Get alerted when someone unfriends you on Facebook

Unfriend Notify is a free extension available for both Chrome and Firefox that alerts you when someone has unfriended you on Facebook. Addictive Tips originally covered it as a Chrome extension, but as it turns out by visiting the extension's Web site, you'll also find a Firefox extension.

Without an extension such as Unfriend Notify, there isn't a straightforward method to discovering who has deleted you as a friend on Facebook. The only two methods available from Facebook directly are to browse through your friends list and try to figure out who is missing, or you can … Read more

Get a year of SOS Online Backup for $19.99

A friend of mine recently asked whether she should pay to have her laptop repaired or just buy a new one. Repaired for what? The hard drive had died, taking all of her data with it.

If you don't have some kind of cloud-backup solution in place, you're facing the same potential nightmare. I don't bother with whole-system local backups anymore because they're time-consuming and a hassle, and restoration rarely seems to work properly. Rather, I protect just my data, which can easily be restored to any PC (or just accessed online).

That's my long-winded … Read more

How to save passwords for all Web sites in Safari

With the myriad of online services that require password protection, password management in your Web browser has become a practically essential service. Most browsers, including Apple's Safari browser for OS X, have some form of password management built-in, and when you visit a site that requests authentication, the browser should prompt you to save the entered credentials. However, some Web sites may be specifically built so browsers will not store passwords.

This feature is great for some sites, such as banking and medical sites which contain private and sensitive information; however, there may be others that you use for … Read more

Avoid these common Facebook mistakes

Facebook has so many features it can be tough to keep them straight. Even experienced social networkers can sometimes get a post, share, or other action not altogether right.

When one of your Facebook activities doesn't come out as you expected, use one of the service's many management and editing tools to effect repairs on errant status updates, messages, and other shares.

Timeline tune-ups It isn't unusual to see an item on your Facebook timeline and wonder, "How did that get there?" Your next thought may be, "How do I get it out of … Read more

How to prevent Google+ users from e-mailing you

Don't want strangers on Google+ to start inundating your Gmail inbox? No problem. You can control or completely turn off this option.

On Thursday, the search giant announced a new feature that would let anyone on Google+ e-mail fellow users without having to find out their actual Gmail address. Respond to such an e-mail, and your address is then revealed to the other person.

Anticipating that many people might not want to receive e-mail from total strangers, Google lets you fine-tune this setting. Here's how:

Open your Gmail account. Click on the gear icon in the top right … Read more

How to delete your Snapchat account

When a company like Snapchat has a security breach and a file containing usernames and matching phone numbers is leaked, you expect certain steps to be taken by the company. First, you want the security exploit to be fixed. Second, you want an apology from the company and some sort of reassurance your privacy is valued.

Sadly, that's not how Snapchat has chosen to handle its current situation. On Thursday, a letter explaining what happened, and what the company was going to do to prevent it from happening again was posted on the company blog. In it you'll … Read more

Use the Fitbit app, iPhone 5S to count steps without a tracker

Fitbit is known for making some of the best activity trackers on the market. It's latest product, the Fitbit Force, sits atop the fitness tracker market according to our very own Brian Bennett's review.

In an attempt to gain more users, Fitbit released an update to its iOS app introducing a new feature called MobileTrack for iPhone 5S owners. The feature takes advantage of the M7 coprocessor in the iPhone 5S, which can count your steps and track your activity.

It's not the first app to use the coprocessor to display activity stats; as we have previously … Read more

How to check if your Snapchat account info was leaked

To ring in the new year, Snapchat suffered from a fairly large data breach. A file containing 4.6 million usernames and phone numbers was posted for all to view.

When leaks like this occur, it's natural to wonder if your data is included in the breach. With the original document and site no longer available (the site itself was suspended), you're not able to grab the leaked file yourself and search for your username or phone number.

But as Mashable reported earlier today, there are a couple of Web sites built specifically to help people identify if … Read more

Time-saving tips for the new year

Workers are more productive than ever. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, "nonfarm business sector labor productivity" increased 3 percent in the third quarter of 2013 over the same period a year earlier.

Much of the increase in worker productivity can be attributed to technology. But as anyone who uses a computer at work can attest, technology giveth and technology taketh away.

These tips will help ensure you're on the positive side of the technology equation.

A 5-minute video that can save you hours Last spring, New York Times technology writer David Pogue gave … Read more

Make sure your donation gets to the people who need it

Charities bring out our best and our worst. In our desire to help people in need, we respond unselfishly. The fact is, our gifts might have greater effect if we looked at our donations as capital investments in people.

Last December's "How to make the most of your charitable contribution" described several sites that help you vet charitable organizations before you give to ensure as much of your donation as possible reaches the people who need it most. One of those sites is Charity Navigator, whose home page is shown at the top of this post.

Two … Read more