Site Launcher turns bookmarks into shortcuts

Firefox extension Site Launcher (download) lets you replace your bookmarks toolbar with an overlay window of links that can be pulled up at any time using a simple keyboard shortcut. You pick which sites you want on the list, and a one-letter keyboard shortcut is given to each. When pulled up, you simply hit the key for the site you want and it goes straight to it. Once you've memorized which sites are on your list, you can make use of an alternate key combination that lets you skip to each site without having to view the menu at … Read more

Free, effective feed reader

The unobtrusive design of this free Firefox add-on to read Live Bookmarks scored points with us, as did RSS Ticker's easy customization.

The program adds a slender feed bar right below your status bar, but through the Options menu you can choose to place it below your bookmarks toolbar. The Options menu also lets you change the feed update frequency, and the ticker speed. The black on white text was easy to read, and didn't interfere with our Web viewing. Likewise, the scrolling headlines were inconspicuous. We were able to easily add and remove feeds by simply selecting … Read more

Microsoft tacks on not-so-social bookmarking tool

Hot on the heels of launching its Web news-tracking service Political Streams, the Live Labs team at Microsoft has released a tool called Thumbtack. Similar to Listas, a previous Microsoft Live Labs project, Thumbtack lets users grab chunks of information from Web pages and store it in the cloud.

These chunks of information can be tagged and strewn about canvas pages as self contained ecosystems of content. Users can go in to edit them at any time and invite others to view their work. There is, however, no real-time collaboration, meaning that your collection can be shared, but not worked … Read more

Featured Freeware: InternetScrap

This free IE add-on captures JPEG images of bookmarked sites in the event that the tagged site changes or disappears. InternetScrap introduces a toolbar to your Internet Explorer window that contains only two buttons--not a great use of space, but the feature is pretty neat.

The first button on the toolbar lets you manage bookmarked Web pages, which the plug-in calls "scraps." The settings menu lets you opt to scrap an entire Web page or just the visible area. A slide bar is available for manipulating the scrap resolution, or you can use one of the preset options. … Read more

Make bookmarking a shared experience with BookmarkG

BookmarkG is a new bookmarking service that aims to fill the gap left by mainstream bookmarking utilities by focusing on groups. Users can create their own group, invite friends, and begin adding links with tags, ratings, and metadata that can be searched.

What makes the product interesting is that you can set the invites to be open, so once people are invited they can invite friends of their own--similar to Google's invite system in Docs and Spreadsheets.

Where I think BookmarkG is going to run into trouble is in ease of use. To me the most important aspect of … Read more

Combine your Firefox bookmarks and IE favorites

For most people, browsing is an either-or proposition: they use either Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Mozilla's Firefox. But I'm betting there's a bunch of people like me who find themselves spending time in both browsers, often simultaneously.

The problem is, my list of Firefox bookmarks bears no resemblance to my collection of IE favorites. It took all of about five minutes to solve this problem.

Move your IE favorites to Firefox Open Firefox 3 and click File > Import to start the Import Wizard. Choose Microsoft Internet Explorer and click Next. Uncheck all the options except … Read more

Report: Clearspring acquires bookmarking service AddThis

Kara Swisher at AllThingsD reported Tuesday that widget-maker Clearspring has acquired a start-up called AddThis for an undisclosed price.

Swisher referred to AddThis as "the top bookmarking and content-sharing tool on the Web," a title that comes from numbers from traffic firm Hitwise. Basically, AddThis is a company that makes little buttons that publishers can put on their blog posts, articles, or what-have-you to aggregate the ubiquitous bookmarking services into one. It pulls in the Yahoo-owned Delicious, Google, Microsoft's Live Bookmarks, Firefox, Furl, and a bunch of others.

The company already has its buttons on Web sites … Read more

Bookmarking service Magnolia opens up its source to all

On Friday social-bookmarking service Magnolia announced plans to open up its source code to let anyone add its bookmarking functionality to their site or private organization.

To cut through some of the tech talk it's akin to offering, a downloadable version that can be hosted on the user's own servers . More importantly, the project should help speed up the development of both the hosted and user-installed iterations of the service by tapping into a community of avid developers.

Some of the things to look forward to in this next version include:

A new stream … Read more

Save and share stories with friends using YokWay

In an era of aggregators, YokWay is a very pretty sharing service. Much like Delicious or FriendFeed, the idea is to discover new content based on what other people are sharing. YokWay's appeal is much like that of Digg, with popular stories hitting the front page and getting rated and commented on by other users.

User-submitted content is split up into different buckets, with books, music, videos, and photos. There's also a restaurants category that turns the service into something like Yelp, where users can microblog about their culinary experiences. To aid in that, each story is geo-tagged, … Read more

Weekend project: Sync your .Mac bookmarks one last time

Are you a .Mac subscriber who's been using the built-in bookmark syncing app? Come Sunday that service will no longer exist as part of the MobileMe transition, so if you want to do one last sync you've got to get it done this weekend.

Shortly after the MobileMe announcement last month Apple sent out an e-mail to current .Mac subscribers detailing this change. Friday, the company extended the transfer deadline to July 6, along with providing a how-to guide to make sure you've got everything synced up one last time. You can get full instructions on how to do the sync here.Read more