumor growth at theFrontiers in Optics annual meeting in Orlando, Fla., in October.

Multiphoton laser-scanning microscopy (MPLSM) and optical frequency domain imaging (OFDI) combine to give scientists the ability to look deeply inside tumors in real time, revealing extremely detailed pictures of live tumors as they grow. MPLSM is an advanced fluorescence-imaging technology, and OFDI captures tissues using their light-scattering properties.

Unfortunately, the method that creates what the researchers call "astonishing" images … Read more

Google+ gets sophisticated array of photo editing tools

With an update to Google+, Google has transformed online photo editing from a technology that's mostly ignorable to one that's genuinely useful.

Google has built its Snapseed photo-editing technology into Google+, and it adds an impressively wide range of sophisticated, customizable, easy-to-use adjustments to the service.

The company has been steadily improving Google+ photo tools in recent months, for example with the "auto awesome" features for enhancing photos and automatically constructing animations out of sequences of similar photos. But the newest photo editing changes, which Google+ photos product manager Josh Haftel announced Wednesday night, are a … Read more

Adobe's open-source Generator turns Photoshop CC layers into assets

Though most folks think of Photoshop as a flexible image-editing program only, there's a lot going on under the hood. Now Adobe's exposing some of its PSD power with Adobe Generator, an open-source JavaScript-library-based platform (here it is!) for extending the integration between Photoshop CC and other applications to deliver real-time access to Photoshop-based assets. This means that any application talking to the Generator API can access and manipulate individual Photoshop layers and layer groups.

As a proof of concept, Adobe's delivering two plug-ins. The first automatically generates saved assets out of Photoshop based on layer names; … Read more

Tiny, maggot-like bot could kill hard-to-reach brain tumors

When J. Marc Simard, a neurosurgery professor at the University of Maryland, saw a TV show a few years back with plastic surgeons using sterile maggots to remove dead tissue from a patient, the proverbial light bulb went off.

"Here you had a natural system that recognized bad from good and good from bad," Simard said last week in a press release from the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering. "The maggots removed all the bad stuff and left all the good stuff alone, and they're really small. I thought, if you had something equivalent … Read more

Review: PhotoDirector 5

On Thursday, CyberLink launched the 5th version of PhotoDirector. The latest release brings native 64-bit support, new ways to fix distorted photos via Auto Lens Correction, and improved photo management that includes better RAW file support.

PhotoDirector is a high-end photo workflow app that directly competes against similar competitors like Adobe Lightroom and Apple Aperture. This update brings additional pro-level effects and corrective tools like improved chromatic aberration and downloadable Lens Profiles. Version 5 also enables higher DPI support for both PC and Mac.

When you first open a photo to edit on PhotoDirector, there are two main approaches. You … Read more

Kodak emerges from bankruptcy with new focus

The bankruptcy cloud that hung over Kodak for the last couple of years has finally lifted.

Eastman Kodak announced Tuesday that it has completely emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy as a "leaner" reorganized company. Instead of peddling its once-popular film and cameras, Kodak will now focus on digital imaging for businesses.

"We have emerged as a technology company serving imaging for business markets - including packaging, functional printing, graphic communications and professional services," Kodak CEO Antonio Perez said in a statement. "We have been revitalized by our transformation and restructured to become a formidable competitor … Read more

Review: Quickly render images for easier online viewing, using ImageAlpha for Mac

With its ability to modify certain images and compress them for viewing quickly on the Web, ImageAlpha for Mac may help those who publish photos or operate a blog. Unfortunately, it only works with PNG formatted images, limiting its overall utility.

ImageAlpha for Mac opens into its basic main interface after a quick download. The menu includes no graphics and looks very dated, but that didn't impact the app's operation. The user must drag a photo image file into the main rectangular window to import it to the program. This brings up an enlarged view of the photo, … Read more