How to manage all your social network settings from one place

Bliss Control is a Web service that aims to ease the burden of updating a variety of settings on multiple social networks. It supports 12 settings on 13 different social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.

Bliss Control doesn't require access to your account or password because all it's providing is a direct link to where the specific settings are. Granted, it's not that difficult to find these settings on your own, but if you're trying to update your profile pic, e-mail address, or bio on several sites at the same time, Bliss Control can … Read more

How to control music without switching tabs in Chrome

Whether you're the DJ at your workplace or you just like to browse Web radio at home, there are a zillion options for listening to your favorite tunes. One drawback of Web-based listening is keeping track of the tab that's playing the music when you need to backtrack, skip ahead, or otherwise control the flow. Unity Player is a great, free Chrome extension that lets you use basic controls from any tab. Here's how to use it: 

Install Unity Player here. You should now have an icon in the upper right of Chrome that looks … Read more

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By Rob Lightner

How to share Dropbox folders with your Facebook friends

Dropbox is a great way to share files and folders with co-workers, as well as friends and family. Sometimes, though, you may not be sure what e-mail address to use when inviting someone to a shared folder.

To share a Dropbox folder with a Facebook friend, log in to your Dropbox Web site. Next you will need to select or create the folder you wish to share.

You will notice that if you haven't already linked your Facebook account with Dropbox, then a link will appear above the name field. Click on the link and follow the prompts to … Read more

Clean up your Pinterest stream by hiding comments

Pinterest's endless stream of tiled photos may be its most luring feature, but comments and likes quickly clutter the design, especially when an interesting Pin prompts dozens of likes and comments.

Sounds nit-picky, but as a power user, I can attest that a Pinterest page littered with comments like "Awww!!!!" and "omg i have to make this inflatable iPhone case" is not conducive to efficient pinning. And there is only so much time to pin in one day.

To solve this issue, indie Web developer Craig Fifield created a handy bookmarklet that lets you toggle … Read more

How to store and share info from bar codes in Android

If you've ever scanned a bar code or QR code, only to wish you could pass along the link or other info to friends, the aptly named Barcode Cache is a lifesaver. This free Android app lets you store the data contained in codes and then share them with anyone you like. Here's how it works: 

Install Barcode Cache from Google Play. If you don't already have a bar code reader app, install one. I like  Barcode Scanner, but there are many great apps out there. Run Barcode Cache and set up at … Read more

How to navigate Apple's crowdsourced product support

Apple owners in need of help can now tap into community support sections at the company's product pages.

Launched a few days ago, the new sections are set up like standard Q&A forums where you can post your own questions and answer those of other people. Getting to a particular support section is just a matter of launching Apple's Web site, navigating to the page for the product in question, and then clicking on the Buy button in the upper right corner. Scrolling down the page then reveals the Answers from the community section for that … Read more

How to replace the Gmail icon buttons with text buttons

Google has added a new setting to your Gmail account, which allows you to revert back to text buttons, instead of the icon-style buttons found in Gmail after the redesign.

To revert from icon buttons back to the familiar text buttons, log in to your Gmail account and navigate to Mail settings (gear icon in top-right corner > Mail settings).

Under the General tab, there will be a new option titled Button labels. Change the setting to Text, then save your changes at the bottom of the page.

Easy-enough change, right? Gmail users should have the setting available for them … Read more

Get real-time location info on meetups

Should you order dinner now or wait a few more minutes for that friend who's running late? FlockThere is a free app for iOS and Android that show you where your people are in real time and lets you check in with them instantly. Here's how it works:

Install the free FlockThere app here. Start the app and register for a free account. To start a new event (or "flock"), just select Invite Flock at the bottom, then tap Invite New Group. FlockThere saves your groups, so if you use one frequently, you won't … Read more

Seven ways to punk noobs on April Fools' Day

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One of my favorite pastimes has to be pulling pranks around the office. The pranks may leave a sour taste in the mouth of the recipient for a few days, but in the end they often lead to some good laughs and classic memories.

April Fools' Day naturally lends itself to a flurry of random jokes and pranks, so I took the liberty of rounding up some tech-inspired pranks. I hope you find a way to put one, if not all of them, to use--heck, it doesn't even have to be on April 1!

Here, let me Google that for you Do you have a co-worker who refuses to look anything up on the Internet for himself? Do you often feel like your name should be "Google"? On April 1, send the lazy Web searcher a link to LMGTFY; perhaps he'll learn a thing or two.

To use LMGTFY, visit the site, type in a search query, and click on either search button. You will then be presented with a link to copy and send off to the unsuspecting recipient. The link you send will then open a Web page with an animation teaching the recipient how to use Google. After the site automatically fills in the search bar with the query and clicks on the search button, he will be redirected to the actual Google search results. … Read more

Manage multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts in one place

Multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts can cause premature aging in even the hardiest social media users. Whether they're commercial, personal, or a mix, switching back and forth can be draining and could cause missed connections and other snafus. Conversocial is built to keep your feeds in one place. Here's how it works:

Visit the Conversocial site and set up an individual account. Next, add your social channels. You'll need to add each one individually, though you can check most off pretty quickly. Note that only Facebook fan pages can be monitored so far; personal accounts are just … Read more