Top Black Friday and Cyber Monday software deals

Is it me or are the stores opening up for Black Friday shopping a lot earlier than ever before? I heard that one of the stores opened its doors at 5pm on Thanksgiving day with its "sweet door buster" deals, but is that really worth it? What are the extreme bargain hunters to do? Pick "deals" over friends and family on Thanksgiving?

Thankfully, I have rounded up some of the best deals out there as well as some exclusive deals just for users, so you don't have to choose deals over quality time … Read more

Unsnooze game for iPhone: Get points for waking up

If you don't follow "Game of Thrones," you might not know that winter is coming. But it is! And that means cold, dark mornings when your cozy bed might seem a lot more appealing than the world outside.

To help overly dedicated winter sleepers, Philips has released Unsnooze - The Game, an iPhone app that aims to rouse snooze-button addicts with a bit of early-morning competition.

To play, sleepyheads invite friends or strangers to set their alarm clocks to wake up together. Then everyone competes to hit the alarm button first. Whoever wakes up first wins and rises on the Unsnooze chart (before, let's be honest here, possibly going back to sleep). The basic idea is simple: you snooze, you lose. … Read more

New 'Hunger Games' endless runner now available for Android, iOS

As most teenagers know, "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" opens in movie theaters tomorrow. Just in time for the release, Lionsgate and Reliance Games have unveiled a movie tie-in for smartphones and tablets.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire - Panem Run is available now for iOS and Android.

The game, fittingly, is an endless runner in the style of Temple Run, but with lots of power-ups, some social elements, and at least a few "Hunger Games"-oriented challenges.

You start by choosing a male or female character. Seconds later, you're off and running, an angry … Read more

Avengers Alliance assembles on Android

Android users can now shout "Avengers, Assemble!" as they team up with Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and other mighty heroes in a free adventure game.

Formerly available just for iOS and Facebook users, Avengers Alliance launched on Thursday via Google Play. The game signs you up as a new SHIELD agent ready to spy and fight on behalf of Nick Fury. But before you can even complete your training, your first mission arises.

From that point on, you have to recruit superheroes from Marvel's massive lineup to help you vanquish the forces of Hydra as well … Read more

Road Wars app turns safe driving into a game

Most motorists know by now that texting and driving can be more dangerous than drinking and driving. And teens, who'd just as soon text as talk, are among the drivers most likely to have a texting-related accident.

The new Road Wars for iOS aims to keep drivers safe by gamifying safe driving. The app monitors your driving behavior, rewards you for safe practices, and penalizes you for speeding, swerving, and, most of all, interacting with your phone.

Created with teens in mind (but suitable for anyone), Road Wars (which appears in the App Store as RoadWars) bills itself as … Read more

Five-deal Friday: Brookstone, BioShock, Blu-ray, and more!

You know how mystery writers often come up with the ending first and then write the rest of the story? Sometimes I pick my bonus deal first, then keep looking until I find the main event.

Today, however, I just kept finding bonus deals. One after the other, to the point where I found myself staring at another glorious five-deal Friday. So without further throat-clearing, I hereby give you these -- no extra charge for the alliteration.

Brookstone bucks

If your holiday shopping includes a trip to gadget emporium Brookstone, here's a deal you can't pass up: LivingSocial … Read more

Oceanhorn: A loving tribute to The Legend of Zelda

Nintendo has stated, firmly and more than once, that it won't be bringing its proprietary titles to mobile formats. If The Legend of Zelda were to come to mobile, though, we don't think it could do a better job than the newly released Oceanhorn.

After being in the works from the Finnish developer behind Death Rally since 2011 (and promised for a 2012 release), it's landed for iPhone and iPad -- and the time in development shows. … Read more

Star Apps: Claude Kelly

From party anthems "Party in the U.S.A." and "Circus" to baby-makers "Pieces of Me" and "Beautiful Surprise" to tearjerkers "Grenade" and "Bittersweet," No. 1-selling, Grammy-nominated producer Claude Kelly can really create or enhance a mood through music. He does this by getting to know his artists and inspiring them in the studio with evocative movies.

The New York native and Berklee College of Music grad's career first skyrocketed after he worked with R&B heavyweight Akon. He has since lent his songwriting talents to … Read more

One app to rule them all: Lego Lord of the Rings for iOS

I can't say enough good things about TT Games' Lego series, which have brought everything from Batman to Harry Potter to "Star Wars" to life in glorious brick form.

And last year's Lego Lord of the Rings was among the best yet, an epic and thoroughly entertaining game version of the entire three-movie series. Of course, you needed a PC or game console to play it.

Not anymore: Lego Lord of the Rings is now available for iOS.… Read more

Five-deal Friday: Speaker dock, Call of Duty, gaming mouse, and more!

I'm about to make/ruin your weekend. Make it, because I've rounded up five seriously sweet deals. Ruin it, because you're going to want to buy them all. Food, clothing, feh -- who needs 'em?!

Answer the Call of Duty

Can't afford the $60 price tag on the hot new Call of Duty: Ghosts? Give it time; in six months or so, you'll be able to get it for half as much, maybe even less.

In the meantime, how about a little older-school CoD action? For the next couple days, StackSocial has Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PC/Mac) for $4.99. … Read more