iOS vs Android: The game dev edition

When the iPhone arrived six years ago, it was the hot commodity. It didn't take long for Apple's sleek, powerful smartphone to dominate the mobile phone market -- and one of its greatest draws was a rapidly growing software marketplace, curated and quality controlled, bringing extraordinarily useful features to what was essentially a pocket-size computer.

However, competitors weren't far behind. Some have continued on, others have failed, but by far the biggest is Internet giant Google's mobile operating system, Android. In fact, the number of Android devices activated outnumbers iOS devices by a mile -- 750 million Android to 600 million iOS.

Nevertheless, as we and many of you well know, the iTunes app marketplace seems vastly superior in quality of content, in spite of Apple's barriers to entry, such as a registration fee for app sellers, and the fact that Google Play is rapidly catching up in terms of quantity and downloads. Apple has pipped 50 billion downloads across over 900,000 apps, while Google Play is currently counting down to that number across 750,000 apps. But there's an even greater discrepancy in app revenue. A massive 76 percent of the entire revenue generated by apps goes to iOS -- leaving the other 24 percent of the pie to all other operating systems.… Read more

Parse hits 100,000 apps after Facebook acquisition

SAN FRANCISCO -- Facebook's latest acquisition, Parse, announced on Wednesday evening that it has grown 25 percent since the social network bought it two months ago.

Parse CEO Ilya Sukhar told an audience at a World Wide Developers Conference event that the platform has grown by 20,000 apps since last month.

"We agreed to have Facebook buy us to accelerate our vision," he said.

Facebook bought developer platform Parse in April, letting the social network dip into the back end of thousands of mobile applications. More apps, more data.

Third-party apps are important to Facebook because … Read more

The 'Arrested Development' fighting game we must play

Internet, we love you, but why must you dangle before us things we cannot have?

Brian K. Anderson, the YouTube user who brought us the Lego Breaking Bad video game parody, has done it again -- this time with one of our favorite TV shows of all time, "Arrested Development."

In BluthFighter -- a mashup with Street Fighter -- we get to see GOB Bluth square off against Tobias Fünke in full blue-man regalia and never-nude short-shorts, tagging out for Tony Wonder and Carl Weathers, with such awesome moves as the Segway Slam. Who we'd really love to see is Lucille, possibly dealing out Martini Haymakers. … Read more

Apple developer site buckles following WWDC

Update: Back up now; see update below.

Apparently a lot of developers are eager to get their mitts on preview versions of Apple's next iOS and OS X software.

Enough are visiting the developer site to bring things to a screeching halt. Users who attempt to make their way there are currently getting page load errors, as well as a page that tells users: "We'll be back soon."

This has happened plenty of other times, and is expected to be sorted out, though Apple's currently offering no guidance on when. Additionally, its fancy system status pageRead more

Apple's WWDC 2013 keynote: Join us Monday (live blog)

Editor's note: Apple cranked out the news during the WWDC keynote, from the Mac Pro and MacBook Air to iOS 7, Mac OS X Mavericks, and the long-awaited iTunes Radio. Follow all the news from WWDC 2013 here.

Apple kicks off its annual developers conference Monday, June 10, and we'll be there to bring you all the news.

The press conference, where the company has promised a first look at new versions of iOS and OS X, kicks off at 10 a.m. PT at the Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco. We'll also be running a … Read more

Netflix stokes 'Orange Is the New Black' hype with trailer

Netflix has started the campaign to drum up anticipation for its next original program to follow the much-hyped "Arrested Development."

A trailer for "Orange Is the New Black," a dramedy created by Jenji Kohan, of Showtime's "Weeds" fame, went up on Netflix's YouTube page earlier today. It will be released, all episodes at once, on July 11.

The trailer shows we'll get some of the edgy fodder -- nudity, expletives, dashes of violence -- Netflix has been using to foster an HBO-like perception of its programming chops, similar to the Netflix … Read more

Box pays developers to bring in more apps

Enterprise storage company Box will pay its third-party developers for users that help grow the platform, the company announced Thursday.

The company's new developer program, which launches with 10 developers but will expand to all developers within a month or two, will pay app creators based on user activity.

The focus is on users who not only spend a lot of time on the productivity apps provided by Box's OneCloud platform, but also draw in others by sharing files with people who are not Box users yet. Box already tracks how customers use various apps, so it's … Read more

Google offers mea culpa to calendar developers

When it comes to services, it can seem that Google giveth and Google taketh away at random. But sometimes, the company listens to its customers, too.

In the case of one particular application programming interface used by developers to access calendar data, the open standard CalDAV API was set to be restricted to whitelisted partners later this year.

Google explained Wednesday that, following an outcry by developers, the company has "a better understanding of developers' use cases" for the API, and CalDAV will remain open to them.

The company also announced that "in the spirit of openness&… Read more

How a 16-year-old won a scholarship to Apple's WWDC

A 16-year-old programmer named Ash Bhat is attending Apple's WWDC next week for free. How? He created an iOS app that earned him one of 150 scholarships.

Tickets to Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference sold out within two minutes after going on sale in April. But the company held out hope for student developers, promising scholarships for 150 of those able to create an app that would knock Apple's socks off.

The scholarship awarded one free ticket to join the conference, which runs from June 10 to June 14 in San Francisco.

Those qualified to enter the competition … Read more

'Arrested Development' fan re-edits Season 4 in new order

With the release of 15 new episodes of "Arrested Development" on Netflix, one of the show's fans has taken it upon himself to re-edit the entire season in what he calls "chronological order." He has released downloadable episodes of his version of the show on Reddit via Mega.

Going by the name morphinapg, this fan took apart all the episodes and then put them back together again for a different interpretation of Season 4. He added new titles, like "Take to the Sea," "Get Away, Getaway," and "The Fantastic Four," along with different summaries for each episode.… Read more