Survey: Oracle bad for Java, MySQL (infographic)

On March 3, database vendor EnterpriseDB is set to release the results of its survey conducted at the JavaOne conference last September in San Francisco.

More than 600 IT professionals completed the survey, the results of which provide a bit of insight into community sentiment regarding Oracle's control of open-source projects Java and MySQL.

While opinion polls generally tend to be fairly unscientific--especially when sponsored by rival vendors--the results seem to indicate the IT community is wary of Oracle's plans.

According to the results, 46 percent of respondents believe that open-source projects such as MySQL will stagnate under … Read more

Ford ships Microsoft-powered car tech to Europe

Microsoft's and Ford's collaboration on Sync, the in-vehicle communications and entertainment system, is headed across the pond.

Earlier today, Ford CEO Alan Mulally announced the company's plans to bring Sync to its European models. He spoke at this week's CeBit trade show in Hannover, Germany.

Ford will begin with the 2012 model of the Focus. Other models that will ship with the technology installed have not been announced yet.

Sync was first introduced by Microsoft and Ford at CES in 2007. The technology is based on Microsoft Auto, the Windows CE-based embedded OS, which is also … Read more

India still wants BlackBerry access but ban unlikely

India appears unlikely to implement its threatened ban on BlackBerry services, but the government is still demanding access to the data on Research In Motion's secure enterprise network--something RIM keeps insisting it cannot provide.

RIM had been ordered to give the Indian government a permanent solution on access to its BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) by yesterday to avoid a ban on its services. India has been insisting on the access for the past several months as a way to monitor e-mails for national security reasons. But with the deadline past and no solution apparently in place, what does that … Read more

RIM says it can't give India keys to secure e-mails

RIM yesterday reiterated that it's unable to provide the Indian government with the means to access secure e-mails on its enterprise network, despite a looming deadline.

Robert Crow, Research In Motion's vice president for Industry, Government and University, repeated the company's familiar position. Speaking to reporters yesterday in New Delhi, Crow said that RIM does not have the ability to turn over the keys to the encrypted data flowing over its BlackBerry Enterprise Server because those keys are held by its corporate customers.

Despite promises to India that it would offer a permanent solution by January 31, … Read more

Study: iOS, iPad gain enterprise computing share

Apple has said many times that the iPhone and iPad are gaining popularity with enterprise-level businesses. We've heard most recently that the iPad is either being used or tested for use at "more than 80 percent" of Fortune 100 companies, according to Apple COO Tim Cook. Today, a company that makes enterprise software is providing additional evidence that corporate customers are warming to the iPad, with details on which industries are embracing it already.

Good Technology makes enterprise software for mobile devices (Good For Enterprise), and over the last year has been tracking which devices its clients … Read more

Report: RIM to separate personal from work data

Research In Motion will soon debut software that can segregate the personal from the professional.

Set to launch in two months, the BlackBerry Balance software will be able to separate personal e-mail, apps, and other content from those used on the job, Jeff McDowell, RIM's senior vice president for business and platform marketing, said in a Reuters interview published yesterday.

The goal behind the software is to let BlackBerry owners rely on a single smartphone, so they can use the same device for business and social reasons. IT administrators--concerned about personal devices tapping into their networks--will also be able … Read more

HP, Microsoft debut four new business appliances

Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft tonight are taking the covers off four pieces of HP-made hardware that will ship with software, services, and support from both companies as part of their Frontline partnership.

The goal, the companies say, is to reduce the amount of time it takes to deploy new appliances by bundling together pre-configured hardware and software. The hardware has also been designed to cover both small-medium businesses (SMBs) as well as enterprise-size companies.

The four configurations HP and Microsoft are launching to meet that goal are: the HP Business Decision Appliance, the HP Enterprise Data Warehouse Appliance, the HP E5000 … Read more

RIM gives India access to network, but not secure e-mails

RIM has granted India access to its BlackBerry network, but not the ability to monitor secure customer e-mails.

The BlackBerry maker confirmed today that the Indian government now has the means to access its Messenger service.

"RIM has now delivered a solution that enables India's wireless carriers to address their lawful access requirements for our consumer messaging services, which includes BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) and BlackBerry Internet Services (BIS) e-mail," Research In Motion said in a statement released today and e-mailed to CNET.

But RIM insisted that the access does not include the ability to monitor e-mails on … Read more

HP wins $2.5 billion contract with NASA

Hewlett-Packard has won a contract from NASA worth up to $2.5 billion.

The contract was awarded Monday and calls for Hewlett-Packard to provide and manage up to $2.5 billion worth of PCs, software, peripherals, and associated end-user and IT services for the space agency over 10 years, according to a NASA press release. Specifically, HP will offer services to support NASA personnel in business, science, research, and computation.

HP beat out longtime NASA contractor Lockheed Martin to pick up the lucrative project.

"Our team is disappointed that NASA selected another solution," Sheila Collins, a spokeswoman for … Read more

Seagate's 2.5-inch enterprise hard drive hits 1TB

Consumers already have access to 3.5-inch desktop hard drives with up to 3TB of storage and portable external hard drives with 1.5TB, but business users have had to live with hard drives with much less space.

That changed today, as Seagate announced its latest in 2.5-inch enterprise hard drives, the 1TB Constellation.2.

According to the hard-drive maker, the drive is the first in its class to offer 1TB of storage and speeds of up to 6Gbps.

Note that 6Gbps hard drives already have been available from Seagate for consumers, but only in a larger 3.5-inch design. The advantage of the 2.5-inch design is the fact that it can be used in more compact applications as well as applications in which the 3.5-inch drives are used.… Read more