Robot cranks out 2,500 sushi pieces per hour

From a nearby shrine here in Tokyo, I can hear the jingling of a bell being rung by devotees of Inari, a Shinto harvest god. They're praying for prosperity, which may or may not come in the form of lots of rice.

Doubtless the deity would drool over the latest rice-packing machine from automation firm Suzumo. It's a sushi robot that specializes in inarizushi, a fishless sushi variety consisting of rice wrapped in pouches of fried tofu, which the god and his fox messengers crave big-time. … Read more

U.K. school lunch blogger, age 9, wins food fight

A 9-year-old schoolgirl in the U.K. was forced to close down her popular blog due to a local council's intervention -- though public attention quickly got that action reversed.

The student from West Scotland, Martha Payne, aka "VEG", ran a blog that documented her school meals with a commentary in May this year. The blog, titled "Never Seconds", quickly became a popular hot spot for debate and review of the school's food and what is on offer for schoolchildren in general.

Racing past the 2 million page view mark, what probably started as … Read more

How to eat well on road trips (or locally)

Places like McDonald's, Cracker Barrel, IHOP, and Denny's are just a few of the restaurants you normally see when traveling the roads of the USA. While many of these places say they offer healthier choices, you probably know there are better options than chain restaurants. So if you're seeking some local cuisine, or you have special dietary needs, why not reference a guide made for just that?

The Eat Well Guide travel map is a useful Web site for finding more than 25,000 healthier places to eat. This guide doesn't just cover restaurants, it also … Read more

Organize your food porn

Now that Evernote Food is on Android, you can join your iOS friends in taking pictures of your meals, the restaurants where you eat them, and the people you are with, and saving it all on your Evernote account.

To get started with Evernote Food, you first have to log in with your Evernote account. If you don't have one, it's free and works across all of Evernote's products. Next, hit the "+" button up top to pull up the New Meal screen, where you can add pictures (as many as you like), captions, tags, location (… Read more

Evernote Food now serving Android users

Evernote, the company whose mission is to "help the world remember everything," is now giving Android users a way to keep track of their meals, with the just-released Evernote Food app for Android. This means, if you're an Android user, you can now join your iOS friends in taking pictures of your meals, the restaurants where you eat them, and the people you are with, and saving it all on your Evernote account.

To get started with Evernote Food, you first have to log in with your Evernote account. Next, just hit the "+" button up … Read more

Foursquare gets a face-lift for a better all-around experience (First Take)

By now, "checking in" at coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and sporting events is a common practice across many apps, but it was Foursquare that really made this social activity popular.

Before the announcement, I had a phone interview with Alex Rainert, head of product at Foursquare. Rainert says Foursquare has listened to user feedback and has torn apart the current app for both iOS and Android and rebuilt it anew to make browsing locations around you an easier and richer experience.

With the latest version of Foursquare, the interface has been completely reworked to a much cleaner design … Read more

Bigger isn't always better for mobile ad clicks, report says

When it comes to advertising on mobile devices, bigger screens don't necessary equate to more clicks.

Although the Amazon Kindle Fire's popularity may be dipping, a mobile advertising company says that users of the 7-inch tablet click on more ads than do those who use the 9.7-inch Apple iPad.

Jumptap, a company that focuses on targeted mobile advertising, released a report today containing data related to mobile devices, fast food ads, and the Kentucky Derby.

While the Kindle Fire may have the highest percentage of actual clicks on advertisements for the first quarter of this year -- … Read more

Want fries with that? The best cooked tech

Consumer gadgets can be very addictive. Almost as addictive as french fries, onion rings, and anything else you can cook in hot oil. Even the gadgets themselves.

Photographer Henry Hargreaves has captured our insatiable hunger for new technology with a series of startling images of deep-fried electronics. We already knew we were digital junkies, but these images don't go down so easily. … Read more

9-year-old's blog shames school into changing food

When it comes to heart attack rates, Scotland appears very high in the charts.

However, sometimes it takes awhile for a nation's diet to begin to counter its habits.

At one Scottish school, indeed, it took a 9-year-old girl to write a blog describing, among other things, how some dishes at her school occasionally included hair.

Martha Payne's blog, Never Seconds, is a litany of well, solicitude.

For each school meal, she offers a Food-o-meter rating (how much she likes it), a mouthful count, a healthy rating and a number for how many pieces of hair were in … Read more

Super Diet Genius app puts superfoods to work

Diet apps are a dime a dozen. And with good reason: your smartphone is the ideal mobile companion for counting calories, managing exercise, and tracking overall health.

The latest entry into this crowded field: Super Diet Genius. What separates this $3.99 app from the likes of Lose It, Calorie Tracker, and MyFitnessPal? It's all in the "super."

Specifically, Super Diet Genius puts you on a diet that relies heavily on superfoods -- stuff that packs the maximum vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, and overall nutrition goodness. (You know: not pizza. Not candy bars. Not French fries.)… Read more