Star Apps: Claude Kelly

From party anthems "Party in the U.S.A." and "Circus" to baby-makers "Pieces of Me" and "Beautiful Surprise" to tearjerkers "Grenade" and "Bittersweet," No. 1-selling, Grammy-nominated producer Claude Kelly can really create or enhance a mood through music. He does this by getting to know his artists and inspiring them in the studio with evocative movies.

The New York native and Berklee College of Music grad's career first skyrocketed after he worked with R&B heavyweight Akon. He has since lent his songwriting talents to … Read more

One app to rule them all: Lego Lord of the Rings for iOS

I can't say enough good things about TT Games' Lego series, which have brought everything from Batman to Harry Potter to "Star Wars" to life in glorious brick form.

And last year's Lego Lord of the Rings was among the best yet, an epic and thoroughly entertaining game version of the entire three-movie series. Of course, you needed a PC or game console to play it.

Not anymore: Lego Lord of the Rings is now available for iOS.… Read more

Five-deal Friday: Speaker dock, Call of Duty, gaming mouse, and more!

I'm about to make/ruin your weekend. Make it, because I've rounded up five seriously sweet deals. Ruin it, because you're going to want to buy them all. Food, clothing, feh -- who needs 'em?!

Answer the Call of Duty

Can't afford the $60 price tag on the hot new Call of Duty: Ghosts? Give it time; in six months or so, you'll be able to get it for half as much, maybe even less.

In the meantime, how about a little older-school CoD action? For the next couple days, StackSocial has Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PC/Mac) for $4.99. … Read more

Name your price for six action-packed Warner Bros games, help charity

I've seen some pretty good game bundles this year. There was the Telltale Games collection back in May, the six-game Origin bundle in August, and lots of sweet indie stuff along the way.

But this one may just top them all.

For a limited time, and assuming they have enough licenses to satisfy the Internet, the Humble WB Games Bundle gives you six action-packed PC games for whatever price you want to pay.… Read more

Ingress opens to all, will leave beta next month

Ingress has found success making inroads into the world of mobile augmented-reality games, and its latest moves signal that it's ready for a wider audience.

The game overlays an alien energy invasion onto a real-world map, where physical landmarks become points of incursion for the energy. It's also become stable enough since its debut a year ago that the game's designers at Niantic Labs, a quasi-startup within Google, dropped its invitation-only requirement on Monday. John Hanke, who runs Niantic and founded Keyhole, which became Google Earth when Google acquired it, also announced that the game would leave … Read more

Freebie Tuesday: 50 photo prints, Mad Magazine, a DVD ripper, and more!

Yesterday's flash-drive giveaway met with some skepticism, and in hindsight I agree it was a little too much hoop-jumping for too little reward. That said, I still think cashback services are the bomb, and I hope you're able to put TopCashback or an equivalent to good use.

Today, I've rounded up some freebies that don't involve driving anywhere* or waiting on rebates. So keep that credit card in your wallet and read on!

*OK, one of the freebies does involve a trip to your local Target. But you were headed there anyway, right?

1. Mad Magazine … Read more

9 great puzzlers and brain teasers for Android

Pop quiz: you have 15 minutes to spare while you wait for your turn in the dentist's office -- now what? You're already caught up on your Facebook feed and the front page of Reddit looks the same as it did 10 minutes ago. So why not take this opportunity to test your mental mettle?

I've put together a small collection of my favorite puzzle games for Android, many of which are free. While some might be incredibly simple in their premise, they can still challenge that gray matter. And, thanks to features such as achievements and … Read more

Star Apps: Rob Zombie

What do a dark, claustrophobic maze, an animated 3D thrill ride, and a corpse-laden haunted house have in common? They're all part of horror maestro Rob Zombie's Great American Nightmare. Taking place every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from October 10 to November 2, at Pomona, California's Fearplex, this Halloween extravaganza combines state-of-the-art scares with outdoor horror movie screenings and a much-anticipated music festival, including a last-night headlining performance by Zombie himself.

As Halloween lurks around the corner, crept up on horror maestro Rob Zombie to chat about Great American Nightmare, his new album, his … Read more

Flip your iPhone 5C case to play virtual Connect Four

The iPhone 5C comes with a range of brightly colored cases that have holes punched in the back for a vivid effect. One developer team seems to have looked at those holes, though, and thought outside the "blue and green should never be seen" box.

Australians David McKinney and Stuart Hall -- the team behind the Discovr apps -- have made Flipcase: a game that uses the holes in the iPhone 5C's case as the "frame" with which to play Connect Four. … Read more

Name your price for six sweet Android games

People who know me know I love a good game bundle, especially when it benefits charity. Everybody wins.

The Humble Bundle folks have put together one of the better collections I've seen, with a focus on Android but plenty of goodness for desktop users as well.

It's the Humble Bundle with Android 7, and it comes with six seriously good games -- not just the Android versions, but also their Windows, Mac, and Linux counterparts.

It works like this: You decide what price you want to pay for the bundle. It can be anything over $1 (the minimum … Read more