Cree's TW Series LED Bulb shines (hands-on)

Consumers looking for additional reasons to switch their lights over to LEDs will want to take a look at what Cree is offering with its new 13.5-watt, 60-watt replacement TW Series bulb, available exclusively at Home Depot for $19.97 (a 40-watt replacement TW Series LED is also available for $17.97).

Hailing its LEDs as "the biggest thing since the light bulb," Cree already has a certified winner under its belt with the original household LED, a 9.5-watt 60-watt replacement that recently earned Energy Star qualification, knocking its already attractive $10 price tag down below $… Read more

Review: Despicable Me Camera is loaded with minion stickers and nice editing goodies

Despicable Me Camera can decorate your photos with cute icons from the movie with the same name, as well as with plenty of funny quotes. It's a fun app for those who love the movie, but don't expect it to be a top-tier editing app.

This app lets you paste stickers of the iconic minions from the "Despicable Me" franchise onto any photo in your gallery. Though there are a few dozen examples of minions and catchphrases, not all characters from the movie show up for the fun. We couldn't find Gru and his adorable … Read more

Review: Creative Collage Maker creates gorgeous compilations of images

Creative Collage Maker breaks the mold of template apps to help you create collages that look just like the ones you can manually create with printed photos. Despite its annoying adds, it remains one of the most dynamic collage apps available on Android.

Instead of giving you a bunch of collage templates like other similar apps, Creative Collage Maker turns your photos into resizable Polaroids that you can organize in any way you want. The end result looks a lot like the handmade collages that teenagers make from magazines and display on their bedroom walls. You can choose from 20 … Read more

Review: Create password-encrypted notes using Password Pad Lite

With Password Pad Lite for Mac you can compose notes and password-protect them. A basic, streamlined app, it performs its functions well and lives up to its promises. But the free version offers only basic encryption.

Password Pad Lite for Mac sports an intuitive interface that makes the creation of a new note or the opening of an old one quick and convenient. The app functions like any conventional note-taking app, but in addition it prompts you to type a password to encrypt your note before saving it to any location on your computer. Basic text editing features are available, … Read more

Advancing the state of the art for in-ear headphones, at a lower price

When I first reviewed the 1964 Ears V6 custom in-ear headphones earlier this year I not only loved the sound, I got the distinct feeling the company tries harder to please its customers than other custom in-ear makers. For example, 1964 Ears V6-Stage headphones are sold with a longer warranty (two years) and lower prices than the flagship models from more established high-end headphone competitors. 1964 Ears doesn't make universal-fit in-ear headphones, all of their designs are custom-molded to your ears for the best possible fit and maximum isolation from external noise. The headphones are hand-crafted by 1964 Ears … Read more

Rumors of larger iPad gaining currency in Asia

Rumors about a larger iPad are gaining steam. The latest claim is that Taipei-based Quanta is working with Apple to develop a large iPad.

Quanta Computer, known primarily as a manufacturer of laptops, and Apple are eyeing what a Chinese-language udn.com calls a 12-inch class device.

Earlier reports in May had cited a 12.9-inch tablet.

News from the Asia-based supply chain of manufacturers is notoriously inconsistent, as companies frequently change plans before a product actually enters high-volume commercial production.

That said, it does appear that Apple is toying with the idea of a larger iPad-like device as demand … Read more

Review: Thomas Analog Movie Camera offers numerous filters for video recording

Thomas Analog Movie Camera is an easy-to-use video camera for the iPhone with numerous filters, but it offers limited options in its free iteration. For recording basic, short movies, however, it performs well on many levels, offering a clean interface, push button recording feature, and numerous unlockable filters that you can pay for as you need them.

The app opens to a camera screen that instructs you to press and hold the screen to record. Release at any time and it stops recording, very similar to apps like Vine, but without the time restrictions. Once you record a video, it … Read more

Review: Photo Montage Free is an often unresponsive montage creator for iOS

Photo Montage Free initially appears to be an effective app, but with numerous performance-related issues, it struggles mightily in execution. Designed to create montages with your photos, along with a number of editing tools, unfortunately the app often freezes up, buttons don't respond to your taps, and your changes can be lost if you don't agree to save images while in progress.

When you load Photo Montage you can choose to load images from your library, take new ones, download them from the Web, or open an existing montage. After some basic cropping and editing, you can drop … Read more

Review: Signmatic automates creating personalized signs with your iOS device

Signmatic takes a number of popular, meme-worthy signs and makes them customizable with your own photos, text, and more. The result is a fun and feature-rich app that, while occasionally hard to navigate, is very rewarding and offers significant depth. Whether you want to create a fun image to upload on Facebook or something more serious for use on a Web site or to send to a friend, this app can help you do it.

When you open the app for the first time, there are numerous onscreen guides to show you where features are and how to use them. … Read more

Review: Photo Sketch Free provides numerous hand-drawn effects and filters

Photo Sketch Free is a fun photo editing app that manages to perfectly capture the style and theme of the filters it uses in the interface and design. The result is an attractive, well-made, and quick app that offers a number of editing tools with only a handful of issues. If you enjoy filtering your photos and want an app with new and fun options for doing so, this is a good place to start.

When you open Photo Sketch free, you see immediately what you're working with. The interface and design features are all hand drawn and they … Read more