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Review: Locate hidden and system files on Mac OS X with DeepInside for Mac

A well-designed and comprehensive search tool, DeepInside for Mac easily locates any hidden and system files and folders on Mac OS X. Its interface, which is intuitive, and ability to comprehensively search a computer are a step above other, similar applications.

The program's well-designed installer walks the user through the process, with little input needed. The program's interface is similarly well-rendered, making it easy to use for those familiar with Search and Finder windows. A sidebar on the left displays the available disks and large folders. Selecting them brings up a menu in the middle where the contents … Read more

Samsung to release a 12-inch tablet, says Korea report

Samsung will buck the trend toward small tablets with a 12-incher, according to the Korea Economic Daily.

The Daily speculates that it will be released in October sometime, citing industry sources.

The brief report adds that Samsung Electronics is still "engaged in development" of the device. The largest screen size on a Samsung tablet to date is 11.6 inches.

The report comes after series of rumors dating back to early in the year. One more recent July report claimed it packs a 12.2-inch display and may not necessarily be branded as a Galaxy Tab.

That same … Read more

Review: A stylish, fun shooter, Angel Slash harkens back to 90s arcade classics

An exciting side-scrolling shooter for mobile devices, Angel Slash comes with nifty graphics, nearly endless gameplay, and very few drawbacks. It's a great tribute to the old arcade top-scrolling shooter many gamers grew up with. Its snappy performance and controls are wonderful, but the repetitive levels do get a little old after a while.

This game lets you control an angel with the job of shooting down all sorts of nasty-looking demons. As you kill enemies, your weapons get more and more powerful. If things get extra hairy, you can use a special attack to destroy the entire screen. … Read more

Review: Challenge yourself with addictive yet entertaining Hardest Game Ever 2

Hardest Game Ever 2 features colorful, entertaining characters and easy-to-use controls packed in a well-designed and fun-to-play action game. Each level is a different challenge that requires the user to think fast and tap the screen with accuracy and speed. Most users will find this game quite addictive.

The setup for Hardest Game Ever 2 goes easy but since the app is over 20MB it might be best to connect your device to a Wi-Fi network before attempting to download it. The user interface is very intuitive and offers helpful hints along the way. This is particularly useful because each … Read more

Review: AppMenu Magic replaces text with icons on your menu bar

AppMenu Magic is less of an app than a script that changes the way the name of each app displays in the menu bar. It does this very well, however, actively changing on the fly the name of every app you have open to the icon for that app in the menu bar. Installation takes a moment as key system settings are revised, but afterwards, it runs seamlessly in the background whenever you start a new app.

After downloading the DMG from the developer you must install the script, which requires a handful of steps through a traditional installation screen. … Read more

Prizefight: Sony Vaio Pro 13 vs. Apple's 13-inch MacBook Air

The 13-inch ultrabook has defined itself as the sweet spot for ultrathin and compact laptops that help you do everything you need and more. So we're facing off the new Sony Vaio Pro 13 against Apple's 13-inch MacBook Air (2013).

The Sony brings one of the freshest designs we've seen to date, has a touch screen, and runs Windows 8.

The Apple keeps the same iconic look, but feels more and more dated. But it packs something special under the hood: 14-hour battery life.

It seems that laptops are still bringing innovation, even with the significant rise … Read more

Review: Alter your friends' faces with Fun Face Changer Extreme Free

Fun Face Changer Extreme Free allows the user to place virtual stickers over a photograph to decorate or alter it. The application does not allow the user to bend, melt, or warp images like most other face-changing applications do. Once the image has been altered to the desired finished product, the user can then save the photo or share it on social media sites such as Facebook. While this app can be fun to play with, it is plagued with problems. Incessant advertising, difficult controls, and stability issues are all common during the use of this application.

While the installation … Read more

Review: Take charge of your laptop battery with BatteryCare

For road warriors, depending on your laptop means you depend on its battery. BatteryCare is a free utility that helps you keep your laptop battery topped off and ready to roll. It's more accurate than the typical battery meter, for starters, measuring battery discharge cycles instead of stored energy. BatteryCare's documentation and Web site offer a lot of information about how laptop batteries work as well as how to get the most out of your device's battery. It's fascinating, but we'll cut to the chase and simply note that there's a lot you can … Read more

Review: GoldCamera provides numerous grids for framing and lining up subjects

GoldCamera is a photographer's (or math lover's) best friend, allowing you to change grids and line up your images in a number of ways, from a traditional 3x3 grid to the golden ratio. With centering tools, guides to help you find the centers, and numerous options, those who know how to use these grids (and those who want to take better pictures and are willing to learn) will love how accessible and quickly they load and work for your camera.

When you load GoldCamera there are up to 26 different mats to choose from, though some must be … Read more

Review: Obscurity for Mac hides your files but lacks security

A basic but neat utility, Obscurity for Mac hides your private files and folders from basic snooping, but doesn't really protect your files from a more advanced user determined to get in.

This application downloads with an instruction file explaining how to set it up properly. The setup, itself, is very easy. All you have to do is place the Obscurity folder, which looks like an ordinary folder, anywhere you like, right-click on it, and select "Show Package Contents." This will open the app and show another folder called "Contents" where you just need to … Read more